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Kishibe Rohan : Why is King Vegeta trying to convert a normie into a furry?

Sahil King : Professor Vegeta's dark side lmao😂

Vladislav Razumeev : If Nintendo did this, they could probably buy Japan.

Kegan Anderson : "I've researched it thoroughly"...Lucky bastard..

Koirakasvo TM : You all shall have "FUN" with your pokemon. But you have to eat the eggs, because who knows what kind of abomination could grow out of it.

Mox ಠ ᴥ ಠ : I felt completely comfortable watching this uwu

Paku Paku : "Hello! Yes it's meant to be weird and uncomfortable." O-oh... "Your feelings are correct don't worry." Y-yeah, totally... correct.

Adrian De Anda : So this is what happened to Brock when he never got a girlfriend 😂

Andrew Schwarz : "No, no, groom me into your first pick and use me on a top team!" "Ooohh..." " *now take off your pants* "

Gabriel Schleifer : There's a sort of underlying sweetness to this that makes it work, IMO. I think it's the implications that the pokemon and their trainers are still PARTNERS, just that the partnership now includes sex, all of which is explicitly consensual. And that's what stops it from just being a shock joke like Pokemon Snap XXX, there's respect for this concept AND the fact that even though some people are going to find it too weird, ultimately, nobody is getting hurt. It's obviously sophomoric, but it's not crass or raunchy. And it's all the more hilarious as a result!

Homeya : Furry aint my type but this is a *masterpiece*

Valentino Cross : Always had a thing for Salazzle. Don't judge me.

Jose Cardenas : Am i a furry now?


PurpleDye : Its an unspoken fact in pokemon that when the kids in the games hit puberty this happens with their pokemon.

Hacer : I hope this doesn't awaken anything inside me

Charles Pendragon : I want to live in this Pokemon world.....forever.

clayisahottie : You know, despite Vulpix telling em to take his pants off, she's actually sowing his pants in the picture image while Plague is explaining the disclaimer. When Partners look out for each other.

Rcbif : I like how he chucks a rock at him while he walks away.

Scourge : "We all know what's going on out here! No one says it but they know."

teckworks : I pick the Queen. Y'all can have the rest.

KishinAkenm : This is SICK, but those eevee evolutions look really thick

King Infamous : Oh, how i wish this was real....

JackTheWolf : Yeeeah.. Now I know my program for tonight *cough cough e621 COUGH COUGH*

DG Studios : I...I know why this is in my recommendations....and why I have this erection

Scomicmaker : "No one says it, but they know" oh god lol! This definitely achieved the weird and uncomfortable level. Thank you for the hilarious video xD

adamgtrap : I always wondered why there were no brothels in the world of pokemon, this makes so much sense.

Earl Edinbour : This video made me confused in my trousers.

Twisted Tim : Geez this is a Good animation

Stonehawk : Perversion isn't *just* a "furry thing". It's a _human thing_ and our entire species is guilty. So ubiquitous is this guilt that it almost becomes redundant and irrelevant to classify it. Like we're all "guilty" of having traditions or living in societies, too. ... I hate to say it but this, um, "interpretation" of the Pokemon universe ... Feels unfortunately like it makes more sense -_- this is the logical conclusion. Professor Harkness is right - they'd all be doing it, everyone would know, but nobody would say anything.

Esequiel Trindade : Some real furry shit out'a here

Black Knight : I see why Vegeta never wanted to wish back his dad

GHOSTMASTERLEROY : *(Takes glasses off)* You think.... god stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he’s created??? My brain while watching this video...

Mr.13 : Here's the weird thing. On some level this is canon. Go to the Pokemon Library in Diamond and Pearl and it mentions that Pokemon and humans used to inter-marry. Which oddly makes sense given what we know about Pokemon and their level of sentience and relationship to humans. There is a lot of weirdness in the Pokemon games because we experience them from the perceptive of a 10 year old in each game; yet the nature of the relationship between Pokemon and humans is a lot more complex then the game mechanics let on. Like; where does food come from? Well judging by the fact that they can convert matter into energy it makes sense that it is replicated. Which explains a lot about the weird economics in the games. Its a post-scarcity meritocracy. Wild Pokemon do predicate upon one another which might explain one of the major benefits of human Pokemon co-dependency; access to human technology. Teleportation exists in a limited and not so limited sense so that explains why the routes are so underdeveloped; between that and Pokemon capable of flight it just doesn't make sense to build massive vehicle infrastructure. On and on and on.

gunmunz : Surpised Salazzle wasn't there. Just look at it's dex entry, Game Freak KNOWS what the fandom likes to do...

Just a dude who likes Dbz : *NOW TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS*

Sigma 2718 : Nobody seems to talk about his laptop at 0:52.

Marray Taleus : There are many paths to getting laid in the world of Pokemon, and our young hero is just beginning to discover his own. What lies down that path is uncertain. But one thing is for sure, he'll never forget the advice of Professor Harkness or the Pokemon in the his lab....... no matter how hard he tries.

planet sibusky : You should make this into a series i think its funny

saintfury12345 : *starts watching pokemon parodies* Youtube: heres one that might try to give you a new kink

Rawman : I'm so glad you put that disclaimer at the end. I felt like a teenager again going through weird feelings.

Ether : I'm gonna spread this video all OVER the internet, because it deserves much love and praise.

Awesome-y Guy : So is there ever gonna be a part 2? Because this is something I never knew I wanted

krosis dovakiin : I just looked up the harkness test

Sans the eskeleton : I will love to be in a world like that

Key Strix : It couldn't be more obvious that Plague works on a farm.

Squilliam Fancyson : Something inside me has *AWAKEN*

subscribed : That's one way to turn me into a furry

GHOSTMASTERLEROY : Now it all makes sense why frieza blew up planet vegeta because he saw this shit.... and did the universe a favor.

obnoxshus rapper : Pokemon have mysterious powersovermydick. They come in many pleasing shapes!