C-17 flying between buildings !

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jackfrags : I have nightmares like this sometimes.

allison hwang : Don't worry those are just Koreans picking up Batman.

TheTalkoon : Don't bother watching until the end.

jeremycrickard30 : This is a Royal Australian Air Force Boeing C-17, it was taking part in the Brisbane Riverfire Festival. Theses pilots have countless hours flying these planes, and guaranteed this was cleared wth the highest of powers, and I’m sure there was proper warning given to residents before any of this went down. Anyone labelling this as “9/11 stuff” needs to give their heads a shake

Drooskeedoo : GtaV realism mods are crazy good

Jakub Racek : CaptainDisillusion we require your service

TURPX : Hahahaha yeah lets risk tens of thousands of lives for a publicity stunt, genius

JarAxe : This is so surreal to watch...

backup41 : Test run

alexjohnward : That is cool, I once got burned by the afterburner on an F1-11 on a Gold coast skyscaper, crazy Aussies!

Smedley Butler : lol why?

Steven Lucero : 1:17

Gnomes VFX : 👳‍♂️👳‍♂️👳‍♂️✈

Chris Stone ES : Hi, did you film this video? I'm with the Evening Standard in London. May we use on our platforms with credit to you please?

Cheisdowninio : FAKE? Nobody in 2018 have that bad camera even on mobile phones. Usually people down-scaling quality that it would be harder to spot editing. Just saying.

Крокодил Зеленый : nice

The Emerald : if it was a C-5 Galaxy, all the buildings in the area would of been hit,lol

LucasTheUltimate : That's one crazy-ass pilot...And a very skilful one too...

russhaig : Brisbane skyline looks like Vancouver & Houston had a baby

Tumoxa89 : I see loud motorcycle douches are stepping up....

Gustasanti : Is John Cusack with Sasha and Gordon, again!

Eyrok Arobaz : Pilot obviously intended to prove jet fuel can't melt steal beam.

Strix : Airborne

Ed Burns : Slow and low! Lovely!

Fenn ViktorVich : Damn nut.

Peter Konrad Konneker : Daaaaaaaaaaaaang. That's awesome.

Chris Attardo : must have been equally impressive to see an entire city shit their pants all at once

Anthony Nicholson : No dump and burns anymore, so next best thing I guess!

211863 chrisman : plane: (WOOP WOOP) “PULL UP!” pilot: lol k

Dantespaces : video ends at 1:36

Yeti Manetti : I watched for 9 seconds

RadarDash : exceptionally fake

Katie Newmeyer : Great way to scare people into think its 9/11 again

Callsign Vega : 9/11 stunt? Have these retards never seen an air-show before?

Scott M : It's really tiring when military cunts continue to low fly for shits and giggles. Most people aren't interested in going deaf because you want to low fly. The aids noise pollution from cities is quite enough already.

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