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Yvng Swag : Song is Hit My Phone by YVNGSWAG ( Me)

Kyle Willis : I like watching the people stare at him

Jon Vlogs : GOD

unsubscribe. : little did the people in this vid know they were gonna be in a video with 1,6 mil views ahahah lmaooo

Leydymar Beltre severino : Its his bones made out of foam? How the heck.😰😰

Jew Jew : His top secret is that he can’t see through the glasses so he can’t see the disappointment in everyone’s eyes lmao Snsn ily Roy❤️🚨

Ivis TV : *Eu amo esses vídeos kkkkkkk* 🇧🇷

Trakais Flipers : He was probably dancing on that keyboard and made an legendary title

Lucas Nascimento : Cadê os br porra

Aayushi Takte Patil : I'm sorry i think you spelt your title wrong

Ramone Jones : 0:50 how curry broke chris pauls ankles 😁

Kevin Regis : Look how fast those two couples on the right looked away at the same time at 0:58

Rafa De Francisco : *-Dis boi has talent-*


MegaLórd Craft : A mulher do começo estragou o vídeo mano

Drayton Brooks : how can i dance like YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kek is Life : He pretty much slammed his head on the keyboard to make the Title LMAO

Andre123 : The girl at 00:09 dances better than me :v

Felppo : *oh não, os normies a vista! corram! antes que a SAM força tudo e crie comédias sem graças com quando eis que a 10/10!*

MidgetTiger : Why these ppl sleeping on my man Purdy 😴

Tori Belisle : Are you at the farmers market?

Trap Nationfann : wanna be happy like roy

Vatrex Ghoul : Best clickbait ever ._.

Moon : LITT 😂😂

Twisted Legacy : Roy's style so purdyyyy

yflex : Damn it litt

TheXplosifBrosif : Me when I loose my virginity:

Cosma Maria : Esse cara é MITO

Kirito : *SAM*

Benjamin Irby : Roy Purdy - One of THE best choreographers on YouTube hands down!!!! Keep it up!!!


Ruven : when you get 20/20

Vatrex Ghoul : Click bait but really funny

mees baudoin : I can watch this 24/7 it makes me happy

Ccc Ccc : You're awesome man! I love these videos with you dancing, it instantly puts people in a good mood you can see their reactions.

Konstantinos 22 : Dat's sik

Omer Osama : The title XD

Horizon : I can't stop coming back to watch this 😂 I love it so much

yvng.boi.jerry : L I T

xExternityx : I like the title. The randomness of it fits perfectly with you🐐💯💯

Dat Dank boi : Roy u my pfoking master BRUH, TEACH ME!😦😦

dEaD mEmE : When ur noodle drops out of your fork and hits the floor

Afrokking : Watched too many times

Loil Nykolos : Браток давай еще

Jacob R : How u dance like dat boiii

Ramone Jones : 0:27 what a fine day to go milly rocking

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth : how to do the leg crisscross thing video pls

leon und das legendärende brot : he very very very god dancer props

Luccas BR640 : Dance manequim please

GANGSTER RIDE : Dope as always Purdy! Almost 500k, so well deserved Bro. Keep it up! 🔥💯