Inside Hong Kong’s cage homes

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Vox : Cage homes are just one fascinating product of Hong Kong's unique composition and history. For more check out the full Vox Borders Hong Kong playlist here:

Harshil Patel : Wait New York is actually the cheapest on that list? Mind blown..

Kenna Parker : My friend Sarah lives in kind one of these in Yinchuan. She’s on the 27th floor and there is no elevator and she shares a bed with her parents.

6079SW : Guy meets girl at bar...."so, wanna come back to my cage?"

cb2000a : And yet elsewhere there are millions of empty apartments in China.

L L : For people wondering why they don’t just move to mainland China, Hong Kong and mainland China are very different places. Hong Kong speaks Cantonese primarily and English, this is a very different dialect from Mandarin Chinese. Politically they are very at odds w Hong Kong wanting to be be independent but mainland China is persistent in keeping them (much like Taiwan). Leaving Hong Kong would be like moving to a new country with a new language. Not an easy feat and many of these people have livelihoods that are hard to rebuild (stores, restaurants, family)

ziljin : Sharing one toilet with like 10 other people? A living nightmare.

Nathan Johansen : You're telling me the government ruins everything it touches? I'm shocked I tell you. Shocked...

James Lee : 1:14 they cut it out cause he missed


Susan Lucier : I would go live in the woods

Mike Morris : Country people see this as hell. No matter how poor we are, at least we can look out the window and see trees.

Dylan : Surprising no politician never mentions the world's biggest problem: Overpopulation. If people had a maximum of 2 kids, the world would have less problems.

Catalin Catalin : More condoms, my friends, and real estate prices will become affordable again...

tdmr : Come to toronto and have a look at our housing market. We are literally heading in this direction as I watch your video.

Ayddhjo Chnl : 7:36 they pay $267 per month. Well Im Indonesian, I live in one of big city named Surabaya with salary $600 per month. I pay my renthouse only $267 per year. And I got a whole house (car parking area, small living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, diningroom/tv room). And its included electricity. OMG Im so rich. Thanks God

Honfy Lam : A millionaire couldn't even afford a 3 bedroom apartment.

iam1ina1000000 : ?? Am I the only one that thinks the solution to this housing crisis is to reduce the out of control population explosion. Consider the population of the planet was 1 billion in 1918 and it is over 8 billion in 2018. (At that rate, there will be over 16 billion people on the planet in 50 years. It is absolute insanity... this fragile planet, quite simply, cannot continue to support soooo many people!)

Ivory Oasis : "The free market" is the biggest scam perpetrated in human history. It has created not just a sick society...or even continent... but a dystopian WORLD.


nkooutsider : We need Thanos

ʕʘ‿ʘʔHaji84ʕʘ‿ʘʔ : I would freak out if I lived in those cage homes

yuan zhe : Actually the former leader of HK tried to build more public houses and already lowered the housing price significantly. But ironically local HK people who have owned house protested against the new policy. And as their wish, nothing changed and nothing to complain.

Koi Shooter : "Free up more land..." For what? It will be filled within the hour!!! Then all you will have is less green space and more strain on the infrastructure. You have to reduce the population by reducing the incentive for businesses and factories to want to be there. Then people will gradually migrate somewhere else (hopefully to a better place). This is what happens when you give a millenial a camera and ask him to file a story. He walks around making selfies and concludes they need more high rises (all of which will be filled with cage/coffin homes) in those green spaces he discovered with his little drone. I don't know what makes me more crazy, this guy, or those here who think they've discovered the solution for the worst housing crisis on earth with a 10 minute video.

Sourish Saha : sad to see such condition..such inequality 😥😭

B K : I could not live like that, no way no how. I love my space and trees and big huge yard. Closest neighbor is almost a half mile away and next house is 1 mile down the road. I love it. People weren't meant to live in cages just like any animals. You lock them up and they start to go mad!

cason2 : God damn.. can't imagine living with such little privacy and space.

MV31313 : Stop overpopulating. And when other countries take in these people by the millions it just allows them to continue non sustainable behavior.

Владимир козанцев : Going to St. Petersburg in Russia, where people rent communal apartments from the time of Stalin! 1 apartment = 16 rooms. But only the rooms are divided not by sex, but by height! And all because the height of the room is about 350 cm. At the same time show everyone how real people live in Russia. Our media has long sold out to the authorities, and soon all those who are disobedient will be shut down or even imprisoned ... all hopes are just for you - Foreign bloggers .. Do it, please! .

OmegaReviews : Vox at least try not to be such communists in your vids. This isn't a issue of low taxes, it's a issue of bad politics being run by the government. Just stop your bs vox

Rilnex Zelkar : honestly looks like my college dorm

Becky Rode : So that man's solution to the cage house problem is to build newer, cleaner cages with WIFI. Got it

Jacob Orton : There is a huge issue with the conclusion that is reached at the end of the video. He blames the free market and the solution is policy. The market isn't causing this to happen it's the policy of the government, which was said throughout the video. He was very contradictory at the end and his disdain for free market economics shows throughout the video.

TheRisky9 : This is what happens when supply is not allowed to meet demand. And it can come from the private sector colluding to earn maximum profit or the public sector looking to appeal to certain groups.

ying deng : I remember in 1997, Tung Chee-wah was proposed 85000 housing policy to try to release the pressure of local housing, although this policy is good for the local housing, at the same time it hurting the interests of real estate investors, so part of high-end people and the investors complain a lot that made this policy has to be canceled.

Reena Beaty : This is SOO OBSURD and a poor reflection of this country's government. The greed of the rich are creating this disgusting way of life.

MsBaileyLayne : Well I won’t complain about my two bedroom In DC anymore

Amit Sharma : Thank almighty for what you have!

Manda Detrick : All I could think of was Fifth Element when they showed the pods!!! Like that's where we are really headed

domnikoli : bruh LA has high rent? lmfao try to get a place in SF. I can get by EASY in LA.

OHxDEER PLAYS : Yeesh the toilets 💩:I am watching ya People:@-@

dor : This was very well filmed and narrated. I enjoyed it a lot. I used to live in a subdivided unit in HK which is much bigger than caged homes. I couldn't last more than 4 months there, because there were no windows. I became depressed and had heart palpitations every morning. It's fire hazardous and illegal to not have windows, but no one does anything about it. The building I lived in had anyone from college grads, to restaurant owners, to prostitutes and ladies who collect recycled materials. Subdivided units with bathrooms and makeshift kitchens at around 120sqft in the New Territories (considered suburbs - not really) are going over $10k HKD.

Thizzelle Washington : My girl says im not watching this video but i am.

april Sy : alot of people comment overpopulation & family planning but this has nothing to do with overpopulation!! its their government policies! they make HK ideal for business but people who go there to work has no space to live in! because govt leases lands to the highest bidder who put all the cost on HK citizens.

Samurai Warrior : This is actually really sad. Hong Kong needs to be cheaper. Come on people!!!

lisa starves : Wow prince s should go down.. not up..

Sheldon Evans : I made some friends in HK when I traveled there last year and they recently came to visit me here in South Africa. They were shocked to see the kind of homes you can get here for what would be considered a breadbox there.

Thawtoy Inc. : 🤢🤮🤮

peter cornelius : 2:59 meanwhile.. a (hummer car) passing through... social inequality.... 🙂🙂

TERRY TOTH : sad part is we the people let rich ppl and the goverment do this