Dancer in the Dark - How Von Trier Deconstructs a Musical

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BREADSWORD : new vid by the way peep if you feel like it

Anixdps : You're gonna blow up keep it up

Woody the Woodstar : Whaaaaat, you only have two videos? With this level of professionalism I expected a library. Keep up the quality and I guarantee you'll get the popularity you deserve.

eraserhd79 : Great video BREADSWORD. Your Treasure Planet video was also well done and makes me want to give that film another view. I did not know it had such an interesting production history. What do you have next in store for us?

Windii : "Cold War-era Velma" Dead.

Notebook : I like what you had to say in the analysis in terms of the film itself. My concern comes in with a line in your script "I don't watch musical because I'm not fucking gay" suggested that only gay men watch musicals. Its fine that musicals are not your taste I share the same sentiments however, as someone in the queer community who loves video essays on YT I think that punchline was lost on me.

HaratioUK : I don't do musicals but this looks like some grade A production my dude

Dylan Ruegg : Came here off the back of the treasure planet vid. Worth while

Josiah Conduff : I like your stuff, its good stuff, and I like it. Keep up the stuff, and I'll give you some of my stuff (views).

Lupe : 16:49 didn't see that one coming

Jeremy B : I am gay and do watch musicals, so im pretty impressed you have such an understanding of them without seeing them

unicyclomaniac : This content is on par with some of the best video essays on YouTube, keep up the good work. I think you should probably drop the "I don't watch musicals because I'm not fucking gay" joke, but otherwise good shit. I think you nailed the tone much better in your treasure planet video.

Armadillo : Keep it up man, this is gold.

scapelife : Good editing good video my boy

Justin Widle : This guy is literally /tv/posting on YouTube, and it's fucking amazing. 10/10 YouTube Kino.

PanicGiraffe : Gettin in this shit from the ground level.

gretta holmgren : Good work! Btw guys, stop, I am gay and I liked that joke. It wasn't that bad))

melted dali : Also man I’ve seen this movie enough times to be familiar with its beats and emotional pits and I still got caught off guard and started sobbing at the footage you used of Cathy giving Selma her sons glasses with the noose around her neck

John Doe : @BREADSWORD I was so excited to watch another video after watching the treasure planet video and it sucked hearing the "I'm not gay" comment .Something about it is just ..a cheap laugh? I dunno. A strange thing to be disappointed and distracted by but, just sucked

faux velvet : why the fuck does this only have like, 1.5k views? good shit, dude. 👌👌👌👌👌 💯 💯

dallas thompson : 3:29 came outta left field! Jesus!

Andrew Hillier : You my friend are an artist. I'm glad to be here from the start of your channel. Please grow and go up there with the big movie youtubers

warmslurm : loving the video then that gay joke. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Justin Maclin : Another top notch video.

aros77777 : "Cuz im not fucking gay" made me lol. Keep it up dude

MiKey MoonShine O_O : You're like if the nerdwriter wasn't an annoying sjw hipster. Make more videos please.

toomuchtime : Please give us more video preferably without homophobic comments but I really enjoy your break down.

randommob2806 : I really like these two lengthy videos you have out right now. There are tons of people who yell at video games for 2 minutes, but this in-depth, mature, and (occasionally) humorous style is very unique breath of fresh air.

Tybis : Your analysis is great and your editing in both of your vidoes flows really well, though your tone seems to occasionally rock between a sincere argument and crass sarcasm. That shift is a bit jarring, but maybe that's what you're going for. I'd personally say that since your analysis is so well developed, then you should stick with keeping it "professional", but you do you. You got my subscription either way. And song titles in the description would be great.

MrSplendid : Saw the first five mins of this vid. Decided to go and watch the film. Really enjoyed it. Came back to this review. Now I appreciate the film a little more.


Isobell Mahree : why do you only have two videos?

Martina Flores Mendeville : please, give us some moar! your vids are awesome: great analysis yet very simple. i would gladly neglect my family for countless half-hours of your stuff! keep going, you absolutely rock!

Valhalla Dancehall : Enjoying a video when the commentator decides to wear his ignorance like a badge. Ugh that homophobic remark sticks out like a sore thumb. It comes out of nowhere and really is offensive. You obviously haven’t seen Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz, which was one of Kubrick’s favorite films. And you were doing so well.

Narom Ngin : whoa whoa whoa.. you dont have to be gay to enjoy musicals

tao : what happened to the Mark of the Kri vid?

Thoran666 : Awesome video but personally Jesus Christ Superstar is by far the best musical ever made. It has a historical background, portraits the characters naturally and has some of the best songs ever written in it. Just listen to "Heaven on Their Minds" and tell me that ain't still relevant today.

Cthu-Lou : I watched your Treasure Planet and Strange Love vids first, then this one. I found it exceedingly distracting when you dropped the "because I'm not fucking gay" line in. I am not sure what your intent was here, but it did not come accross as funny. It sounded hostile and jarring. I stopped watching shortly there after.

John Koup : "HALO3" Absolutely killed me. Massive kudos to you breadsword, the quality of these videos is stellar and damn does it leave me wanting for more. You instantly gained a sub, I'll stick around for the ride.

burakki : lol dude is your straight ass so fragile you have to assert that you're not gay lololol

Daniel Crowley : I was sick as a dog when I first watch this movie. I was fucking miserable afterwards.

Xero Sparks : Hey, in-depth analysis and opinions of GOT? Maybe? c:

Crawlspace Dweller Matt : Potential.

J. Løkrheim : Byooark

foreverPose : Oh my fucking god that 'Unravel' slow shift was perfect.

Chunt Pringlecrisp : Boi say Westside story is for fags again and you finna catch these hands.

Charlie Atkinson : I fucking love the music

SuperNotit : You only have 2 videos... But like.... They're so well done.... Dang.... Please keep it up man

Captain : Jesus, you're too amazing. I love your videos and everything, even the music playing in the back. You are top-notch good shit.

iwantanswers : future legend