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Instagram Legend tells that the first pokemon trainers used acorns as pokeballs, and dinosaur bones as TMs, or some stupid shit. The truth of the matter was, it was the pokemon which first tamed their masters. Young Ungo-Boingus, a strapping lad of totally legal consent, would emerge one day from his family's beachside condo cave and head down to the river. There, he would admire the overhang of his massive brow ridge, scratch his primate asshole, smell it for some reason, and then contemplate the future plans of his race to destroy the natural beauty of this world. Rather, it was he who was being contemplated that day. From the bushes near an anime con that was going on that very day, a perverted gaggle of Pokemon had gathered to discuss whether "One Day" was a better opening than "We Are." In the stupor of their increasingly violent discussion, young Ungo was spotted across the way, heaving a mighty nosefull of his own particulate leavings. It was there, on what would one day become a CVS parking lot, that Ungo would first find something of greater interest than his own butt stink, and a small party of socially inhibited animal things would discover that humans are totally down for whatever. And that they're the only lifeform on the planet that doesn't also have magic powers, for some reason. Making humans the Isekai. Probably. And so, they for realsie slammed. And God looked upon his creation, and then looked away, pretending not to see. And it wasn't good. But good enough.


Black Knight : I see why Vegeta never wanted to wish back his dad

Their Teammate : The first half is pretty lewd, then it became quite wholesome, then back to lewd.

Breezy Air : I'm not a furry but this *intrigues me*

Mr.13 : Here's the weird thing. On some level this is canon. Go to the Pokemon Library in Diamond and Pearl and it mentions that Pokemon and humans used to inter-marry. Which oddly makes sense given what we know about Pokemon and their level of sentience and relationship to humans. There is a lot of weirdness in the Pokemon games because we experience them from the perceptive of a 10 year old in each game; yet the nature of the relationship between Pokemon and humans is a lot more complex then the game mechanics let on. Like; where does food come from? Well judging by the fact that they can convert matter into energy it makes sense that it is replicated. Which explains a lot about the weird economics in the games. Its a post-scarcity meritocracy. Wild Pokemon do predicate upon one another which might explain one of the major benefits of human Pokemon co-dependency; access to human technology. Teleportation exists in a limited and not so limited sense so that explains why the routes are so underdeveloped; between that and Pokemon capable of flight it just doesn't make sense to build massive vehicle infrastructure. On and on and on.

Kishibe Rohan : Why is King Vegeta trying to convert a normie into a furry?

Qute rious Quadrilogy : Ha hahaha! Professor "the world is filled with Mysterious and Sexy Pokemon." Guy: "...What"

Jim Bim Bum : "We all know what's going on out here! No one says it but they know."

The WovenMantis : “Which ones are good for battle?” “BATTLE- ohactualbattle.” Lmfao

wolakking TM : *N O W T A K E O F F Y O U R P A N T S*

Charles Wolf : 1- why was this recommended to me 2- why wasn’t this recommended sooner

saintfury12345 : *starts watching pokemon parodies* Youtube: heres one that might try to give you a new kink

Awesome-y Guy : So is there ever gonna be a part 2? Because this is something I never knew I wanted

adamgtrap : I always wondered why there were no brothels in the world of pokemon, this makes so much sense.

GlorpageSlorpage Dinkleberry : "the Sexually Aggressive Animal" I can't think of a better term to use

JF_paes15 : >feeling weird and uncomfortable You underestimate my fetish old man.

KingLewi992 : I don't care what anybody says. That's..That's just hot!

Christian Bauer : for those wondering, the harkness test is basically a set of guidelines as to whether or not it's okay to f*ck a fictional character, the three main points are: 1. does it have human intelligence or greater? 2. can it talk or otherwise communicate with language? 3. is it of sexual maturity for it's species? it is only okay to f_ck said fictional character if all three of these criteria are met, if you answered no to one or more of these: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T F*CK IT!

Nysetari Vera'liath : Still the best rendition of Delphox on the internet bar none. Plague could make a fortune on poke porn alone. Let's be honest with ourselves, we all know why we clicked the thumbnail.

Steeru : Watching that Mega Absol give that soft smile was too cute.

