Inside Hong Kong’s cage homes

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ziljin : Sharing one toilet with like 10 other people? A living nightmare.

Dominick Quaye : If there was a fire in any of these buildings....

Ms Synchronicity : This is the sole fault of rich greedy people

Justin Reyes : Stuff like this makes me realize how blessed I am

Beatnutz : At least he had a Kareoke machine in that tiny space. Bet thats real popular among his roomies.

Mike Morris : Country people see this as hell. No matter how poor we are, at least we can look out the window and see trees.

Jaffar Raza Jamshead : Extreme capitalism at its worst. And people say slavery doesn't exist.

Comrade : I'd rather live in the woods or on a beach lol

Born of Fire : bet the smell of those housing units is awful.

cb2000a : And yet elsewhere there are millions of empty apartments in China.

Harshil Patel : Wait New York is actually the cheapest on that list? Mind blown..

Toxic Man : "You can't see sunlight in there" Worse than prison

Holden Grissett : @Vox be careful with shots like the one at 4:16, looks like that guy has passwords on that sticky note that could potentially be read by someone with the right tools.

Miika Hänninen : It's pretty much a two edged sword imo. Hong Kong is still the best city I've ever visited, because of the structure of it. You can really feel close to the nature even while living in hugely crowded area. It takes only a few minutes to get to almost untouched forests and mountains. It's really something unique and I feel like it should be treasured. I hope they can find a solution to rising apartment prices without sacrificing any of the natural beauty of Hong Kong.

Raccoon : *Why does your video look so washed out?*

Cason : God damn.. can't imagine living with such little privacy and space.

TJack Survival : This is what happens when an island of freedom and capitalism pops up in the middle of communism. People flee there like rats from a sinking ship.

tdmr : Come to toronto and have a look at our housing market. We are literally heading in this direction as I watch your video.

This Mothafucka Said : In NYC, they would cost $3,000/month...and there would be a waiting list

Samantha Colindres : Why not just move somewhere else

ʕʘ‿ʘʔHaji84ʕʘ‿ʘʔ : I would freak out if I lived in those cage homes

Vicho Fernandez : Could you please please use meters and centimeters

D Lat : Vox want you to look down at poor Chinese, suggest that China cannot govern properly, and that the sage advice of foreign experts is being ignored. The video should have mentioned Zimmerman is also a HK politician and John Wright is a lawyer. No criticism of those expats is intended -- the anti-Chinese bias of this video is palpable. The final nail in the coffin for this video, is that Eric Wong (Galaxy Stars HK) is designing capsules for travellers. He was inspired by Japan's capsule hotel concept and astronauts, not the housing issue.

Scott G : A classic case of greed before need.

Eugene InLaw : Why would you want to live there at all? Can't you just live nearby in China?

Becky Rode : So that man's solution to the cage house problem is to build newer, cleaner cages with WIFI. Got it

Leo Lawson : Why? Greedy housing developer, Corrupt and incompetent HK Government. Also, the rich/land owner don't want the market to go down. Something is definitely wrong when you see people living in a box!

iGhost : I feel suicidal

Tobita Chow : It's pretty gross that you chose two white men to be the policy experts in this video. Nothing against them, they did fine, but it is not exactly hard to find Asian Hong Kongese who could answer all your questions about this problem

Mia Kate : I live in a short school bus tiny home in the U.S., about 70 square feet, and has/fits everything I need. In my opinion, it isn't necessarily the actual size/square footage of these Hong Kong homes that seems most dismal; It's the lack of sunlight and the fact that these cage houses are all piled on top of one another, whereas my bus-life feels more like living outside. Even if they can't afford anything else, it may not seem so bad if they live life outside, out and about, and only go home to sleep or shower. E.g. Sip coffee and eat breakfast while walking to work. Eat lunch at the park. Study or do homework at a café or the library. Avoid T.V. Free yourself of clutter and adapt minimalism, etc. Certainly won't solve the problem at the core, but could make each day feel brighter.

MsBaileyLayne : Well I won’t complain about my two bedroom In DC anymore

محمد الحاج : الي جاي من عند جو يطج لايك😁😁

ninana143 : On my island the idiots (government) actually SELLS the land, gives them (developers) tax cuts and exempts them from import taxes for 10 years. Whilst we (the people) can RENT the land, pay taxes on it and need to pay all import and sales taxes on supplies to actually develop the land :') #curacao

Jenna Zhang : Here in Houston Texas we have one of the widest highways in the world with 15 lanes called Katy Freeway. It was built mainly to solve traffic issues during rush hour. Ironically, the increased number of lanes did not resolve any problems and it remains highly condensed and traffic-prone. The solution you offer to free up land will yield the same results. I believe the reason HK is so crowded is much more complicated than land restrictions. You’re moving in the right direction, but to pinpoint one culprit for this issue is a bit naive.

DuxFeminaFacti : These people really should just move away, I understand the city, but it can't be worth this.

Honfy Lam : A millionaire couldn't even afford a 3 bedroom apartment.

i love Samsung : مين جاي من جو هههه 😂😂 لايك اذا انتا جيت من فيديو جو حطاب

YOLO SWAG : "Put the interests of the people above the interests of the market" lol, what? The issue isn't the market, the issue is the government. The market will always exist, the issue is government policy constricting land use. Don't blame the rich or developers or entrepreneurs or the market for this issue, the problem is the government, PERIOD.

OmegaTou : This is a demand problem far more than it is a supply problem. The economic opportunity in Hong Kong is so massive that people continue flooding in despite knowing they'll be living in a coffin apartment. Also, many people are either only living in this housing temporarily while they climb the incredibly mobile economic ladder, or they stay in the terrible housing because the lower price increases the amount of money they can send to their family back in the village. Certainly there are people doing the bare minimum to survive, but most of those are due to personal choice. Lastly, I can assure you that the cage apartments are preferable to living in a Soviet Gulag. Capitalism will always be better for everyone than socialism. Socialism ALWAYS ends in starvation and genocide. For an example, see Venezuela.

iam1ina1000000 : Am I the only one that thinks the solution to this is housing crisis is to reduce the out of control population explosion. Consider the population of the planet was 1 billion in 1918 and it is over 8 billion in 2018. (At that rate there will be 16 billion people on the planet in 50 years. It is absolute insanity... this fragile planet cannot continue support so many people!)

dor : This was very well filmed and narrated. I enjoyed it a lot. I used to live in a subdivided unit in HK which is much bigger than caged homes. I couldn't last more than 4 months there, because there were no windows. I became depressed and had heart palpitations every morning. It's fire hazardous and illegal to not have windows, but no one does anything about it. The building I lived in had anyone from college grads, to restaurant owners, to prostitutes and ladies who collect recycled materials. Subdivided units with bathrooms and makeshift kitchens at around 120sqft in the New Territories (considered suburbs - not really) are going over $10k HKD.

The Star Federation : why cant they just build normal apartments at a cheaper price?

Loudrock : This is what Globalists want for the West.

OHxDEER PLAYS : Yeesh the toilets 💩:I am watching ya People:@-@

Joe Sil Silve : من طرف جو حطاب❤

J Nigel : Hong Kong is a perfect example of "Free Market Capitalism". Quality of life is for sale for those who can afford it.

Rendered Useless : Now china bootlegs americas housing costs

Sammy Neff aka ZefSam : Vox is like a more childish short Vice vids

Nothing Special : They look like jail cells. :(

Matt O8 : Supply & Demand! Good prosperous economy + good systems driving poor Chinese commies and worldwide refugees all flooding to HK, similar to NY in the 80s.