The Slap 2

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Justine Zeta : We can all agree that this is all Noah's fault.

I am a disappointment to my parents : Person: Larry, you can’t jus- Larry: **Does**

AgePlayz : *Yet the guy is still grilling , wadda legened.*

Isaiah Converse : 0:46 he tried to hold his laugh in when he about to slap the two girls

TeamOn : Everyone says that only her daughter havent slapped, but everyone forget about his friend who is cooking barbecue

krghost natsu : Whoever disliked this video, Larry will find u, and he will slap u

SAVAGE : THANOS- you have come to DIE! larry-*slaps* THANOS- ok chill! JEEZZ

Ahmad Haafizh Shahrizan : He survived no nut November... That's why he has the balls to hit people

WolfeLove Msp : 0:52 was fr the most realistic one

natasha mohd halmi : It’s Noah’s fault like if you agree

Just An Edit : _Some say he is still slapping his way to Parliament..._

Itzel Montalvo : Already give this man his goddamit Oscar,or he will slap you....he was gonna slap everyone at the oscars anyways

Marquee Sound : Pimp hand so strong he keeps the narrator in line

Robert Dress : If I was the guy at the grill I would give Larry the spatula for that EXTRA WHAP

Beary The Bear : *Top 10 Anime Characters Who Can Kill Thanos Even With The Infinity Gauntlet*

Subject Delta : I like how all tensed up he was throughout the whole video😂

Thereal Bigmac : 0:58 the polices didn't even bother to draw out their guns

Sir_Chaos : This is actually the best video I’ve ever seen

kitty youtuber : Stupid Noah

Léo Sora : I would love an anti-hero in Deadpool style who only have the super powers to be immortal and give powerful slaps to the villains. Like during Hitler's speech, he will walk to him, get shot by Nazis but don't care cause immortal and give Hitler a slap and then walk away calmly.

gogotrololo 619 : S L A P T H E P O L I C E

Alejandro 2018 : ONE PUNCH or should I say ONE SLAP

DeviosArchon 122 : 0:56 *You in a Campaign game*

Kevin Yeoh : I almost thought this was an ad for Gillette.

blue hunter : 0:50 you can see he almost smiles

Ava WastingTime : Me on my period

FaDe_ jsauce : His face while hes slapping them 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


candy spider : Got damn it Noah! I loved when he double slapped the officers. 😂

Itzel Montalvo : Now he won't stop slapping

Petar Ivanovic : The man that was on the grill was like "oh thank god he passed on me!"

savage b : Larry is like thanos and all of these other people are like the avengers

IANISIN : Comedy is at it’s finest

Crustin Y. : This just makes me laugh, and his face for the whole video.

zone : Gillette, this is how BBQs really go down!

UnPhayzable : One man, one hand, on a mission to take down the world... *The Slapssassin*

ElecticSkull : he kept on holding his laugh

Bape _ Son : He caught 24 bodies

Tiana xD : The guy who slap everyone is possibly Levi from attack on Titan 😂😂

Mattew Steven : 0:56 5 stars

UnPhayzable : *The slappening*

allabout Eve : This guy doesn’t buy gillette

Lucky Inky : This is basically when you start to well at someone with so much anger that you end up getting angry at the guys who tries to calm you

KingWack : Damn he even slapped the narrator

I AM SCIENCE : New anime series : One Slap Man /// COMING SOON

Ricky : The ending killed me when he slapped the guy telling stuff about the Film Lol

LulSlide : Play the ultra instinct theme XD

Paulplagaming # : 1:05 I thought the cat was real lol

Cường : Legend says he still slapping people to this day

DeathBlader : Man this movie is gonna be horri- *SLAPPED* OW, good, I meant good.