Filming tornado destroy my home.

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MyWasteOfTime : Wow that's hard to watch... Raw emotion! Glad they were safe in the end!

don't care : Amazing job man, you got through the shock got your bearings and made good calls. Thats not easy to do in a situation like that.

Mr. Crash : House maybe destroyed but nothing can replace a life. Thank god y’all ok

Rez : He survived along with his wife and dog, he's not an idiot.

Rays Metal Tracks : 2:10 "what are we gonna do?!" I'd kneel down, thank GOD I'm alive, my family is alive, and I can still walk.

Peyton Snyder : I personally know this guy! He is not an idiot. I don't think that this video shows in anyway that he is an idiot!

Joshua .S : This guy was actually quite calm considering. After the initial shock was over he took action, got his daughter out and went to help his neighbors, quite a upstanding guy I bet. Glad they are ok. Very erie at the end with the sirens going still.

Benjanim Hgist : anyone else hear a chainsaw

oleheat : Poor people! But Thank God they survived!!!

SDS4800 : I heard tornadoes sound like freight trains when they hit a house.... it sounds like a chainsaw

TallYz : im gonna cry just watching it how peopel lose their houses and can't do anything about it...... it's sad.......

Dave Rose : God bless you and your family so glad you survived , really hope your home is back together

troyrblb44 : Guy sounds exactly like Danny McBride

eLi FILMS : Josie, you're the source of my frustration

Kris Carroll : No need to cry about material possessions. Insurance covers it. Can't get a life back

Leone : This is exactly why I don’t live in tornado areas. I’m fine with small earthquakes that happen every maybe 10 years here in LA.

John Lawler : At least the nordic track made it...

LouisianaBoy1990 : I bet that wasn't even a direct hit either..

Moto_Nerd : 0:41 even the house was crying.

G Ingelido : That poor family; thank goodness everyone seemed alright... where did this occur anyway out of curiosity?

Erika Hansen : How are you guys doing now? Have you been able to rebuild?

Jonathan Raymond : You are alive lady! Quit that bickering!

Betty Powers : I feel sad for this man

Ulysses Vaughan : Not gonna lie I totally would've done that too.

quietshadow : If "Josie" is his wife, he should consider this tornado as a sign to get a divorce.

Nosferatu Zodd : The way he says "Our house, is frickin destroyed Josie!" Sounds like it's a joke in some sitcom lol

Jason King : Bad... but an opportunity to move to a state where tornados are less likely to happen.....

Nx2overide : They were lucky.. AF

John Smith : If it's tornado weather, take 5-10 minutes to throw together a simple go bag. Clothes, shoes, water, snacks, phone/charger, wallet, basic medical, car keys and so on.

Havoc The Outlaw : That's really tough to watch without losing it. I feel so bad for any victims of disaster like this. My heart goes out you and everyone else affected. God bless y'all and I'm glad y'all are ok. Love from Texas.

Kahsim V : Lots of respect for having the guts to run the show, protect your family, and keep filming all at once brother. You're a strong soul

SCYTHE2525 : Very few views for this. Very surprised.

Unknown Unknown : Tornado sirens give me shudders down my spine Sorry for your house but glad you guys survived God bless you

JelloCrave : The White Knight and the Dansel in distress

Sunshine Jividen : Pause @ 2:23 and look in the bottom-right corner of the screen....the first time I saw this video (awhile ago), I thought the black thing was a dog. My heart sank because moments after he emerged from the basement/lower level, he could be heard asking his daughter "Where's Autumn?" I was praying that Autumn wasn't their dogs' name.

K Boy : That dad made it much worse by acting like it was the end of the world. Maybe for the sake of your family project as much calm as possible. Sheesshh

Javan Russell : This man is GREAT!!!!

Soft Raccoon : at least they finally got out of the house before it collapsed.

garrett decker : I'm so relieved that they were okay. Losing the home is heartbreaking, but what a gift it is to be able to feel that still.

Denise Barnette : They are blessed to even be alive.

Erick Hines : Don't live in tornado country

Baby Blue Eyes 1 : You got out Ok, you have each other. It doesn’t matter about your home (well I know it does) but you have each other. I am beginning to question these storms. Why that part of the world and nowhere else? Is it possible the storms are being created by man? They did the tsunami on Boxing Day. We had 90 mph on Boxing Day night back in the 90’s. I have noticed for the past 4 years days before and after Christmas there’s strong winds only on an evening it’s gone by the daytime??

Fedel ledef : omg omg omg omg omg omg omg. Is that the only thing americans can say? Build a strong house instead of a house made of wood and cardboard!

I Smoke Daily : Why is he an idiot?

Brandon S : Josie what u cooking tonight?

val yo : He got a tornadogasm

Will Valentine : Never move to the south

barganbright : This man takes care of his wife--I like that.

Awesome Dawg : Poor people! Hope they have either built they're house back or have gotten a new one! God give these people peace!

Tonya Wallace : This bought serious flashbacks of the ones we had in Alabama. Thank God this family made it through