Smithy Boy and The Crew Original Video ( Cringe )

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sgt.SucksAtLife : why is a 20 year old man hanging with 10 years olds

Andreas Mørch : Wow. Horrid Henry took a dark turn

Manó : M E M E U L O U S

singlele : 2:05 that's one hell of a sneeze

Crimson Ninja : Our children will one day learn about these legends...

Qă Roby : 0:06 uauauiua

Sad Face Shannon : Some of the kids are looking so innocent like they don't know what they are doing so they are just awkwardly shooting glances at the camera while smiling like "Lol I play roblox"

Lloyd Christmas : I'm 12 and most kids my age are listening to trash like The Beatles and Pink Floyd but i listen to real music like Smithy Boy & The Crew.


Troop Gamez : Bruh I think that beat was made by metro boomin

Naruto Uzumaki : Now this is what I call real music

ATONOMICAL : Cringe? Oi blud what u talking bout?

Angie Kay : Lol these 10 year olds are smoking wtf happened to humanity 😂

EviL Revenge : this is what happens when Y7's get hold of a phone and camera

Mohamed Amine Assal : Future Kings of England

Rollason _ : Smithy boi and the crew 😩💦💦💦💯

Lounary : 1:07 the guy in the yellow takes a quick look to see if anyone is looking before he smokes 😂😂

The Wolf : Cine a venit de la therealred sa dea like la com

NotANoob : Wow he must have gotten bullied at school for this

Alex : This video is my life force I watch it every day

o Mblayyy : Whos here from memeulous

G_ mo : 0:07 wa wa we wa ...

Rose S : Still better than 69.

AndyxOugham 07 : At some bits it’s like rugrats theme song

Asian boy : They are gay

Barry Caldwell : U were right it's so f#@king cringy

Zimon : My favourite part was when eldott just jumps over the crew and just shouts WHOAOOOOOOOOOO

Fifi Melville : @0:16 the return of 'Ginger Joe'

ethan shields : 2:06 just watch that kid on the scooters reaction 😂😂😂😂


Uganda Knuckles Knows Da Wae! : 2:17 *B R R A P*

ukobe : this is what i call art.... magnificent.

RajveerT : 0:40 why does this guy think he is well solid

Tex Hammond : 0:07 wo wo weewap

Alien : Surely, Winston Churchill is proud of these patriotic boys! The most deadliest rappers humanity has ever encountered! Even us Aliens aren't that powerful enough to wreck these lads!

RobSwag_nl : no one knows what youre saying

Zimon : U know the saying go to school don't do drugs well if ur doing this I'd rather want you do drugs

Christopher Reynolds : 0:26 red shirt wants at the weed

birb : Lyrical genius.

shadowsurfer136 : England in one video

Alex Zordich : If I was being interrogated I would crack right away after this started.

somed00d : 0:39 best part

Airzyy- : 2:50 This kid really on his 3 year olds sisters scooter

Zimon : Why do they think they good they can even edit the music in the video and they make no sense cuts they say words so fast not rap

The Stanimal : True grime classic 👌

XxxPopMollyxxX Godz : 0:40 WOOOA

Supersonic : I only listen to real rap *double jake paul dab

Razvan Lord : Instrumental please

Tristan. Flips : why does the 20 yea old keep sneezing?? 2:05 1:21 and at 2:33 i honestly think the dog is better at rapping by far!

Marius Ditu : (Cringe)