Neil Tyson Demonstrates Absurdity of "Flat Earth"

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MostlyIrishCarGuy : I feel bad for Neil having to explain this in 2018

finao o : You can mock us if you want, but there are flat earthers all around the globe.

Dielfon Elletab : The thing about flat earthism is that it is a religion. They've already made up their mind that the Earth is flat and nothing will change it. We've been to space with pictures? - Well I'm not changing my mind about the flat earth, the pictures must be fakes and the astronauts are liars. We've got a live feed from the ISS? - Well I'm not changing my mind... the live feed is CGI We've got live feed from a private company sending a car into space? - Well I'm not changing my mind... Elon Musk is in on it too and he's filmed it underwater to simulate anti-gravity. You can see with your own eyes the Space station, and even with a good telescope you can get an image of it and see the solar panels. - No that must be faked - I'm not going to try to view it myself though; there's no point, I'm sure its faked. How do lunar eclipses work, you've seen those? - I don't know, but I'm not changing my mind... The moon & sun must be a hologram. Surely planes would account for the flat earth in their flight paths? - No they are in on it too, the companies take a longer route to make it look like we are on a flat earth So what about ships whose hulls disappear first over the horizon? - Oh those pictures are doctored. I'm quite sure that they don't do that in reality, so sure in fact that I'm not going to check for myself. Then whats the deal with Antarctica? - Uhh its a military base where the Globalist Government prevents anybody from visiting it; not that I'm going to try to visit it! You can see how the descent into madness occurs. It all starts with a not totally unreasonably premise - the earth is flat (after all from the surface it seems that way). But because this is almost a religiously held belief, no amount of evidence will change a flat earthers mind. If you are a flat earther and you see yourself in what i've described above, just know that it is an unhealthy and irrational mindset when **no amount of evidence** can change your mind.

Minho : I've never met Bill Gates in person. There are photos and videos of him interacting with other people but I've never met him. He must be a fake person. Everyone who says otherwise is lying to me or deluding themselves. Perfect logic.

Colin Moore : If you ever want to know the true meaning of futility, try to reason with a Flat Earther.

Spegot : In a 2D world I bet that there are line Earthers lol

Marvin Ratliff : ok Thanos ..... I'm ready for the snap!!

Carrotslayer X : Show them all the proof you want, all the pictures you want, all the facts you want. They’ll still say that you’re lying or making it up because no matter what, they think you’re wrong and they’re right

Nailah Oliver : The thing is, flat Earthers always say "research it for yourself" or "we live in the age of technology, look up evidence" however, every research against them is somehow false? How do I know they're research is not false?

Whiskey Ratt : Elephant poop does cure cancer. Eat elephant poop for a week and your cancer cells by like "nah I aint messin' wit no elephant doo doo, PEACE"

Rev limits : Flat earthers will say math is a conspiracy.

Darian Ramlochan : I prefer curves rather than flatness

Genius Canyon : Flat Earthers are like MAMA - Make America Morons Again!

Kevin Miller : "Pay attention and think about it" ...that's exactly what Flat Earthers don't do!

PandaSaurus28 : Do flat earthers ever travel on an airplane

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : People don't seriously believe the earth is flat do they? It must be some sort of joke or just trolling.

Ayalas - Notícias & Gameplays : The well and the sea horizon only proved that earth is a STAIRCASE! Get off flatters and rounders.

Estx BotLarry : If the earth is round explain this ____________________ ^ Explain guys

Marty Procter : flatearthers have to appreciate that they are the minority and they generally are not academics, If respected scientists were flateathers we would listen to them but I have met 3 openly flatearthers in my life and although they weren't bad people they were all not well educated people. Of course they would argue it is our education that has prevented us from learning the truth that the earth is flat. if only there was a single emoji that could describe the shape of the earth...... 🌎

paws mcgraws : 4.6k flat earthers watch this 2nd grader-level explanation and still dont understand.

