Chuck Berry Live 1972 ~ My Ding-a-Ling

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79tazman : LOOK!! It's the real king of rock and roll

Robert Williamson : chuck berry is the man

Ken Aldhizer : Chuck Berry has more talent in his "Ding a Ling" than most "artists" now a days have in their whole body. It's a sad truth....

Donna Shinall : 9 years old...1st time I heard it on the radio station in Detroit. Scared to sing it loud around the house but my sisters and I would laugh and sing this crazy song. That was mild compared to what adolescents are singing today.

notta3d : Just watched several of Chuck Berry's videos and I never realized what a great performer he is.

jazz jackson : I remember when I first heard this song I was like -______-  he aint talking bout no damn bell....LMAO!!!

Dave Bowler : Probably the funniest song ever written without any cursing.

Phil Matcham : If my aunt was still alive, today would have been her 100th birthday . She LOVED this song, and would sing along to it every time she played. So, here's to you auntie

M Mcgann : I got to MC a show with Chuck berry in 1972 in Pittsburgh at the old Syria Mosque auditorium. I introduced him and as I was leaving the stage, as he passed me, he grabbed me pulled me back on stage and raised my hand like I had won a fight. I was 24 and thrilled. He was so cool off stage I felt like I had known him for years. He shredded the stage that night with all his classic duck walk moves and guitar riffs. Remember it like it was yesterday. This bit and song brought the house down.

Wayne96819 : OMG!!! Now Chuck Berry can see me from heaven, playing with my DING A LING!!!!

Ifitallfails : Those of you who will not sing, Ya must be playin' witchya own dingaling

Sine Nomine : Congratulations on becoming 90 years old Chuck. Still playing with his ding a ling.

MysteryAndroclese401 : THIS ACT IS OVER! -Principal Skinner

TheAudivisioner : The song wasn't considered dirty until someone said it was dirty.

Avery Kates : Nothing like being an African American iin America, 1972, surrounded by adoring teenage white daughters all yelling at him "wont you play with my ding-a-ling".  Seriously, Berry was Genius, by the songs end looik at their faces; They _Mean_ it, haha :)  Awesome Culture Jamming.

Jimi7hendrix Jimmy Page : 1:06 flipped them all off


Luna : He is such a funny dude. >_<

rear production : disliking a chuck berry video shouldn't be allowed

Rose Stober : I absolutely love this video! Chuck Berry is not only a maestro at playing guitar but He is utterly adorable and totally hilarious! Bravo! Encore! Spectacular! I love you Chuck Mon Cheri!

Whitefright : How can I smile & laugh, while tearing up at the same time.... This is a legend. RIP

cthomson888 : Such a funny song, it was SO controversial back at that time...if they could only know in 1972 what kind of music is acceptable today.

TheMook1012 : Haha, god, first chuck berry song, I've ever heard, I like it, and if you don't you must play with your Ding-A-Ling, it's just so funny !

debgoodvibe : GREAT is GREAT no time linit on greatness

hanoc101 : We used to think the lyrics to this song were so dirty. It's quaint compared to the songs out there today.

Carl Johnson : Lol he's giving the bird when showing off the pick

Stu Pidity : Happy 90th birthday Chuck Berry!!!


Lady BlackstarDust : This was about the time I sat down at a Denny's in Carmel California and there was this cat in a purple silk shirt.  We sat down next to him at the counter and the whole restaurant fell silent until we settled in.  A group of tough guys in a booth eyed us up and down.  The counter guy was looking like he had too much coffee!  What did we know!  We were talking waves, and cloudy water and such.  We were pooped and cold and wet from SCUBA diving.  After he left, the counter guy clued us in.  It was Chuck Berry.  I kept his cigarette butt and match book for about five years!

genesclean1 : Wow there are people commenting here that don't know Chuck Berry..shaking my head

prettycountrygirl2 : Excellent.   ....and all these years, I thought that this was a dirty song. Chuck is one talented and creative dude. Oh the double entendres !!!

James B : Snoop Dogg looks rather aged here...

Art Vale : Do the duck-walk in heaven Chuck; God'll love it. R.I.P.

phuse99 : He looks like a 70s version of Kat Williams!

Slum Lxrd : The man who started it all. The king and father of rock and roll. Happy 90th!! I was obsessed with this live version when I was 6 years old. My aunt had it on 8 track. I cannot believe there is a good quality live video for it. Thanks so much!!

Gemma Pettersen : That one person who sings like two octaves higher than everyone else.

THISISWHYTHEYHATEME : mos def look just like chuck berry he can play him great if they ever made a movie about chuck berry.

themurph2000 : 94 people must have played with their ding-a-ling a little too much

Alberdina Degraaf : What a character. Comedian. Ha ha ha.  So funny !

Bryan GotGame : who came here cause the ding along remix😂😂😂

GonzoDuke : Chuck Berry is awesome!

gary.nelson : Happy 90th Chuck !!!!!!! (^.^)

PurplePoulpe : This is a quite funny song but this version killed me. Chuck Berry forever the best !

Toke A Doak : This dude was great!!!

lil_ mama_56 : my mom tried to tell me when I was younger that he's talking about a bell I'm like I know what he's talking about that ain't no bell!!

Reggie von Zugbach : This is great stuff but the best part about it that it so upset that vile old cow Mary Whitehouse. May she rot!!!

Mr Mentality and Terry : who came here after Chuck Berry's death?

Tom Zimmermann : R.I.P. an excellent entertainer and musician left the stage of this world.

Taras J. Sandulak : Keith Richards's  " Master  Mistro ''  !!