The Slap 2

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Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku : *Whats Slappening Here*

I Polaris I : *OUF*

.darinダリン desu : oh larry

Zach Ryder : One Punch Man's long lost brother

Kartik Chauhan : 😁😂😂😂😂😂

320speed : 'Right O, Right O'

Anime M : Lol nice, who doesn't want to slap the dumb out of people.

cem ozturk : 0:40 me when things are getting serious

xXThe Alpha MakerXx : At 0:50 he's holding his laugh so HARD!

Candle Head : Why did so many cops show up for one guy?😂😂😂😂

MeAnd MyLovelySins! : You wanna catch these hands!

Ramu Radjassegar : THANOS VS THE AVENGERS 😂😂😂

titan slayer : But why the cat? 🐈

Comedy Noobs : *john wick has entered the game*

TheGalacticBat 23 : 1 like = 1 slap

Justine Zeta : We can all agree that this is all Noah's fault.

Kirithik Gopi : One Slap Man 🤣🤣

Greek games pro : Omg so funny

UnsafeWinter 50 : Me as a parent

Keithvon Punzalan : He spared the guy he was talking too

Sheerios : He has balls to slap people. Even the police.

Imran Khan : Infinity war in a nutshell

xMoa : I feel poorly about the cat even tho it was fake

Vita Lps : What would you do if a child was infrout of you. SLAP

shigatsu wa kimi no uso : 23 slaps, plus the animal 24 XD

Just An Edit : _Some say he is still slapping his way to Parliament..._


• Ded - Nibba • : *LARRYYY*

Sebastian Nieves : He slaped everyone......slap Thanos :v

MajinBlue : WTF 😂

Slxw Mxtizn : That's the funniest thing yet haha

mohammed 123132 : الي تذكر مقطع المدبلج يحط لايك😂😂

Halim Lahoud : ITS SAITAMA I RECOGNISE HIM,but now its one slap man

FreeToaster : Slap... Mah NUTS X25

Beatsaku the fusion of basaku and beats : Hide ya kids hide ya wives hide ya friends hide ya parents hide ya grandparents hide ya grandkids because if you dont everybody get slapped

Lord Cekrom : He slaps everything! *AUH* =D

Silver Star : Slapping all the haters

Khocan : HAHAHHAA savage 🤣

Leah Parren : OMG I cannot stop laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Chris Tan : *NOOOOO KITTY!!!*

Subject Delta : I like how all tensed up he was throughout the whole video😂

Real Eyes Can Realize : Amazing 😂

Mr.Geoguy : Flamingo brings me here

Rodney Lim : One slap man

S.S Spidey : Larry!

Ricky : The ending killed me when he slapped the guy telling stuff about the Film Lol

Dildar Sk : Me after people insult me.

Tlitxer : Bro I though it was drama until everyone S was getting beaten 😂

armpit boy coolest : One slap man

DigitalV3 : OneSlapMan