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Yvng Swag : Song is Hit My Phone by YVNGSWAG ( Me)

Bryan Arnett : "Hmm what's a good title for this video?" *smashes face into keyboard* "It's perfect!"

Jon Vlogs : GOD

Trap Nationfann : wanna be happy like roy

MegaLórd Craft : A mulher do começo estragou o vídeo mano

EU TÔ MUITO DOIDO!!! : Bateu a cabeça no teclado para fazer o título

Kobe Unknown : It always brings a smile to my face watching this random guy dance

MudafaRePro : The girl at 00:09 dances better than me :v

Fire Gaming284 : That girl low-key made the video a bit better

Clay Jensen is bae : please do a how to dance video u fuking queen

Rafa De Francisco : *-Dis boi has talent-*

`Kiss Me ́ : It's only a one minute video and its more entertaining than thirty minutes of jake paul.

TheXplosifBrosif : Me when I loose my virginity:

NJV : Dance at 0:08?

Mr FlameNeverending : Was you black in a past life?

Bane Horizon : I can't stop coming back to watch this 😂 I love it so much

Sir. Wizacaca : Most accurate title on YouTube ever. Thanks for not being click bait Roy, love you!

Lindsi Jackson : Couldn't stop crying, and tried to cheer myself up by going on YouTube. Came across this video and ended up watching tons of your other ones. Instantly felt better💖

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth : how to do the leg crisscross thing video pls

Oofy McOof Face : The girl at the start gets outdone


KHALI MC : 0:02 that sync with the music. damn that was lit

Gou Dud : When the pizza rolls are done😂 🍕

تيلزستيشن l Tilzstation : When i hit my head in keyboard when i write the address

Skilled Genesis : The title means. Why she hit my phone in keyboard translate

novrella : Wish I was this confident 😂❤

Wolfer Wolfers : you cant bend like mr purdy here

caleb18936 : How tf do you do that

FloSake Gaming : What is that dance at 00:49 !?

potpot xd : I think he spend days thinking about the title

Kyle Willis : I like watching the people stare at him

Moon : LITT 😂😂

dEaD mEmE : When ur noodle drops out of your fork and hits the floor

summs : this gotta be so awkward to watch in real life when theres no music

Loil Nykolos : Браток давай еще

Roy Purdy : btw i filmed two videos this day. sooo expect another video to be posted on here within the next few days :D gang gang

Ivan Crash : 0:11 I want kill her

Konstantinos 22 : Dat's sik

Maybe Steph : Why do people dislike HeS videos you have no soul then💀🔥

Noviral : all thats left is the hoodie and mannequin head

kittydog : ajdhkaahsksjakajwh i fuckibg love th title so much <333

Firex GFX : *Best Dancer 2K18*

Josh Gaming : The title just proves that Roy doesn’t need to clickbait to get made views and fans ♥️

CRSyoyo : Poor girl...

J3 Drip : Girl in da back was killing it tho

Ivis TV : *Eu amo esses vídeos kkkkkkk* 🇧🇷

Mascher Marcell : I am trying to master that move which the girl did

Omer Osama : The title XD

suleqa Abdi : Lit dance moves

pischelletto dark : Trump approved