Neil Tyson Demonstrates Absurdity of "Flat Earth"

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Do R/C! : Flat earth belief is a global problem.

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : People don't seriously believe the earth is flat do they? It must be some sort of joke or just trolling.

Arturo Reyes Cortez : Science will prevail as long as creative people innovate and make science funny. Flat Earthers are just a bunch of losers with no knowledge of science that like to troll people.

STAR PLATINUM : 600 AD: Hmm,i'll just put this stick in the ground and i can tell by the shadows that the earth is indeed round. 1300:That boat departing gets farther and farther away,so the earth is indeed spherical 1957:I have to turn this rocket each time i get farther up,so indeed the earth is not flat,oh,i can see the round earth on this satellite camera. 1969:I can see round earth from here on the moon. 2018:The earth is flat because i can jump.

Nick Granville : This is great. I don’t get how anyone can think the earth is flat. Funny too, love the comment about our education system. Ha. 😂

Matt Bergman : Hi, I'm Matt and I've been a flat earth believer for 6 months. Since I started believing the Earth is flat I haven't lost an argument. It's much easier now that I can just label evidence as a lie and a fake. I've also improved my health! I no longer eat my daily bowl of cornflakes and lead chips. I have such mental clarity now! Another bonus is since gravity doesn't exist anymore that means my balls won't sag to my ankles when I'm older!

TheDslide : Meanwhile, Scientists, are still trying to understand why a circular pizza is kept in a square box and eaten in triangles.

Garrett Oliva : Me: If earth is flat then how does day and night work? Flat earther: The sun orbits the earth! Me:....oo kaaaay....but gravity would be allot different with earth being flat. Flat earther: Gravity is a myth Me: OK! I'm about done talking to you. Flat earther: *IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD!!! THE GOVERNMENT IS LYING TO YOU!!!* I'm so alone

Stephen Furlong : Clicked on a video to check comment section.

Luminite : The Earth is obviously triangle.

Cason Jones : Columbus did believe the earth was round. He just thought it was a lot smaller. I mean the whole reason he sailed west was to go around the earth to China.

Princess Fluffybottom : Actually theres three reasons. 1: We live in a country that supports freedom of speech. 2: We live in a country with a failed education system. 3: Trolls.

Joe Holloway : I used to go to flat Earth channels and make fun, but I got chewed out for making fun of the disabled.

C Stew : Where’s the pics of this pear shaped sphere Neil?? None composite ones. Test gravity Neil? Test relativity?

Kevin Fegan : The issue of the shadow of Earth cast on the Moon (lunar eclipse) won't sway the flat-earthers because it is increasingly common for them to believe that the Moon is not real, but rather something like a "Holographic Projection", and the shadow of Earth could be simulated to have whatever shape was desired within the projection of the Moon, by those in charge of the projector. And, yes, they are talking about the THAT Moon projector, the one that has been projecting a simulated image of the Moon for 10's of thousands (millions) of years.

Socco Productions : "We have video from space of the rotating sphericial earth." Debate over! 👏👏👏

Finlay Dobson : It’s hard to win an argument against an intellectual person but it’s impossible to win an argument against an idiot.

alem w. longchar : Good job flat earthlings, never cease to entertain the round earthlings 😂

PMNinjas : I think not only may it be a failure of the education system per se, but given increased reliance on digital media outlets, and exposure to algorithm content bias, may have greatly contributed to the rise in flat earthers. Youtube's algorithm for example is designed to make you stay on the website for as long as possible, so keeps suggesting videos that you may like, even if it means showing flat earth "evidence" videos. Acting as a positive feedback loop, if one were to be interested in a certain conspiracy theory, Youtube would likely suggest more videos that confirm or are of a similar agenda. Reference: I think Neil has definitely caught onto something, but to simply pin the problem of flat earthers to a bad education system is a strawman, and I think rather this may be an effort to push for an agenda, i.e. to provide more funding to the education system (fair enough). Either way, if anyone is interested in the rise in interest of Conspiracy Theories in general, this article is an interesting read. Reference: The question in contention here is not to "disprove" flat earthers, there will always be flat earthers, but why there is an increasing number of flat earthers. And I think Facebook and Youtube (and other social media outlets which use positive feedback algorithms) have something to do with the problem.

