Surfer Interview
Surfer Interview

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Surfer gets interviewed on the news.


jack flowers : when I try to talk to my crush 😂

tyler david : I wonder if this guy has any idea how many times I and several hundred other random people have watched video over and over and over the past couple years

Adam Baranyai : "oh brah it's just like dude you get the best barrels ever dude it's just like you pull in and you just get spit right out of 'em and you just drop in and you jus' smack lip WAPAAH y'drop down s'na BAAAAAH and then after that you just drop in just ride the barrel and get pitted so pitted like that."

STiP0 : you just get pitted, so pitted

Daniel Rosenberg : The California is strong in this one.

Simple Sonata : What does it for me is where he interrupts his own sentence with a sound effect. And sn-bwaaaaaah. Loves his craft man.

Andrew Ward : at first I thought this bloke was an idiot..then I think no..he's full of life..seems innocent really like a child..I absolutely love him....

rum ham : We should have a national Get Pitted Day

kieran testa : this is what michael bay sounds like when he's describing one of his movies to a producer

Quarker : This man is an orator for the ages; a courageous, well-spoken young lad, truly passionate about his water-faring sports. We will never see another like him in our lifetime.

Theodor Nguyen : This guy is a total Stoner

Max Brunt : WHAPA

Efraín Ram : When I imagine a Californian, this is what I think of. I can't help it

Derrick Brantley : I couldn't say how many time my friend and I got in trouble for playing this in class

sovand : still pitted

William Bruce : Idk why but I feel like I could listen to him talk all day lol

Awfulmasterhat : He Bro

Coldacre : this guy should be President!

Jeff george : that is the definition of happiness

SilentTree : this guy is my hero

grao de bico : KWOPPAAAAH

Otto Beumelburg : Fox News in a nutshell. So pitted.

Casey Hodge : the kind of guy you'd have a beer n a yarn with. what a lad

daveslyk : This guy, I like him.

David Coffman : haha is this how the rest of you think of us Californians?

Karlis Liepa : this surfer is so awesomely enthusiastic about his hobby, too bad not many people can find joy in doing something on their free/job time also I recommend checking melodysheep's remix of this, you will get the vibe how this dude sees surfing :)


Thisisnotalex : When my teacher looks at my essay about surfing

Larah McKay : I love this guy!  "So pitted...."

Michal Micic : only surfer knows the feeling.. haha

liamjonassonlj : when you high af and tryna tell a story

JC Denton : he really sounds like someone from SNls "Californians" sketch. damn!

kaudogg : best interview ever!!!!!!!!

DancingFalcons : He's so pumped! He still riding the crest of an adrenaline high!

MoonAir N : Thanks Arin.

Damninal : Game Grumps never disappoint

jason perez : Is this Jeff Spicoli?

DJ1Jesus : oh brahh, it's just like, dude you get the best barrels ever dude, s'just like you pull in, n you just get spit right out of them, n you just drop in, jus, smack the lip, wa pah! drop down, s'baahh, then after that, jus drop in, js ride the barrel n get pitted, so pitted, like that                   i copied this from someone called Kees but I just want it to be visible for everyone

saralyn2586444 : GET PITTED LOL 👌👏✊👊

Bajada Armendariz : Oh mine, I used to speak like that,

Aaron Flippo : This is what I hear when Beto talks.

tomatobros : santaaaPaaaw 0:16

The Substitute Gamers : WABANG! SABAAAAHHH! I can't stop watching this. I need an adult. 😂😂😂

painless4415 : I love his stoke!! It's fun to see someone get this excited, I'd smack the lip and get pitted with him any day!

Aefwa Efwe : Lol, A lot of MX riders talk like this. I think it's rad ! They're always the nicest people.

Maria S : You CANNOT watch this only once. 

Mason Kline : ...this is science !

Sophie B. : aa…AHAHAHAHAHA This guy was high AFFF!!! I can't stop watching this now XDDDD

Élisabeth Sirois : he would still make a better president than donald trump