Rap God but every word is a Google image
Rap God but every word is a Google image

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Destiny Cashimir : *Oxygen has left the chat* Lungs: Am i a joke to you? Edit: Thx for the 1.9k😘

Bimbim Gaming : Eminem: Rap God Usain Bolt: Lap God Mom: Slap God Thanos: Snap God Dora: Map God Me: Nap God

Angel Dust : Black hole: Im the strongest thing in the universe Eminem's lungs: Hold my oxygen

zZaFe_Kat : Category: Education Of course YouTube 👍

Radian : *Made 3 months ago* YouTube: *_LeTs ReCcOmEnD ThIs To EvErYoNe....._*

Thi M. : 5:04 my man really just did that pic to go with virgins im dead

Ceyhun Veysel Çevik Ceyhun : I showed this to my bird... Nothing changed he is still a bird and I love them lol P.S: Thanks for the likes! I have never had this much likes before. Edit 2: No. We're not reaching 500 likes. NO. Never. You can't like a comment that makes no sense.

Salvacion Buaron : Eminem: Rap God This guy: Google Image God Xd Wow! 70+ likes in 3 days. Kewl!

Sebastian Ziąbrowski : make rap god but every word is google translate :D

trashydashy : 4:26 No need to thank me.

c0sm1cst0rm : Lmao when Eminem said virgins it showed a picture of Fortnite streamers

Shine Gaming : So when are you gonna breath in the song? Eminem: No

The Neilster : 4:25 + playback speed 2x = MINIGUN TIME

Harsha Guttikonda : Does this help anyone understand the lyrics since em raps so fast😅

Blor's Imaginations : Eminem: I am the Rap God Google:Hold my images

Антон Михайлов : Nobody said that, but... *EPILEPSY WARNING* EDIT: OMFG THANKS FOR 61 LIKES!!!

Mr STUPID : After searching this all images Google : what do you want?

The Observer : Notice: No copyright has been violated in the making of this video.

some wolf lol : 1:59 *so,this is not age registed?*

Elite Ammo : I wonder what his google history was after making this

italy the kitaly : 3:07 also that could have been a very different image

Tech Boys : Difficult question in world ? How many images does this have

Imam Yuda Pratama : Ready to 4:23 guys :) Dont forget to Like :)

Murky Cricket : 2000's: Light is faster than sound 2018: Rap God is faster than Google Images 2019: Youtube Recommendation is faster than trendy clickbaits

Mavodeli : I love that google found the car salesman for “slap“

Yuan Zakari : When you are too lazy to rap Image god

Lucarouro c: : this video has 1,560 copyright claims

YOUR MOM IS GAY : Gay looking boy what you say looking boy (James Charles joins the chat) (Listens to lyrics) James: am I a joke to you? (Leaves chat)

Funtime Freddo Gaming : This must of took HOURS to do. So i give like to ur vid.

XxAJWgamerxX : Now I can understand what he’s saying

Falldown Gaming : I Confused... When i look ur vids Hospital: I'm go to your home .

Development Gaming : Deaf humans: *oh, I rly want to listen to this song* This channel: *I can help you*

Mouldy bread : Me:Did you do it? Vanthex: YEs Me:What did it cost? Vanthex: 1 terabyte

IJM :u : I can’t even read properly a paragraph aloud on school.

HoldingNoLzone1 : Welcome to another episode of WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED

CoolBoy2345 : Einstein : Nothing is faster than light. Google pop up images : Hold my beer.

Clever Idiot : Who came here just for the fast part?

Choclote gatcha Milk : Not gonna lie who else thought of murda on my mind when he said a.k 47 mack 11 glock 2 9 ?

OC : Science teacher: the tounge has limits Eminem tounge: hold my beer

DapperPlayz : I think your PC or laptop is now full storage...

heartbroken : I like how when Em said "virgin" this guy used Ninja, Myth and Ali-A as the picture xD Can't agree more

Bived GT : 4:25 *Video Editor: Can Stop? PLEASEEEEEE*

Hotrodgameing ps4 : At 4:26 I think I had a stroke

CONTENT : Here ya go 4:22 It cost *Nothing* *because nothing in this world ever matters*

Freak // Plays : 4:25 is the reason why you're here Thank me by clicking this I V

Mariel Ríos : I finally understood what this song says after all these years, yeiiii 4:26 (almost)

Daniela Calunniato : What even.. ... I think.. you just got a new subscriber..

ItzCookie 101 かわいい!! : 4:23 crazy speedy part thingy don’t thank me and don’t blow up my notifications

wafiy : Even that picture is still slow.