Scoobydoo75 : Police: sorry sir this parking is only for the handicapped Guy: the earth is flat Police: oh my bad sorry sir

Oliver Tyler : The earth is obviously penis shaped

Scootaloo : Im in Wisconsin at the moment. And when I look across the lake in a southeastern direction, I can see some of the tallest buildings in Chicago Illinois. When I look at the "Willis Tower" (Sears Tower) or the "John Hancock Center" from Wisconsin here on the shores of Lake Michigan, the lake water appears to be about halfway up the buildings. It's as though the buildings themselves sank into the lake by about 50 stories. If the world is flat, then how do you explain that only the upper half of the buildings are in view? From my vantage point, it's as if the world is round. Hmm... 🤔 ^_~

FujoshiPeanut : Flat Earth people are so stupid. Clearly the Earth is cuboidal. And the moon is self-illuminating AND made out of cheese AND bird poop cures cancer I wrote a paper about it so it's true. Wait... what do you mean by "peer review"?

Metal Head : Earth is thicc

Principal Skinner : What is the incentive about lying about a round earth? Since flat-earthers think there's a huge conspiracy that's been at play for hundreds of years.

Flat Out In Plane Sight : Neil Disgrace tyson returns with more shillstopping BS that doesnt even qualify for a Flat earth debate giving more misinformation, the shadow presented is stupid because the flat earth model shows how the shadow ould be received

(ERROR 404 NAME MISSING) : Earth is a tetrahedron

Matt : Well of they show is pictures and videos that only they can take with special equipment only they can access it must be true. Right??? Even though all amateur balloon and rocket footage used without a wide angle (fish eye) lens shows no curvature whatsoever. We must believe the authority figures because we obviously are incapable of thinking for ourselves and our senses must not be trusted right? And don't go trying to measure the horizon with a string and line level because it's only light refracting off the curve that makes the horizon appear flat. All images of Earth from space show a perfectly spherical earth even though Neil degrasse Tyson himself said the Earth is actually a pear shaped oblate spheroid. They just photoshopped it to appear completely spherical because they have to. Also just because you cannot recreate an example of gravity where an object is attracted to another object and orbits that object because it has greater mass. Don't question NASA. The Earth is obviously a perfectly sherical oblate spheroid. We cannot prove it ourselves we must trust NASA and our government. They would never lie to us.

MetBot Iyasu : *When Life Hits You In The Face So Hard... You End Up A Flattard...* *You Deserved It...*

Jos Leys : The whole flat Earth Idea is dead and buried, just watch this film ( but hardcore flat earthers should not as it may give them a heart attack)

Jonas Mercyland : Try not to laugh Challenge 😂

Ross : Great video, though I hate that he had to make it.

TheStigma : Flat-earthers can't even appreciate these explanations because they lack the understanding of the underlying basics. It's no use trying to prove the earth is a spheroid by way the consequences of orbital mechanics because they will deny orbital mechanics function as we currently understand them. Hell I've even seen some of them deny that gravity (as we know it) exists. These people don't need an explanation. They need a re-do of their middle and high-school math/science classes.

Jay0321 : That's cool... the problem is that there are morons out there that believe the moon is a projection.

o0Avalon0o : Great video! I didn't even notice 9 minutes had already passed.

exactinmidget92 : my argument is like this. if the earth is flat, then why is Australia upside down?

Jarpreet Singh : The earth has to be round because my life has been going downhill

marvin martin : I saw a parking inspector hovering around this car in the handicap spot. Looking a little confused. “Sup” I said on my way past. “I’m lost”. He replies. I offer to give him directions. He declines with a shake of his head. “Na not that sort of lost”. While he scratched his head. Then adds “ I should give this guy a ticket, but read that sticker”. On closer look it says. “Earth is flat. Research it!” You understand his confusion?

Mathew : Why we still have to talk about this?? *Earth is not flat.*

Patrick Todd : People actually think the moon is self illuminating and the light that it gives off is actually cold.

mosquitobight : "Something doesn't square" lol

bojan starcevic : Somewhere out there on this Earth lives one SICKEST TROLL EVER!!! Somehow started this shit all over again and he is laughing his balls out wright now.. ALL HAIL THE TROLL!

Syogren : It also means we live in a country full of edgy teenagers who just want to say things contrary to common knowledge, and don't care why it's common knowledge in the first place.

Hoyt Volker : The problem with them is, they're ignorant, but instead of educating themselves, they decide to, instead, surround themselves with like minded people, constantly reading/watching BIASED explanations FOR a flat earth instead of unbiased, mutual discussions and research. They have their mind made up from day 1 and REFUSE to listen or even look into why it CAN'T be flat.

Reverbious : there are flat earthers all around the world.

Prakash : Wait,Are there people who still think earth is flat???

Daniel Benitez : I feel bad that Neil actually has to waste his time to explain this. Sorry Neil :3

Zach Zedstar : Simple, the earth is a *Cube*

Just a guy on YouTube : *Loads rifle and preps armor* we're going into the comments section of this one, prep up boys

Nirmal Padwal : As of 2 hours after this video was uploaded, 5 flat earthers have watched this.