Filming tornado destroy my home.

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Man films a tornado coming straight at him, and watches as his house is torn apart!

Comments from Youtube

MyWasteOfTime : Wow that's hard to watch... Raw emotion! Glad they were safe in the end!

don't care : Amazing job man, you got through the shock got your bearings and made good calls. Thats not easy to do in a situation like that.

Peyton Snyder : I personally know this guy! He is not an idiot. I don't think that this video shows in anyway that he is an idiot!

Fabian Jimenez : Like how he's concerned for others wellbeing. God bless this kind hearted man. I hope everything was taken care of by your home insurance. Holly Molly that was a close one indeed

Joshua .S : This guy was actually quite calm considering. After the initial shock was over he took action, got his daughter out and went to help his neighbors, quite a upstanding guy I bet. Glad they are ok. Very erie at the end with the sirens going still.

Mr. Crash : House maybe destroyed but nothing can replace a life. Thank god y’all ok

Nosferatu Zodd : The way he says "Our house, is frickin destroyed Josie!" Sounds like it's a joke in some sitcom lol

SDS4800 : I heard tornadoes sound like freight trains when they hit a house.... it sounds like a chainsaw

TallYz : im gonna cry just watching it how peopel lose their houses and can't do anything about it...... it's sad.......

caramba10 : Goes through all that and main concern is the neighbours.

troyrblb44 : Guy sounds exactly like Danny McBride

Benjanim Hgist : anyone else hear a chainsaw

LeftMeNot : :43 seconds.... The tornado sucking the air out of the gaps in the house framing.

Suzane Carver : He's not an idiot...

John Lawler : At least the nordic track made it...

oleheat : Poor people! But Thank God they survived!!!

John Smith : If it's tornado weather, take 5-10 minutes to throw together a simple go bag. Clothes, shoes, water, snacks, phone/charger, wallet, basic medical, car keys and so on.

Dave Rose : God bless you and your family so glad you survived , really hope your home is back together

White Rice : That's what ya get for building your house under a tornado.

Brian Phillips : This is the moment you hope you have good insurance.......

Betty Powers : I feel sad for this man

Ulysses Vaughan : Not gonna lie I totally would've done that too.

Deffinnition : this is hard to watch... glad you're ok man.

Adam G. : Were they in a shelter? Wow I just shat my pants, WHY WAS HE LOOKING AT IT! FOR THE LOGE OF GOD RUN! Happy you guys are safe

Moto_Nerd : 0:41 even the house was crying.

LifeisGreat : Looks like Josie should have went on a vacation far away...

Michael Ross : And that is the raw power of wind. A force that can completely wipe the earth of all signs of humanity. A force that earns its respect through destruction. But, a force we are starting to get ahead of.

Wendi Nicole : This brought chills to my spine. I felt every cry.

Ayman Don : Thank GOD you're still alive josie.

kaascracker : wtf why u stealing content??

Philip Suprise : Josie, I’m surprised he didn’t knock you out when you didn’t listen to him AFTER he saved your life. I got frustrated just watching this. Way to think on your feet man of the house and glad you’re okay

Brian Callison : Glad you guys made it out okay. God bless you with help for your house and belongings.

Nine Thoughts : That's heartbreaking. Glad you're all ok.

mister garcia : I'm glad you and your family had a tornado shelter to escape to. Everything can be rebuilt and replaced.

Tiffany Clark : I hope that everything turned ok for you guys good bless you worthy souls

Mr. King Kitty : Well done, sir! You were in shock but still thought about your wife and neighbor's safety.

Celius : You are lucky because u survived. I hope that your home had some kind of insurance.

Pro Benji : the fact he's able to think somewhat clearly after the shock (check on the neighbours, the house potentially collapsing) amazes me. its extremely important to be able to do that

xKalphax : I swear this felt like a cinematic horror movie yet it is real

Thicc Peach : Wow... at least you are okay and your family is safe🙏🙏🙏

DJ Meku : Shit! and I thought I had problems...

Frin : Thank God you're safe. Blessings to you, your wife and your dog. I hope you get better karma in your life after this, but even if this is a huge accident I hope you keep safe and can build your house up again.

Punkkap : Manly! I wish you all the best in recovery.

unguidedone : this is why you build underground also large flat surfaces dont take pressure well vs curved concrete reinforced structures- what your seeing is around 2-3 kpa and the building was totally destroyed for the life of me i have no idea why people want to build a above ground house anywhere tornados can occur / hurricanes.

rozkladd : Suburb: * exists * Tornado: It's free real estate

Vincent Venturella : You could hear every bit of that onslaught ! Then the realization. These things are wicked. Hide, take cover. Corner room of basement, prefer no windows.

christian cravens : Hardcore man. Sorry for your loss. Glad your safe. F tornadoes.

Batty Rash : Poor guy, that must have been scary as hell.

BunglesBreh : Possibly a poor choice of footwear my dude.