The Slap 2
The Slap 2

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The Slap 2, written by Adam Rozenbachs for Open Slather 2015. Also see here and for some mad download numbers!


Patrick McCormack : Police: we need to shoot him down Larry: (slaps bullets)

Game Over : People in comment section: Making slapping Thanos jokes Larry: Slaps those people

Ammar Mufaris : Legend says he's still out there slapping strangers...

Adam Edge Copeland : Larry: *slaps basically everyone* Me: "meh" Larry: *Pushes cat* Me: *_"nnnnOOOOOOOOOOO"_*

VDA : One Punch Man's distant cousin, the One Slap Chap.

itzgacha wolf : Larry: *slaps everyone* Thanos:I'm still stronger Larry:*slaps thanos* Thanos:*cries*

simon Weijenborg : He protecc he attacc but most importantly he give everybody tha smacc

Negative Positive : Larry spared the guy he was talking to. Edit: also his daughter

Da Heck : Thanos: finnaly,a worthy opponent 5 minutes later Thanos:i fear no man,but that thing, its scares me

FBI Agent 735 : YouTube waits this long to finally recommend this masterpiece to us.

Omar Massaoudi : Thanos: I am inevita- *SMACK*

Jasraj Singh Bhinder : Somewhere, an Indian mother is nodding appreciatively ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Deagle : Top ten most powerful anime characters of ALL TIME

Dr. Hugo G. Hackenbush : Thanos: "This brings a smile to my face." Larry: **SLAP!** Thanos: Stops smiling.

krghost natsu : Whoever disliked this video, Larry will find u, and he will slap u

Genjo Main : Top 10 anime characters that can defeat Thanos easely (even with infinite gaunlet)

Dat Dang : How you feel after failing to beat that Dark Souls boss you've been struggling with for days.

Zahid Ahmad Khan : 2016: NO! 2017: NO! 2018: Maybe! 2019: Perfect time to recommend this to people!

Ticci Toby : Aww he slaps everyone at the party except his daughter ^^ _Talk about crazy overprotective dads_ *SLAP* OW!!

Nethercore 99 : Y'all just wait till Larry gets the infinity gauntlet, his slaps are gonna hurt a lot more then...

Raivynn SomeRandomGuy15 : *_Stand Master : Larry_* *_Stand Name : The Slap_* *_Stand Ability : He can slap anything he pleases_* *_Power : A_* *_Speed : A_* *_Range : C_* *_Durability : A_* *_Precision : A_* *_Potential : A_*

TheLegend27 YT : Thanos VS. Larry Larry: good job you've made me use 10 percent of my power

Toxin : Avengers : Oh no Thanos comes... How can we beat him ?? Larry : Hold my beer !

Opinion_Master : FBI: FBI OPEN UP! Larry: come here.

Amin Allishaw : Noah pushes daughter *REEEEE* Time to bring out the Infinity Slapper to clap some cheeks

TheGirlPro 2008 : They just fall in line to get a slap๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ How Avengers Infinity War ended: Larry: * slaps *

im hulki : I bet this man can slap john wick AND Thanos at the same time and just instantly turn them to dust.

TheLegend27 : What did that cat ever do to u Larry? Larry: *SLAPS ME*

แ–‡แ—ฉไน™0229 : Hey you reading the comment, Watch out!!! ***S L A P***

HOLY ALEKTOROPHOBIA! : Larry = Me Everybody = My plans Larry's hand= Next week

Nikolson 42006 : Excuse me but, WHAT DID THE POOR CAT DO TO YOU?!?!?

CaptainChrisKirk : When you backstab the enemy heavy in front of his entire team and have to trickstab the rest of them

Bork Bork : Larrys a god

Manraj Basainty : Whenever I feel down I just watch this

Kenny Nguyen : This is how many times he slapped ๐Ÿ‘‡

MineWit : Officer: What's going on? What's going o- **slap** Officer 2: Im officer Arissa- **SLAP**

Sans The Skeleton : Thanos: *"I fear no man, but that scares me"*

FDB 7 : Who would win: Big purple guy? Or *One Slappy Boi.*

Jaylen Duncan : Nobody I mean really nobody YouTube.... Tennis backhand slaps at the end๐Ÿ˜‚

Gary england : A most enjoyable clip . Sent to many ๐Ÿ‘thanks for the laugh

Can I Get 500 Subs With No Videos? : My boy on the grill didnโ€™t want the smoke so he kept grilling 1:09

TryhardBeere : Watch this in 0,5 speed lmao

circuS .Allstar : Thanos: Finally, a worthy opponent

MichaelGamer AndAnimatorZ : Larry: Where is Thanos? Thanos: I'm here. Larry: "Slaps Thanos" Thanos: Okay, your to strong.

BennyWinZ : 24 people were slapped, 23 if you don't include the announcer lol

Fliyo MB : *US navy fighting IJN at surigoa strait*

DctrCitizzen : Back when I first watched this I never laughed, however now I am laughing my butt off

Hi Its Me Again : A persons face Larrys hand: *im about to end this mans whole carreer*

Dony Prasetiyo : Larry should try to slap John Wick!