Rap God but every word is a Google image

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Flamingo's son : I love these videos,they are funny af!

londyn o : This looks like a nightmare to make

Ebyan Barre : 4:26 No need to thank me.

onge gojek MOTOVLOG : EPILEPSY here i comes...

Ronin Smith : Love these videos can you do the same thing with "The Nights" by Avicii

Psycho Karma : 4:24 Lyrics going faster than my abilities to make “great” choices

Harkonar : The hero we didn't need but the Pic God we deserve

SpriteMakesVids : All hero's where capes

No Colour : 4:26 *intense speed* maybe play it at x2 speed

Flunkass : Edit God

Rakha Razaqa : Do gucci gang

Mechew Barb : 4:35 XD

Saucyy : -Nugget-

wise koolguykai : Amazing

Danda Panda : I thought you have 100 000+ subs lol You deserve more

Cyclone : nice im here before like 10 views

《 KolD_SouL_CTI 》 : First.

DBGuy9000 : 4:26

They Just Want Your Money : Faster than my Internet, while searching on Google Images

I’m out Of ideas : I don’t have epilepsy but this video gave me epileptic seizures Wait that isn’t funny

Lexus : So underrated video :(

Noza Salsabila : I'm impressed

Jeff Immortal : in like 2015 i had the idea to do this but never got around to it, godbless you good sir

joao lucas guimaraes santos : 4:26 HOW

Saucyy : 👏 cheeks

hacks,crafts and vlogs : wow..

Saucyy : No

Saucyy : No

Saucyy : No

Saucyy : No

Saucyy : No

Saucyy : No

Elizabeth Black : 4:26 gave me epilepsy

Tovarich Stalin : Hurts my soul

Reed Kelly : I put playback speed on ×2.0........


Rap Heaven : Very impressive. I bet this took forever to make :)

Akillezzz : 4:15 You're Welcome


DBGuy9000 : im here

Lan007 : Google image god

Leon Valves : Ninja myth and Alah-A

Papa Jon : 4:26 epilepsy warning

Mingzi Mig : Watching this video simulates a person being epileptic. This is what they’ve seen. Don’t play rap god to them.

Agu Renteria : No wonder this song doesent have lyrics The youtube servers would overload

Carinha ._. : ASDASDASDASD

FLFI : How much time maaan

AtDiT : Vanthex best youtuber

Star butterfly : This should have more likes

i eat toast : Everybody likes to root for a nuisance