The Perfect Guide To Holiday Etiquette

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scares009 : Billy needs therapy! 0mg still funny

crystal : Billy should calm down

Jess Anderson : I cant handle the fact that the graph showing how much pie is left is a bar graph. A BAR GRAPH TO SHOW HOW MUCH PIE IS LEFT. I'm so done.

Ben Bernard : this is probably buzzfeeds best video

Aahliya Rojas : Billy doesn't like the salad It reminds him of death


Ayumi Shinozaki : Dafuq am I watching

Jessica Bright : "And a mash of potato! What has Billy hidden under his mash? Look, it's the cranberry! He's being silly." I have no clue why but this spoke to me on a spiritual level

Zac Jacobson : Billy is addicted to pornography.

Ranch Memelord : Billy makes a divet in his mash. Billy is sexually frustrated. That escalated quickly.

Sophia Piper : I'M CRYING

Splash : billy has made a divot in his mash

Min Suga : "he is being creative" I thought we all agreed to never be creative again....

babw16 : Billy has no friends.

Kendra Belle xx : I swear to god, this is my favorite buzzfeed video

Heather Godbout : This reminds me of "Teddy's Operation" 😂😂😂

miranda hammonds : "May I have some whip please. Billy is still addicted to pornography." -lost it there, and I lost it at- "Billy is finished now. He sees things on his messy plate. Billy sees the devil." -OOPZ FORGOT I lost it here too >:3- "Now he sees something different. He is HALLUCINATING NOW."

Penta Starchild : Who keeps inviting Billy over to holiday dinner. Billy why.

Vinny Rose (pewdiepiemixup) : ''Billy needs therapy'' XDDDDD ;-;

Elaina S : Is anyone here because of tumblr?

BadYak : Billy is still addicted to pornography XD

Lola Cullen : DIEEE BILLYYY (if u get this we are officially best friends )

Thomas Haverden : this sounds like the same guy who did the teddy has an operation video

fonnesbechs : "Billy has arranged his food into a pyramid. Billy has no friends." I LOST IT

Banana Aleks : I lost it at- "Billy is sexually frustrated." and "Now Billy is addicted to pornography."

SEAN KAY : Now he sees something different. He is *hallucinating now.* Billy has made a penis. That is bad etiquette. (I laughed when he wiped white stuff on the plate and glass xD)

marcy唯美 : is this the same voice from zefrank1's Teddy Has An Operation?

Arianna Bull : It's okay, Billy. Salad reminds me of death too.

Himali Mendis : Isn't the narrator the same guy who narrated the Teddy gets an operation video?

Haley Marnette : The narrator sounds similar to the doctor from teddy needs an operation (or something like that)

Chloe Pobz : Was Billy the bad boy that broke Teddy's heart's heart?


Fade the Deerhound : "He doesn't like the salad, it reminds him of death" ERM, OKEY DEN... XDDDD

L Roses : ''Billy sees the devil''

L Roses : 'Billy needs therapy'

mxpph : Billy needs therapy. Billy has made a nice drawing. Billy doesn't need therapy.

guy : When Buzzfeed was good.

LightningBoltForever : I miss Ze Frank. ='(

Helana Frost : Is the person who voiced this the same person who voiced that teddy bear surgery video?

bono sqiado : no way this could be made by buzzfeed its too good *checks date* oh thats why its from 2012

BlairBlair : this video will never not be relevant

MarissaMacMarissa : 1:21 No, no, I think Billy still needs therapy...

※ gracelen : Billy has no friends XD

NAD Moss : This is stuffing. It is called stuffing because it was stuffed up the anus of a dead bird. Delicious. xD

TanTinTon : dont hug me i'm scared buzz feed ver.

KettiexD : Was this Andrew? Lol remember when we didn't know any buzzfeed employee names and they didn't show the employees either? Then they started the Americans react to ____ food videos and there's an entire Eugene fandom... wild

TheRedEngine : May I have some whip please?

Deanna Hammel : "He doesn't like the salad. It reminds him of death." Oh god what is my sense of humor anymore

Erin : lmao isnt this from the guy who created teddy has a hear operation?

Madeline Ariyah : this reminds me of jenna marbles "cermit" character voice?