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Yvng Swag : Song is Hit My Phone by YVNGSWAG ( Me)

Kyle Willis : I like watching the people stare at him

Um cara por ai : JULY 2018??

Tranqs ツ : BR?

Justin Y : 2018?

Jason Ariaz : Man omg never gets old ur grl hit my phone

novrella : Wish I was this confident 😂❤

ツ ѕиσωмαи ツ : JD

Sonic the Hedgehog : 0:44 my most favorite part

Андрей Курочкин : Есть кто то русский если да то лайкайте мой комент

Griner Gas : 0:06 co ona odpierdala

Sir. Wizacaca : Most accurate title on YouTube ever. Thanks for not being click bait Roy, love you!

joakvalde193pro valde : Flama flama flamingo

Conman 128 : 0:07 B E G O N E T H O T

XxKing KamxX : Imagine how dumb he looked in public because there's no music playing.🤣🤣🤣

slimes satisfactorios : ahre que estoy acá por pedritovm

Jon Vlogs : GOD

Kerem Yalçın : fortnite time :D

FIRE LUCAS LG : I am Brazilian. Very good 👏👏👏

Sonic Drago : Españoles rerportesen con un like

Reframedツ 17 : orange justice <3

Roy Purdy : btw i filmed two videos this day. sooo expect another video to be posted on here within the next few days :D gang gang

Лазар Симуноски : (0:10) Look at girl in background... Normal:0% Blaming:100% Roy Prudy:10000000000000000000000000%

Богдан Захаров : Ебать ты флексишь, дядя

Conman 128 : Rollin thru the halls on the last day of school like...

Rafi Tritama : I never boring to wacht this XD

Bryan Arnett : "Hmm what's a good title for this video?" *smashes face into keyboard* "It's perfect!"

joakvalde193pro valde : Flama Flama Flamingo Star

thelugpro fortnite : Se merece likes por hacerlo en público👏👍

XxYoHomieJordanxX : Title When ur to drunk watchin youtube

Video Parodier DK : This video makes my day better❤️

Ivis TV : *Eu amo esses vídeos kkkkkkk* 🇧🇷

The LionZ : Parece que poniendo el titulo se quedo dormido sobre el teclado

WorriorGFX : Flamingo Star 🌟

luchoroyale Borges : cuando no tienes titulos

Reto Mania : Flamingo Star 😍🔥@Pedrito Vm

`2Jae ForLife ́ : It's only a one minute video and its more entertaining than thirty minutes of jake paul.

Захар Чернов : Жопа

Ricardo Moralez : La chica es clave

Nikhil Prasad : 0:07 I wonder if that flower survived till this year :v

CCHProductions : When You do a dance video and your sister wants to be in the vid but gets ignored. 0:08

TheZivix : the people in the background are confused af

こた こた : 友達に欲しい

eduardo franco : Yeah is Roy purdy is cool on the July 2018?

eduardo franco : my life chester overthey

Pablo Barrientos Pappa :

johan delgado ndeahh : *FLAMA*

iiAlexii Gameplay : Lmao im just like Roy I'm good at dancing but just not good at doing orange justice Orange justice is like the only dance move I can't do I don't get the leg movement

vcut 12 : Why people dislike this

vcut 12 : He so cool