Neil Tyson Demonstrates Absurdity of "Flat Earth"

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Rev limits : *Earth is a hotcheeto* #hotcheetoearth

DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG : To top it off after all the science, flat earth doesn't even work aesthetically. Flat earth 'models' aren't models at all, they're just examples of the kind of fantasy art most grow out of in their late teens. Which, in itself, tells you a lot about flat-earthers....

Samuel Maranzano : Put a stick in the ground, and as time goes by, the shadow will change.

Doryun : Most Flat Earthers don't think the other planets and sun are round, they say we are looking at them on their flat side. You know, because they are retarded.

Tango Nevada : I feel so bad for scientist that have to debate this topic again after thousands of years. So much face palming going on.

Breath Stealer : 1.we live in a country that protects free speech 2.we have a failed education system 3.the internet has given the stupid people louder voices and they're just now figuring out how to use it 😳

Wretched Knave : I wont be surprised if 99% of flat earthers are religious nuts who think everything in the Bible is to be taken literally.

Deadpoolio The Amazing : Anyone who dislikes this needs to go back to grade school

jlebrech : "did you just pull that number out of Uranus?"

Check Reality : Neil is a reptilian lizard overlord. NASA is a lie etc etc etc. Da Erf is flat because I cannot conceive the idea of geometry and basic maths. I did not go to college. I am proud to be a flattard. Anyone who says the earth is not flat, is paid by NASA and the dark shadow overlord government. Pigs can fly. Chemtrails etc. It`s so easy to assume anything as truth if you are a complete numb skull.

Communist Party : I believe that the official term for the flat earth conspirators is now flattards.

MrSoundSeeker : The Earth is so flat that I can see soldiers guarding the South Pole right from my window.

yanipheonu : Personally I've been to the other side of the world and seen that the constellations are in different positions. That wouldn't happen on a flat earth. Easily disproven.

Ryan Terry : I like flat Earthers, I once had a low self esteem about being dumb but they make me feel much better

LunarEldritch : actualy the earth is a doughnut 😂

oo0Spyder0oo : I don't think we're seeing a lack of education but rather a cashing in on social media. Most of these so called flat earthers and moon landing disbelievers are creating controversy to generate income on youtube channels etc. The more people get embroiled in arguments and heated discussions on what appears to be idiotic statements, the more revenue is generated for those channels. I think people incite anything that will have you coming back and reigniting debates such as these. Don't support them, just leave them to state their silly claims without an audience.

Marc Bryant : One segment of our population celebrate ignorance.... that's what's happening in America

Tony : Of course, because world governments need to hide from us all the fact earth is flat. What would they gain out of such a load of nonsense?

Nick Granville : This is great. I don’t get how anyone can think the earth is flat. Funny too, love the comment about our education system. Ha. 😂

loose screws2 : Flat Earther girls are easy. because they will believe anything.

GamerSoda : The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe

MythicalPhoenix19 : flat earthers can't even explain why there's a completely different set of stars in the southern hemisphere.

Divine Savage : Whats the difference between nicolaus copernicus and a flat earther?? Nicolaus contributed to science even after death

James Anderson : Here’s why I can’t get into the flat earth theory. Because according to most flat earthers, we also never went to the moon, space is fake, and free masons control everything to name a few. It just leads to so many other conspiracy theories. And out of the thousands and thousands of people that work in government, science and space programs that are supposedly “in on it” not one has come forward saying that it’s all a hoax and the earth is flat. Yeah I’m not buying it

Johnny Williams : Oh behalf of the majority of mankind I'm so sorry you had to make this video. Your time and expertise are much more needed in real science.

Burnzy_Raps : It’s becoming more and more embarrassing to be human on a daily basis now! Guess some people have to feel the need to argue or be separate from the clear truth lol.poor flat earthers 🙁

Sir Caliber : People are freaking idiots

Kevin Fegan : The issue of the shadow of Earth cast on the Moon (lunar eclipse) won't sway the flat-earthers because it is increasingly common for them to believe that the Moon is not real, but rather something like a "Holographic Projection", and the shadow of Earth could be simulated to have whatever shape was desired within the projection of the Moon, by those in charge of the projector. And, yes, they are talking about the THAT Moon projector, the one that has been projecting a simulated image of the Moon for 10's of thousands (millions) of years.

