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thefowles1 : did I just witness the titans launching a kamehameha while riding a dinosaur?

Nahuel Armesto : justice league by Zack Snyder oh wait

GalaxyFlower G : This is the only good animation in the entire series because EFFORT but it is still tweening...

MasterJunior93 : So is this where the rest of the budget went?

Ngyiwan Thardo : they probably made this episode specifically for the people who didn't like teen titans go being a kids show lol well done

solanoguz : Directed by Zack Snyder

The Diamond Knight : And this is how Robin became Nightwing

SuzakuNoia : _Is this a JoJo's reference?_

Regular Snowman : This episode is really *S E R I O U S E*

samnephets : This is probably the best episode they've done-- very clever. Infinitely better than the usual annoying, stupid stuff.

Jordan Brown : I wonder if robin slapping Raven was a slight call back to the Batman slapping robin meme

Hugo A. : Robin became Vegeta

Bestoli zuppa : 2:42 justice league cyborg backstory in a nutshell

lizandro lopez : This is actually funny xD

Broboimation : Beast boy: *i can’t smile anymore* Me: Yeah, I felt the same as soon as the show released.

Alexis Bell : This is what happens when everybody tells this show to be more serious. lol watch the old show to get serious

Eesher Stubbs : This episode was funny

Elmuertoteobserva : this episode was very handsome

deethanyter : only funny joke in the series

Hector B : T I T A N S (2018 tv show)

Panda Monium : Ples... just bring back normal teen titans. I mean we’re not saying get rid of teen titans go, just ples

Sean Sacred : Only funny thing Teen Titans Go has actually done right...

Zaelynn Washington : It's was just juice

Steven Arsenault : We get it. The show is ruined and you're not gonna take the show characters art or story and writing serious.

Adrian Enescu : i bet joker didn't enjoyed this episode

Justin Quinton : Teen Titans by Rob Liefeld

Xaixiu : Starfire & Raven got THICC

J&N Gaming and More! : Nothing says serious like a green T Rex with a laser gun attached to its body XD

Shadowsoul 42 : When u make the sound louder like ur watching a movie

Antonio Barry : The new Titans trailer looks quite epic

lizandro lopez : Still terrible compared to the original Teen Titans

Scott Rankin : With that new trailer disaster this has become increasingly relevant

Mathew Mungra : Low key shade thrown at the fanbase by can lmao

chezboi : I like how they're muscular but they still have flabs on the side

fortnite gameing : Teen Titans Go no matter what you do you ain't going to be Teen Titans

Asuna Elizabeth Gaster : bootyful chins

explications ye : all of that just for juice XD that literally killed me XD there's actually some good things in this series

filipinopridex44 : 0:36 Why do I feel this emotionally.

PR0N0G0D7 : I appreciate their hardwork but.. anything else besides the original animation makes this show good

Кирилл Анисахаров : I understood, good trolling for old TT fans. Suck my hat.



Ramon Vargas : they should continue with this style. less Bulkey & Chiseled thow. bring the seriousness of Batman T.A.S. & Batman Beyond, & comedic style of other DC cartoons, like static shock

Aimen Kazmi : This episode was too much!😂

Ibork 23 : This is the best episode ever in 2nd place is The Night Begins to Shine

MaxiSZ : Insert jojo's bizarre adventure op 2

MARCELW2500 : Welp. Time to start watching this show. Hulu here I come!

Elichu : TTG if it was a good show

just a girl : 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Singoys : It was funny honestly.