Matt Barr : Which one is good for battle? "Who Cares?" an actually profound statement

TheNoobofHearts : 85% of all Primarina and Delphox are male... That's hot

Feral Kuja : The fact that despite the emphasis on sexuality, it's still implied that it's all a healthy, mutually consenting relationship between a trainer and their pokemon, I find this actually very heartwarming and cute. The fact that the Zoroark, Delphox, and Lopunny were nostalgically looking at a photograph of their early selves with the professor shows how much love, care, and respect they all have for each other. There's not even any jealousy among the pokemon who share their human partner, they all love him equally and they don't compete for him against each other. Definitely a deeper implication than many might expect at first, but it's awesome.

Stonehawk : Perversion isn't *just* a "furry thing". It's a _human thing_ and our entire species is guilty. So ubiquitous is this guilt that it almost becomes redundant and irrelevant to classify it. Like we're all "guilty" of having traditions or living in societies, too. ... I hate to say it but this, um, "interpretation" of the Pokemon universe ... Feels unfortunately like it makes more sense -_- this is the logical conclusion. Professor Harkness is right - they'd all be doing it, everyone would know, but nobody would say anything.

Android 16 : Not gonna lie, it moved a bit

Wew Lad : >it's meant to be weird and uncomfortable >not sexy and arousing haha that would be funny if it was haha

Shiki Hisashi : Good pick, choosing Vulpix. She will grow into a glorious Ninetales.~

Sigma 2718 : Nobody seems to talk about his laptop at 0:52.

krosis dovakiin : I just looked up the harkness test

obnoxshus rapper : Pokemon have mysterious powersovermydick. They come in many pleasing shapes!

Anon 115 : At this point its just plague talking to his younger self

Corpse Thrust : This is why Pokémon is the ideal game universe to live in.

Cardboard Silver : I mean...according to lore humans and Pokemon used to be able to get married so...

Jan Cloud : 1:20 Absol's smile melts my heart ~u~

ASIAN x INVASION : I like how there's absolutely no age restriction on this video. Is it because furries don't count? 😂😂😂

Denis Henrique dos Santos : You know this professor is a fake because he realized the trainer is a boy

Durz Da Demon : This is wonderfully disturbing.... I love it. I'm dropping a like and a sub

IAmGendo : Funny thing is that one of the games (I *think* it was sapphire???) Actually more or less confirmed that Pokemon and humans got married, like, hundreds of years ago. So.... This is technically canon.

lols_@_night : At first I was like "Oh no" and then "Huh, this is strangely wholesome?" then "oooh there we go. now it got weird again." and then if you wait for the disclaimer your like "Oh, okay so it actually is part wholesome. A world where Pokemon have not just been domesticated but integrated on a escalated level where pretty much everything is more socially understandable. Where Pokemon are considered even more sentient and on equal standing while consenting to the idea of Trainer / Pokemon relationships maybe out of a form of tradition of partnership rather than "I own you, you are my pet animal with powers." Still weird, still awkward, but uh, it could have been a lot more awkward to watch. This was a hard to present concept that was presented pretty well! btw that Delphox damn son

keyadin : Am I watching a YouTube video or did I accidentally end up on e621.

MariktheGunslinger : Do you suppose he's trying so hard to convey his lack of being a furry that eventually the "He's a furry" meter will roll back to "Not a furry"?

Shade, the Raven Witch : "Yes it's meant to be weird and uncomfortable." There's very few things which I would see as 'weird and uncomfortable'.... this ain't one of them XD I really, REALLY have to blame the internet for that!

LuHen PurSil : Well, now i want to see the Main Character in his Pokémon "adventures"

Dragon Slayer : I approve the message of this video. It's always important to have respect and trust in your partner to build a long and fruitful relation. And let's be honest, who could say no to such hot babes anyway.

Nj Njhjh : Yes, wild and comfortable, that's totally what I'm feeling. Oh, he said "weird and uncomfortable". Right. That's what I meant.

ProjectXv2 : The most hilarious thing about this video is the constant stark contrasts between "totally wholesome" and "totally degenerate" at nearly every second. xD

Jose Sanchez Chacon : "Breeding Cycles" - "Burial sites" Small details for good jokes

Robert Wright : I think another wholesome note some have missed is the abundance of mega pokemon in the prof's lab. Mega evolution in canon is a really powerful and intense sudden change for the pokemon involved and as such requires a great deal of trust between the pokemon and their trainer to achieve. To go further with this point, certain cultures in pokemon believe that the first instance of mega evolution (Rayquaza) only happened during the first meeting between Ray and humans; the humans that worshiped and loved him as a god.

ULTRADJ : If Pokemon was real, you know this is what we would all be doing, men and women.

Arm Ore : God bless you Plague of Grapes!! You're one of the best adult artists out there! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be having boners anymore!