Faares Deeb : 3600 flat earthers down voted this

izolex b : Aparentlly in christopher columbus's day it was common knowlage that the earth was round columbus was actually wrong he thought the earth was a lot smaller than what it was being thousands of miles smaller and missing an entire continent... or something like that im just a middle schooler

dozerking : Flat Earth debunked for the 3 millionth time. Failed education system it is ...

Bruce Strauss : So we have video from space of the spinning, spherical Earth?? So it becomes a Pear on the odd occasion does it??

Unyt : Yea, why are we flat and all the other planets, flat earthers? Something don't round up XD

Bryan Turnbow : I cannot believe there are people that believe the earth is flat. They’ve definitely got some sort of crazy going on.

floooooooooooooooood : What about Pluto Neil? WHAT ABOUT PLUTO!?

Bruce Edwards : BRAINWASHING at its Finest. A spinning ball earth Exists Only in the Vain Imaginations of the Deceived.

Jhonattan Bathory : 3.6k of Flattards don't like this video cause their poor and arrogant minds need to be the center of the universe. You're wrong, flattards you're not special, you're just a minimal particle. Then try to explain in your flat earth model the star trails, the midnight sun, the polar night and the eclipses. You're welcome flattards 😊

The Snail Lord : "The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe." ~ The Flat Earth Society

Lesley Strik : Their hands look so big

Jerzey Boy1995 : For all the people who are flat earth people... I have three questions. 1) Where did you go to high school and college education? 2) What is your Job/Career/profession? 3) How much attention do you need or how loud you need to sound like a sheep to believe in something this madness?

Scott Tomlin : No matter how much supposed evidence flattards say they have, they are so wrong. And when it comes to bible SCRIPTURE, they take the bible out of context to make THIER argument sound good.

bamm86 : The problem is flat earthers literally think the images of planets and all that stuff are fake. B.O.B. goes off in his album “Elements.” B.O.B is a rapper who is unfortunately a flat earther. Smh in One song called “Uncomfortable” he talks during portions of the song and sarcastically makes fun of the fact that we have images of planets that are “millions and trillions of light years away” but somehow we have photos of them. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 That shit is so annoying to listen to because he’s so know-it-all about it. Sucks cuz he’s not necessarily stupid but he is totally stupid at the same time. I know that makes as much sense as “60 percent of the time it works every time” but whatever.

Arturo Reyes Cortez : Science will prevail as long as creative people innovate and make science funny. Flat Earthers are just a bunch of losers with no knowledge of science that like to troll people.

Bob Lewis : And three: you live in a country teeming with religious bigots who genuinely BELIEVE that the King James's bible, a simplification of a translation of a translation of a translation of an amalgamation of STORIES (plural) written by Greeks (plural) some 200 years after the birth of Christ is 100% verbatim, incontrovertible FACT! DOH! I rest my case.

psdstorm : So Flat-earthers thinks that everyone including NASA and the government is lying about the Flat earth. They don't want us to know that earth is flat. I never understood why, Why would they go through all the trouble to fake footages, pictures, and all the other evidence? What would anyone gain from this?

Nate River : The earth could not be stable flat.

AFfen Mann : i want to get a flat earther, set up a glass of water infront of him and start a debate, claiming there is no water or glass. its all a hoax set up by the gov. after that, i will tell him "thats how its feels like arguing with you guys about flat earth". they want a discussion but at the same time, ignore literally every facts thats against their opinion. flat earth is so easy to debunk. go hike a mountain and open your eyes = flat earth debunked.

Do R/C! : Flat earth belief is a global problem.

Macca BoB : if the earth was flat why could i not take a telescope to the coast of UK and see America? i could use the same telescope to see Uranus but no matter where i stand not allow me to see America? or vise versa, why from the coast of america could you not see Everest with a telescope? the worlds biggest mountain? again this telescope lets me see Stauran but I cant see Everest?

Naz Hussain : All around the world, there are millions of people who are so pissed at failing in school that they have to invent ludicrous theories in a shitty attempt to redress the balance and to feel knowledgeable again. Only, filling your head with cow faeces isn't really "knowledge", as such. EDIT: Someone just pointed out that since these people are mentally challenged, they may not realise to whom I'm referring in the first instance. So just in case, flat-Earthers, I'm talking about you. Take care now.