Sea-level rise
Sea level rise

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Although it may not be immediately obvious when we visit the beach, sea-level rise is affecting coastlines all over the world. For low-lying countries such as the Netherlands, sea-level rise and tidal surges are a constant threat. Our oceans are rising as a consequence of climate change. As the temperature of seawater increases it expands and the ice melting from ice sheets and glaciers adds more water to the global ocean. We know this because satellites high above our heads measure the temperature of the sea surface and of our changing ice. While the global averaged trend is towards rising levels, there are many regional differences so that in some places it is rising and in other places it is falling. Satellites carrying altimeter instruments systematically measure the height of the sea surface so that sea-level rise can be closely monitored. Altimetry measurements over the last 25 years show that on average sea-level is rising about 3 mm a year and this rise is accelerating. ★ Subscribe: Check out our full video catalog: Follow ESA on Twitter: On Facebook: On Instagram: On Flickr: ESA is Europe's gateway to space. Our mission is to shape the development of Europe's space capability and ensure that investment in space continues to deliver benefits to the citizens of Europe and the world. Check out to get up to speed on everything space related. Copyright information about our videos is available here:


Jungle Jargon : Deforestation causes sea level rise. Plant trees.

oma huppiedos : In the Netherlands we have been fighting the water for centuries. But the sea rise will have many consequences worldwide.

Young Tang : Yay! Kelsea is back! Yay!😀

André Diniz : Just a side note for those who may wonder, like I did: water's thermal expansion coefficient is positive above 4ºC, so it expands when rising in temperature from that spot; below 4ºC, it contracts on heating.

Alien : Thanks, Kelsea, for another awesome update.

LeonidasSthlm : Great video. It's nice to see intelligent people plan far ahead into the future.

Marion S. O. : Thank you very much! It's so beautiful... Ich Habs geschafft! Zum ersten Mal stehe ich wirklich zu mir

M R : After few year may be it will rise exponentially.

Michael Berthelsen : Hi Kelsea! Nice to see you again, although the other host was/is nice too!😊 And glad to see work progressing even without NASA and US researchers... Too bad they can't join in the efforts anymore. Hopefully they will be able to soon enough!😉

J R_cosmicdustofficial : Stop burning fossil fuels stop cutting trees down, go nuclear. All easier said than done.

gigaboat : Humans are changing the Environment . Environmental Change causes climate change.

i a : Plant NATIVE trees from your region, know the ecosystem and help it as you can.

Paul C Johnson : NO BACKGROUND MUSIC; HUMAN VOICE IS ALL WE NEED. Your agency is very important to the world; why must you consider ESA production a theater ?????

Bob Bender : IV heard about this on the radio

Jeff Moore : Most interesting is the California Beaches and Florida outer coast's Beaches.

Profezor Snayp : Oh Kelsea...It's good to sea you again.

olbeast : There is no proof of sea level rise.Should be seeing land disappear by now.

Ismi Gómez Laz : ESA vídeos traduction espanis plece!!!

Sunny Sun : misleading graph

The All Sports Channel : Great video as usual.

Sithija Kalpana : Great, she is back. Way better than Physics Girl

Julaybeeb الله : Hunger Games brought me here

Alberto Muñoz : Podría ser en español

Healthy World : Animal agriculture is the 2nd largest contributor to human-made greenhouse gas emissions ( methane gas) after fossil fuels and is a leading cause of deforestation, water and air pollution, melting glaciers and biodiversity loss. Please watch award-winning 2018 film " Dominion " by aussie farms on YouTube for free.

The B1 66-ER : 30 cm in a 100 years :D There are places on earth where it rises 12m in a day at high tide! Stop panicking!

Awesome Algodoo : One day, when it was me and my family's first time in my Uncle's Second Home (it is a flat), I looked outside the window and had seen a lake. At that time, the Forest we see from the building was not flooded. BUT, the day this comment was posted (Friday 7th December Gulf Standard Time), The Forest flooded and I realized it became some kind of river. I did not see any Deforestation, and the Lake is just sorrounded by land. That inspired me to write this comment!

stuart large : B.S. NOAA tides and currents says 1.7-1.8 mm per year, quote "The graphs give an indication of the differing rates of vertical land motion, given that the absolute global sea level rise is believed to be 1.7-1.8 millimeters/year."

SWAYAM G. : Why doesn't watrer freeze again😠😠😠

SandCrabNews : Sea Level rises 4 inches in 100 years and this is cause for humans to panic? What is being done to reduce coastal erosion? In my 64 years, I have seen significant coastal erosion in Southern California and no actions by the California Coastal Commission to reduce erosion compared to what Japan does.

Shiny Promises : bad science. the cause of warming has not been proven to be human activity. but a great plug for future funding! $$$$$$$$$$

Snodge Snoodle : install refrigerators at the poles to keep it frozen.

courtney fish : Do you actually think that banks(the funders of the climate scam) would lend money to buy property on the world's coastlines if they were to disappear by 2025? Let that sink in because it is quite something.

hazze fahlen : How tf does the sea-level rise when we are drinking water?

Slikx666 : So to help stop rising sea levels we should start with the big things. All countries must stop burning fossil fuels! All countries must use wind turbines and solar power. But how much energy is produced by fossil fuels and can the renewable power keep up? And how much pollution is made to make wind turbines and solar panels? The best way is to have better and safer nuclear power.

Jean Bonnefoy : not sure Donald Trump and his minions (and not talking of FEs, another whole bunch of lunatics) will watch (and understand) this video...! :-((