The Slap 2

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MeAnd MyLovelySins! : You wanna catch these hands!

Beelzebub 666 : He is the legendary *ThotSlayer156*

Brant Frans : You can tell he wanted to laugh so bad. Love that double slap!!! 😂

Alexa not Amazon Alexa she sucks I am better : Top 10 characters who can defeat Thanos

Nostalgia OST : I like how the grill guy just keeps cooking at the end, like everything's fine.

PokemonLover : *Whats Slappening Here*

John Doe : 0:46: Look how hard he's trying not to laugh

Kevin Gutierrez-Tapia : *this guy will be in Infinty War 2*

pateuvasiliu : One Punch Man's distant cousin, the One Slap Chap.

Stefan van Wyk : When somebody swears on your Christian minecraft server

Ricky : The ending killed me when he slapped the guy telling stuff about the Film Lol

Cringles :) : Larry:Hmm.... Cat so annoying Cat:mmmmm... I love this tree Larry:Better Die BITCH Cat:Oh noo.... Larry:-slaps- Cat:Oof

FRIDRIX : Top 10 anime villains that were right

Barna Bálint : *car salesman* slaps roof of children

Sean Sebelon : *larry has silenced all*

Lord Cekrom : He slaps everything! *AUH* =D

enderboy 555 : The power of the slap is strong with you Larry Edit: 1 like = 1 slap

GLICIOUS21 : Me: Walking into work on a Monday...

ItzTruly Nate : New character in Avengers 4 leaked footage

newshadow 123 : He is god :v

Justine Zeta : We can all agree that this is all Noah's fault.

PillaricGaming : Assert your dominance by slapping as many people in the face as you can.

LRB Mc : *One Slap Man*

Antonia Cunningham : Man at 0:43 was Like WTF😂😂😂

The Guy : Thot level *999*

Sup Bonnie : *One Slap Man*

OG Lenin : Who would win? Bunch of police Or One slappy boi

syndicate _goat : 0:56 when you get mods for gta

Василий Иванович Антонов : Today we have a slap party!

gogotrololo 619 : S L A P T H E P O L I C E

Malik Rath : I love how the cat is fake, because they felt it was too offensive to slap a cat lol

CastorX : Holy shit this guy is ONE SLAP MAN!!!!!!!!

Pfandtastisch 3 : Wer ist auch wegen Zeo hier? XD


Petar Ivanovic : The man that was on the grill was like "oh thank god he passed on me!"

THE_MAN_JACK _ : I passed out laughing lmaooooo

THE FBI : He damn near finna drop a nuke...


TechTalk - My videos are funny : *God dammit Larry*

10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : Slap machine fix

Robert Rusu : 😂😂😂

Billy The Master : Thanos is Larry and all the other avengers are the people

Ziggs 123 : Avengers should have given Larry a call when Thanos showed up.......

KAT : *Laughs even tho doesnt want to laugh*

UnPhayzable : *The slappening*

KrisuuuChan : Top 10 Anime fights

Maki PlayzTM : Pause at 0:46 and look at that guy's face xd

Dirty Dan : I'm the real dirty *Larry*

Enderman Chan : You can kind of see that he is trying to hold back his laughter ;D

Slxw Mxtizn : That's the funniest thing yet haha