Neil Tyson Demonstrates Absurdity of "Flat Earth"

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MostlyIrishCarGuy : I feel bad for Neil having to explain this in 2018

Adrian garcia : Winning an argument against an intelligent person is difficult. Winning an argument against an ignorant and cocky person is impossible.

EddY : Arguing with a flat-earther is like playing chess with a pigeon. Doesnt matter how good you play. At the end of the day it will flip all figures and shit on the table.

kaShootMe : me: *looks through comments for a flat earther to argue with*

Luke Skywalker : Can we just launch flateathers in space without any suit and life support so that the last thing they see is a globe.

Spegot : In a 2D world I bet that there are line Earthers lol

AzazelTheOne : Neil’s second reason for the rise of flat earthers is the most accurate in my opinion. The American education system is pitiful and doesn’t make you smart , school today is about passing and getting by. It’s a job that you get no money from.

Mister Steve : Wow, the comments section is incredible. It seems like these flat earthers are happy to believe something there is literally no hard evidence of but not what there IS hard evidence of. My guess is that they are so unhappy in their own lives they HAVE to believe there is a bigger conspiracy going on so they don't have to look inward (where the real issues are). Shame there are so many unhappy/deluded people in the world.

Rin Okumura : Flat earther are also flat brainers.

Yadiel Ortiz : I'd rather have no brain than have a flat earther's

Rev limits : Flat earthers will say math is a conspiracy.

Slime Productionz : If the earth is flat, then why haven’t god’s dog caught it yet?

Heather Watson : There are a couple of problems in speaking with both the flat-earthers and the manned lunar landing deniers. One problem is that all data is proclaimed wrong for some reason. It might be wrong because it is a product of flawed computations and conclusions or it might be deliberately wrong because it is part of the conspiracy. Another problem is that all photos and videos are declared fake. If the hoax and/or conspiracy requires many (perhaps thousands) of accomplices, it is proclaimed that they have been paid to remain silent. In short; rational, objective discussions are literally not possible.

Octo Paranha : It's sad that we need so many videos explaining this to them.

CiferTheDon : Is there anything more ignorant than a person who believes the earth is flat lol

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : People don't seriously believe the earth is flat do they? It must be some sort of joke or just trolling.

Aashika _ : Government: *find a cure for cancer* nah!! Government: *get rid of poverty* pfft Government *spend all money and making people think the earth is round* hell yeah! Government *make people believe Australia is real but they’re just a bunch of actors* why the f*** not! So for those who do believe that the earth is flat and Australia isn’t real explain why the government would try and “fool” us when there are more critical thing and more important things to focus on.

LE6ION : It would be so depressing living on a flat planet. its always day time, droughts everywhere, all the water is gone, heat waves, and there would be nothing but destruction, and people fighting for water and shelter.

Lee Odysseus Psarros : SUN O Round. Mercury O Round. Venus O Round. Earth -- Flat?? Moon O Round. Mars O Round: Jupiter O Round. Saturn O Round. Neptune O Round. Planets in the Universe O Round. There is something odd out of place in this list? UMmm i am trying to think what it might be???

Andrius : lol 5,5K dislikes, you know what that mean... :D 5,5K dislikes = 5,5K Flatearthers :D

Principal Skinner : What is the incentive about lying about a round earth? Since flat-earthers think there's a huge conspiracy that's been at play for hundreds of years.

ashish sharma : Government should pay for space missions to send flat earthers of their countries and see for themselves, and then die in space coz there will be no food and resources and oxygen planned to deplete shortly. Proof and then DEATH is what these morons deserve.

Bryan Calhoun : There's a common term in science it's called "the scientific method". Which is testable repeatable observable Evidence... That either rpoves or disproves a "THEORY" and a "THEORY" is a scientific Guess based upon a "HYPOTHESIS " which is a culmination of things that are true. And so there is a speculation or "SCIENTIFIC GUESS". That this must be truth but let's be sure! Let's TEST IT AND OBSERVE IT and then REPEAT THAT TEST! Under similar circumstances with same or very very very similar results. Within 99.999% accuracy... Each time! That's when it becomes scientific FACT!!!!

WizzyWizzWizz : Neil Tyson is, in my opinion, one of the most respected scientists of our time, and i can't help but sigh watching this video, that he has spent nearly 9 minutes of his time and effort to demonstrate the earth is not flat. I champion freedom of speech, but in this case the freedom to ignore should have been utilised. The more you entertain or argue back an ignorant, backward, flat earth standpoint. The cause for argument and waste of oxygen you give them. If after 2,000 plus years of religious supression of the sciences we have not moved beyond, 'the earth is not a sphere' i fear for the human race. If we could peak into the future, i am sure there will be similiar debates like, 'Gravity the biggest hoax in human history', to come... I implore... rational human beings to just smile at the flat earth cult, and say nothing. Naturally selection will get the better of them eventually. :)

violet goodman : The annoying thing about conspiracy theorists is they believe every single thing they read or watch. They think they are liberated and everyone else is brainwashed, when in fact they are brainwashed because they can't think for themselves. If a theory is on the internet and goes against what we've been taught our whole lives, then it must be true to them. It's really sad. Not everything is a damn conspiracy.

Forflies : This guy needs to be president.

Traugott Müller : Flat Earthers launch their own helium balloons, see the curve on their videos and be like "oh my, how flat earth is." Conclusion: They have some sort of visual defect that prevents them from seeing curvatures.

