The Slap 2

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gogotrololo 619 : S L A P T H E P O L I C E

Brant Frans : You can tell he wanted to laugh so bad. Love that double slap!!! 😂

krghost natsu : Whoever disliked this video, Larry will find u, and he will slap u

Nicole St. Louis : Possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen in my 43 yrs. Seriously...I am in pain.

OG Lenin : Who would win? Bunch of police Or One slappy boi

Just An Edit : _Some say he is still slapping his way to Parliament..._

foxymittens : but he never slaps his daughter *what a good dad*


Yossha Wesh : He slapped everyone... except his daughter =)

Christopher Jackson : One punch man - Saitama One slap man - This dude in the video One snap man - Thanos Who will win?

Justine Zeta : We can all agree that this is all Noah's fault.

Thanos : 0:47- 😂 I like how the girls already knew they were gonna get slapped

JustARandomGuy No, Really : From what I just noticed 0:34 Noah runs to hide in a spot 0:36 he's in the yard

Michael Quinn : Guy grilling the food survived the SLAP

Gin-Tonic the Artist : He attack He protecc But most importantly, He slap people

Sheerios : He has balls to slap people. Even the police.

Noodles Animatics : 0:59 that double slap tho

Mariwuigi : Nobody was hurt in the making of this video. Except for everyone.

XxX ×_× : We should make a new anime better than one punch man one slap man

Malichi_Broken : 23 slaps. *Thanks, NOAH*

Ava WastingTime : Me on my period

•Skylar Edits• : Pause at 0:46 and look at that guy's face xd

Marija Srdarevic : slap sound is *sooooo* relaxing...

Nicholas Tazza : Thanos vs avengers

Steven Osorio : Legend has it he is still slapping today

Petar Ivanovic : The man that was on the grill was like "oh thank god he passed on me!"

Kenny The Krazed : *_-Infinity war 2 coming soon-_*

DarkSide 358 : 1:06 poor cat😂

fux potato : Whenever I feel down , I watch this and I die of laughter! Best thing on the internet right now! 10/10👌 love that you included the cat too😛

Itz_ Q7RAYA : I think we have to hide before he slaps the comments. 😟

Subject Delta : I like how all tensed up he was throughout the whole video😂

ilias faizi : OMG I DIED AT 0:53 HAHAHA

DaedricHealer 15 : What I want to do at a feminist march or when a person says I'm a non binary

Loricariidae : One of the people that can defeat thanos in less than 10 seconds

TechTalk - My videos are funny : *God dammit Larry*

Luca Exploiting&Trolling-Games : He attacc... but most importantly.. he slapp

Victorbrine Cassini : *Top 10 characters that could defeat Thanos (even with Infinity Gauntlet)*

Aimee Andhersin : Well of course you can't slap the guy doing the burgers and steaks unless you want rare like me

Cherno Stripe : "from the makers of one of the most successful dramas in recent history..." *[insert the Middle East here]*

UnPhayzable : *The slappening*

Flower 34 : Baldi's Basics in a nutshell

Olesia Agachii : Wow u got some good skills at slapping mate

Anna Olson : Send this man to war he will win *one slap at a time*

KrisuuuChan : Top 10 Anime battles

The Diamond Knight : What’s the most lethal weapon of all A Slap

mikeFgamer : 0:56 Double kill triple kill quadra kill penta kill hexa kill

Just A Random Horse On YouTube : 10 characters who could defeat thanos

Tirin Lynch : *Added to Watch Later*

UnPhayzable : One man, one hand, on a mission to take down the world... *The Slapssassin*

Clickbait King : My favorite part was when he slapped that one guy