Natascha Nikeprelevic ENCORE Overtone Aria: Towards the Light

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Natascha Nikeprelevic : hi mari sum, when I did this particular performance "Overtone Aria" I was practising already for twelve years. But my first performance ever was a full evening radio play for the german radio berlin (DuO - for two voices acapella) and I practised for that nearly one year. When I had mastered this challenge it went on much easier afterwards... . And yes of course: by practising you`ll get deeper and deeper inside matter and learn more about your voice and yourself. So keep on going this path. Its a wonderful one. you can listen to this first performance on live stream. check it out on my website. Best Natascha

Istvan Sky : Hello Natascha, Lets make the beautiful singing collaboration.... from the heart love Istvan my email,

TerryFGM : shes calling the mothership.

Xistove : Mmmmeeeeemeeeeme meme.

L as in L : Me-Moo-Me-Mur-Moo!!!

Lucas Chiang : Love!!!

XenaAmazon : She sounds like Lisa Gerrard.

Saeyka K : I don't know why but your music or the sounds you make has 'other worldly' feeling to it, it doesn't feel earthly, calling it beautiful would be injustice to your talent, its beyond way way beyond amazing!!

Upgrade Journey : Reminds me of the chanting in Oddworld Abe's Odyssey

josephgetter : Beautiful voice and performance! I have been showing this to my music classes to demonstrate the musical-acoustic phenomenon of overtones.

Paul Dilley : I have to say this absolutely stunning. I just love hearing the harmonics of the base and overtone.

Oriana Sugarlights : Every hair on my whole body stood up! I could feel the notes resonating in my being! Thank you.

Anderson F Pinto : Você é espetacular! Incrível!

Marty Snitkin : Amazing, beautiful and wonderful.

kunchu : It's awesome ... Its take me another world..

Theron Heideman : I'd have to see you perform it in person for me to believe it. That is a wood flute of some kind. I simply do not believe this is possible and would have to see it in person to be convinced. No amount of comments or videos could change that. If you really are doing this then take this as the highest possible compliment when I say. "I don't believe it"

Winton White : Was the slowly lowering of the fundamental pitch intentional?

Suzanne Lerner : Natascha Nikeprelevic i AM grateful beyond words so hear the song that my heart is singing as your Spirit is taking wing*ing Love, Gratitude & Thanks Giving! ~Suzanne Improvisation Lerner

heroness : just beautifully awesome.. thankyou~

Yolanda : W"ow Thank you <3

Krishna Deep : This is very soulful. Bless you divine one.

H Ting : An amzing overtone singer. This means that she can manipulate the resonances created as air travels from the lungs, past the vocal folds, and out of the lips to produce a multiple-notes melody! 🙌🏼

Aeneas Dardanos : Are your hand movements choreographed or spontaneous Natascha? They are mesmerising!

yobrojoost : I've been singing overtones for some time now and find that it very easily puts me in a kind of trance, it's like a meditation. Hearing Natasha sing such beautifully clear overtones is very inspiring! Subscribed!

Jadograd : it just sounds like shes whistling and singing

Ian Martinez : sounds like she mastered whistling and humming at the same time.

Wallace Moura : I do not believe a human can do this. My opinion: it's fake.

Arthur Parente : It reminds me Diva Plavalaguna's performance from Fifth Element movie.

Shawn s : u r the next generation of sound through music. be careful cause the record industry, Hollywood and some governments will try to exploit you. your awesome. keep making videos. awolnation and you should hook up

Pete Hamilton : Powerful, poignant, perfect pitch, perfectly pleasing..A wonderful, warm, windsong!! A vital Valentine for us today! Thanks so much, <<>>Pete+Sandi+JasmineJade:)

diceshadow14 : one is a whistle

mightysmeagol : Wow & holy moly Natascha, beautifull :)

Franco FrancoFranco : Hipnotic...!

Sebastian Bolt : Does she invoke heavenly beings ,I think so ,the vibration is is incredible from her very bella.

Jocelyn Oriana : after search a lot of overtone singers this is the first singer that really do this so well(in my opinion)...

Riley Begeman : Amazing!

Lizz85257 : I've never heard anything like this before... it is otherworldly...

Margo Evitts : Truly Divine talent.

Maika Kai : Overtone singing? Isn't it just called lip syncing .She is lip syncing one of Jim coles songs ..sounds beautiful just wish she wasn't over toning someone else's songs though.

Valentin Shkandybin : Потрясающе!

Ann Onymous : This is amazing. YOU are amazing!

Peregrine Kipling : Extraordinary. The first time I watched it I didn't quite understand what was happening, then I read about polyphonic singing and I think this is the greatest example of it ever!

Glenda Fields : She utterly amazes me!

chistobal gimeno : Wow where can I learn this technique in UK anybody knows?

Christopher Ellis : Nataša Nikeprelević

happyjew : can a girl moan in overtone ?

whatever : It is funny that I hear a 3rd voice. There is one kind of residual vibrating sound on the background while she sings. This sound fades out one second when the voice stops. Is this from her as well? Nice job! :)

Rogerio Akamine : So you can sing while meditating xD

Len Mendel : RIDICULOUS!

MrTruth111 : I think this will attract a lot of cows.