IDNeon357 : We can clearly see two poles as the stars rotate in the sky, each pole rotating in opposite directions. NOT POSSIBLE on a flat earth. NOT POSSIBLE. Demonstrate how you can see two oppositely rotating poles from one side of a disk.

Bryan Calhoun : I'm amazed that in 2019 we're still debating Globes.. or Flat.... When u go to buy a globe... It's not a table... Anyways. We have satellites who CIRCUMVENT the earth Every day!!?!! We also have PHOTOS... VIDEOS... ETC... ETC...ETC....!!!!! SCIENCE PROVES. SPHERES.! we're still Debating this Nonsense??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Sybille Stahl : My son in law wants people to think he’s a flat earther, though he’s really not. He just wants to troll people. I wonder how many self-proclaimed flat earthers are the same.

Sli Minski : Gotta laugh at the flat brain society.

Eternantium : It's impossible to reallly debate with flat earthers because they are really at the end of the day conspiracy theorists, they will come up with some conspiracy explanation for all of your scientifically proven points and will explain to you their made up version of how the earth works in order to "confirm" the earth is flat. That said, they give me tons of laughs in my otherwise depressing life so I tolerate their existence.

Xeno Bardock : If only Neil Tyson knew, that Solid Earth theory taught in school textbooks is just as absurd as Flat Earth theory.

Musicman928 : Imagine working your entire life, studying the cosmos, and all people do with your knowledge is prove to other people that will never be convinced otherwise, that the earth is, in fact, round...

Ariq Abdul Aziz : Psalms 19 : 1 Thats what written on nasa's greatest engineer tombstone Research it then you know what im talking about

Nick Granville : This is great. I don’t get how anyone can think the earth is flat. Funny too, love the comment about our education system. Ha. 😂

MTF Sergeant : Damn the Comment Section is Cancerous.

kabilan : I am a hexagon earther

Chakrit Charoensuwankiri : I love to fight with flat earthers!!

skrullx gaming 0120 : Honestly, I almost feel sorry for the people who thinks the earth is flat. Almost.

Do R/C! : Flat earth belief is a global problem.

SirBilliam : What Neil said about our education system is true. We need to teach critical thinking so that people can use information that they gathered to make their own informed decisions, rather than just teaching them facts.

Mr Random : But but but neil said the earth is pear shape? 🤯🤯🤯 what is real

rodolfo cesar Izquierdo : Niel for department of education!

muhammad yaseen : there is no earth, we are living inside a computer chip.

先生CherryPepsi : Remember the Flat Earth Society's tweet? "The flat Earth Had members *all around the globe.* They are ignorant asswipes.

Tot tota : There are absolutely no words whatsoever, that are even remotely powerful enough to even begin to describe the unfathomable, utterly intelligence-insulting stupidity of flat earthers.

TheAscendedConscious : Neil deGrasse, personal theoretical astrophysicist, celebrity actor. Ask real astrophysicists, not personal theoretical, about his credibility. Yes, the educational system has failed us, and what does the "failed" educational system teach? Fallacy. So in Shill deGrasse words, you need to be trained or indoctrinated how to think and what to think, because you just don't know how to. That should be taken as an insult to your personal mental capacity and capabilities. He's slick calling you dumb. Never mind logic and scientific method, their force fed theories have no room for logical inquiries from logical thinkers. Rather, don't use your common sense, as if it even exists these days, thanks in part to our "failed" educational system, and deny your senses. And what is scientific law? They say jump, you say how high. Marionettes dancing to whatever tune the puppeteer plays. There's a good puppet. You wasn't born with strings, so why do you refuse to cut them? Oh, because then there wouldn't be anybody to tell you how or what to think. Why throw stones at someone who cares enough to give you scissors to set you free? Maybe, that's how and what society has been "trained" to do. I feel bad for people who insists on being trapped in their own mental enslavement, and find comfort in the illusion of indoctrination. No room for critical, self thinking. Training is for animals who don't know any better, but only know the tricks of their master. We are human, and need no master. Everything we need is within ourselves if we just open our mind to access it. Born masters of self. It's only Idiocracy if you allow it to be, but I refuse. (The worst thing to do is call somebody crazy, it's dismissive. I don't understand this person, so they're crazy. That's bs. These people are not crazy, they're strong people. Maybe the environment is a little sick. -Dave Chappelle)

Jason Smith : Two other flat earth theories I will debunk: "If the Earth is spinning so fast, why aren't we spun off it by centrifugal force?" Reason: your linear speed at the equator is fast, in reality your only spinning at a rate of 1 revolution every 24 hours. "If the earth is not spinning that fast then why is it slightly oval?" Reason: the moon applies a weak force on the earth but over a very very large area. Additional: "You can only observations but that doesn't prove anything." My response: Then using the most plausible explanation that isn't "government cover" up explain: Why do ships disappear from the bottom up when they sail away. When the sun is overhead in one place casting an overhead shadow, why do the angles of the shadows in two over places 20 & 40 km away make the sun appear to be at 2 different altitudes. Why is the distance to the horizon at sea level so small yet the earth is so big? Why when I send a HF radio frequency east can I hear it on a receiver pointing west with a delay that almost is equal to the time it takes for light to travel the circumference of the earth?(HF radio signals can bounce of the ionosphere on to the surface and back up again that's why the delay is slightly longer.)

David Ulrich : The only way three people can keep a secret is if two of them are dead. How do Flat Earthers think tens of thousands would keep a secret like this? Not ONE would come forward and make millions??? Think, McFly...think.