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Prince Vultan : American made fine European prices

Havockeer : me mo mo tim heidecker

NeverSTFUproductions : CREMEILUM

Dick Cheney : Competitive marketing

Indrius : When fathers of the free market capitalism were writing books and shit about economy, this is what they meant by "competition".

mrcha D : If you are in europe thats aldi versus lidl

modlord123 : Eric's a real professional. Never stooping to petty personal attacks for marketing, truly premium. Unlike Tim, that cheap bastard. GO ERIC!!

JackoohVideo : "He'll rape ya!"

Yesiamblind : "Don't let Eric get near you. He'll rape you!"

Ninja187Rules : great comedy, but at what price

Richard Bradburn : Great job!

Rosa : 2.49 .................. THREE

Thomas Mareel : one of my fav sketches of ALLLLL TTTIIIIMMMMMMEEEE

Charlie R : Three

SilentGig1 : Hilarious social commentary, genious!

lukejones1104 : Creamium prices

thentheychopped : "what are you a little chicken? cheep cheep cheeeeeeep"

Marcide Marcile : 0:20.. the way he speaks like an urgent child. fucking genius!

AScannerDarkly22 : Truly epic! If only all advertising was like this.

modlord123 : creamulum... great job!

Rob BasicModelling : Priceless!! :)

Thomas Andal : Tims got crap prices, kick it!

TheNerdyGamerNerd : Prices...

The Scandinavian Gaming Channel : Oh god it just turned into a YouTube Poop a the end! :/

Philip Herron : i love this show so much pity most of my friends just dont get the humor like i do :D


Conor Lumsden : Me mo mo like this.

xytronite : 3.

Nickleus : "kick it" =) probably the funniest thing ive seen in a long time =)


SMThomasson : Funniest thing on the net

GideonGL : what are we talking? prenium comedy or discount comedy?

haloasc : I think they lost it a long time ago... lol

IBlacKTissueIPkz : lol

elrollo : this has been favourited

jtfles : @regalgrubgrub i wish i could like this comment twice.

SpecialBreakfast : meemamo tim heidecker? raep compulsive mrstrbtr pls advise

J Mason : just a tip dont watch this wile on rhino tranquilizer

Thomas Andal : BUY PREMIUM PRICES!!!!!!!

xJG91x : @redzor812 Dude, exact same situation...

flippak : I like discounts, but I dislike products made in China.

duffdeluxe : ut in the end does it really matter where one uys ones prices?

deadraptor667 : i didn't believe my friend when he told me Tim and Eric are an abortion to comedy, fuck, i guess i owe somebody 20 bucks

KingOfTheNubies : Fine European Prices at American Discounts!! :D

MrJingles75 : LOL! There's so much hard sell advertising these days it's almost getting like this shit

pennydesouza : relaxing

TheSuperQuail : well now i don't know who to believe :(

Mike Cuthbertson : OH LAY AN EGG

beckslemon10090 : dummer ösitrottel

Rudy Raya : Hey