Principal Skinner : What is the incentive about lying about a round earth? Since flat-earthers think there's a huge conspiracy that's been at play for hundreds of years.

nocalsteve : Yes, the Earth must be flat and every single ship captain and navigator who has ever used a sextant must be in on the conspiracy because a sextant would never work on a flat earth.

Ben Makes : What if elephants poop does cure Cancer?

Marsel Music : shame on you flat earthers... now Neil had to explain the "ABCs" of logic to you!

trainradioable : This isn't the school system's fault, at least where I am from. Local churches are teaching this and indoctrinating them early in the flat earth myth. Until a few weeks ago I didn't know this was a thing until it came up in class. The kids angrily defended their position that the earth is flat. This has more to do with adults being so anti-science that they will latch on to anything they can and spreading that to children.

Forflies : This guy needs to be president.

Rennis Tora : It really is beyond ridiculous that people think the Earth is flat while admitting that everything else is round... It stinks of desperation of a group holding on to their belief in the face of blinding fact.

Thomas Weaver : 2025 The moon is a giant spounge

Lou Sensei : Flat Earthers are almost as bad as religitards believing that the universe was created by someone that said one sentence to create our sun 7000 years ago.. even though our star is a young star in a multi-billion year old universe. . Given probability; multi-verse

Big Boss: Best Dad : Free speech + Poor education + America + Threorizing + attention seeking + uneduecited + Lack of *common sense* = flat earther.

先生CherryPepsi : Remember the Flat Earth Society's tweet? "The flat Earth Had members *all around the globe.* They are ignorant asswipes.

blackhatch46 : I wonder what 6th century BC Pythagoras would say seeing this absurdity in 2018.

BlackSheepNara : So tell me flat, is the earth Neil?

ELONGATED MUSKRAT : I’m not convinced the world clearly a bucket how else would it hold water 💦

Petyr Kowalski : Flattards dont want to listen to or understand the laws of physics.

Nick Granville : This is great. I don’t get how anyone can think the earth is flat. Funny too, love the comment about our education system. Ha. 😂

Out and About : I walked round the planet in 2013 and never walked into an ice wall

Fletcher DeMaine : The flat Earth meme is totally dank. Can we have something new please? eg. "Oil is not a finite resource, it gets made underground all the time. They're hiding it from us!"

AdimasCrow : The sad thing is regardless of what evidence you provide to a flat earther or what test you encourage them to do, they'll just twist the surrounding facts and results to support their theory that the earth is flat. Using the Well explanation as an example, they'd argue that the light from the sun doesn't go in a straight line or the Well doesn't go straight up and down. Because in their mind the idea the earth is flat is an irrefutable fact so everything that says otherwise must be wrong.

MrFox1701 : The Earth is a sphere, and we went to the Moon. Get over it.

Do R/C! : Flat earth belief is a global problem.

Ai Quoc Heller : Most Flat Earthers are Christians...go figure! 😂

manifested shadow : ..... we need to stop entertaining this bogus theory...... the fact that this video exsists means that people are entertaining and accepting this weird theory as fact (somehow) im done

dylan storm trooper der : back to the no moon landings

Robert Hsu : Like 90% of people on the internet who say the Earth is flat are trolling.

Scoobydoo75 : Police: sorry sir this parking is only for the handicapped Guy: the earth is flat Police: oh my bad sorry sir

KloudKat Tablesman : And the flat earth community still thinks it's flat.

Will Kelly : Only the most gullible, insecure, and fearful people would believe that nonsense.

Scott Happy : hEllo am a ignoranT fLAt EaRthER yoU LiaR becUZ... uhh. hmm.... wEll i dONt kNow bUT is Big FAKE!!!

T 2 : *Typical Flat Earther Response to this video* FE: All I see is a paid shill telling us the Earth isn't flat because there's video from NASA showing the earth spinning. How can you believe this? You're all just sheep... *is presented with evidence, based on repeatable scientific experiments* FE: All equipment ever made for conducting experiments is based on a globe, therefore it is impossible to use these methods to prove my Flat Earth theory. We also don't have the resources to go to the edge of the flat earth and show the ice wall, and because treaties make it impossible to do so.