Inside Hong Kong’s cage homes

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Vox : Cage homes are just one fascinating product of Hong Kong's unique composition and history. For more check out the full Vox Borders Hong Kong playlist here:

Mike Morris : Country people see this as hell. No matter how poor we are, at least we can look out the window and see trees.

徐少佑 : Living in a cage is an insult of humanity

Roman Jones : these tall buildings are like an anxiety attack made physical

travtotheworld : Hong Kong's Problems: 1) The government owns all the land. 2) The government zones the land poorly. 3) The government is a dictatorship without meaningful elections. Vox's Diagnosis: Taxes are too low.

Martijn B : With that many people living on such a tiny amount of space a medical disaster is bound to happen

Curiosity Culture : Wait New York is actually the cheapest on that list? Mind blown..

BluesGypsy : I much prefer living in a van or large car to this renting a closet with a communal space.

brayo144 : What if a fire breaks out? These poor people will be roasted in their cages!

Myelectric Bluechevy : Funny how in the 🇺🇸 in some states it's illegal to build a tiny house(by one's choice) and in California it's illegal to live in your car because the rent's too high to pay, but Hong Kong's government is perfectly fine with their citizens living in cage home smaller than a parking space...

James Casteel : I find it so funny that he blames Capitalism. When the Government owning the land is the exact opposite of Capitalism.

cason2 : God damn.. can't imagine living with such little privacy and space.

Hitesh Kumar : Inequality rising everywhere Time will come Only poor and rich will remain No middle class

Dunn123 : Heritage Foundation: "It's the freest place on earth!" *People literally living in cages*

eunhae gives me life : Went to Hong Kong for a geography study mission once and visited those cage homes myself. It was horrible and a haunting experience. HK is quite similar to my home country Singapore in many ways, but so different when it comes to housing. If implemented correctly, public housing could be a great policy to reducing slums and improving living conditions. I wish people over the world have a comfortable shelter over their heads.

Agustin Orozco : What do you expect when Government is ONLY land owner. Hong Kong is far from “free market” and it shouldn’t be labeled as such

ziljin : Sharing one toilet with like 10 other people? A living nightmare.

Shake hir : This is truly very sad and yet people always complain that they are not living in a mansion they should be grateful that at least they are not living like this

The Last Mimzy : Thats sad. Be grateful for what you are blessed with, even if it doesnt seem like much in better countries' standards, things you take for granted are heavenly for unfortunate people.

D Mac : 1 person with the flu = 7,547 people with symptoms the next day.

hello hello : please be thankful for what you have, everyone. i grew up in a small alleyway home and when my family could finally afford a real house closer to the city, other kids would complain about how they weren't rich enough, and others would brag about their money. always be grateful for each breath.

MsBaileyLayne : Well I won’t complain about my two bedroom In DC anymore

tubez4321 : Vox keeps harping on government as the solution to the Hong Kong housing problem when government CREATED the problem to begin with. No, more government regulation won't provide the solution, less government will.

Cali latin : Dude if a earthquake happens all of them all fk most lock tight spaces hazard at most deadly horrible sucks man

dell wright : my bathroom is bigger and I live in a one bedroom apt.they live like rats in a cage poor people.

DamsiePlays : Even a bird in a bird cage lives better than people living in Hong Kong. The bird's house is bigger than their cage

Becky Rode : So that man's solution to the cage house problem is to build newer, cleaner cages with WIFI. Got it

Tuyana onnet : sad to see people living like that. it`s humiliation

Kathleen H : In Mexico in countryside you can get a big house for $253 dollars per month, maybe with pool and big yard. In Mexico City it's expensive and you can get for the same $253 dollars your own furnished apartment. I don't know why people insist to live in those big cities when they can't LIVE, they just survive.

Asleep Awake : Developers need to first and foremost build housing for people, not housing as assets to store and appreciate capital growth. Laws must support this. For example quintuple tax up those people who own more than one residential property. Eliminate any taxes for the first property that they live in personally. Quadruple taxes for empty properties to encourage owners to maintain and remt the developments. Require developers to commit a percentage of any new property as rental properties. Houses are meamt for people to live in, not as assets to6 hide the 1%ers ill gotten wealth.

Brooke Gabel : I’m in Hong Kong currently and just buying groceries is extremely expensive. These people work so hard and they deserve more

Honfy Lam : A millionaire couldn't even afford a 3 bedroom apartment.

Brandon Ballweg : Interesting choice going to Hong Kong and talking to two white guys about the real estate policy there.

Mike Manners : What a Human disgrace. So much for the theory that we are Evolving to a "Higher Species"......

M : Wow such an irresponsible government They're basic human rights are being violeted

KGBgringo : Made me want to watch blade runner.

ʕʘ‿ʘʔHaji84ʕʘ‿ʘʔ : I would freak out if I lived in those cage homes

ISLAM is Satan's masterpiece - est satanique : I feel so claustrophobic watching this video 😰 I hope the government will have a solution for Hongkong citizens.

Gerrit Janssen : And then you have these idiots who think communism and socialism will make the world a better place

Annie Tran : So poor for them !

Gary Dose : This is crazy, how would this be fixed? Also why don't people leave? I know it's not simple, but is there a single main reason why people stay there? Is it the economic opportunity in Hong Kong, their families are there, fear of the unknown, not knowing that there are other opportunities out there in near by countries, or maybe they don't have enough money to leave. This is a real shame, but looking at solving this density issue now will be crucial as more cities across the globe start reaching very high densities like HK.

Kenna Parker : My friend Sarah lives in kind one of these in Yinchuan. She’s on the 27th floor and there is no elevator and she shares a bed with her parents.

Dmitry Monchares : Reminds me an old soviet common apartment layout most people used to live in early 90s in ex USSR (probably some of them are still shearing those)

Rey’s Coins : Looks like California in 20 years or less

Trashy Americans : No this is like a kennel

Hazli Mohamed : Potential fire traps...

Divine Rebel : This is the sole fault of rich greedy people

Daniel Diniz : capitalism at it's best, folks. chinese-style, but still capitalism.

Kevin Sellitto : So, why not move the eff away from there?

Taunter Atwill : It's not just communist areas where the individual doesn't count. . . . . . .right?