The TRUTH About My Childhood - Story Time

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Katzun : You are the sweetest man alive

MurfsYT13 : This video will help thousands of kids going through the same thing. I don’t come from an abusive home and have never experienced the things you have but I know there are a lot who have. Appreciate your honestly.

Sonia Anastasia : the last minute or so of the video had me really touched

Zombie Cartman : Boogie I owe you an apology, I have said things to you in your comments section that were judgmental and wrong. I should have known you and I shared a very similar story but I have been so pissed off at the world and the events in my life that I just wanted everyone else to hurt with me. This video is an inspiration to me and I want you to know you are not alone.

Mid NighT : Write a book.

Unknown X : I love you man, keep crushing this life

Reeta Tassberg : Always remember: there is a bigger monster behind your abuser. Someone abused your abuser first and resulted them abusing you. My grandma abused my mum and turned her into a narcissist.

thehurpv4c : Thank you boogie. You broke the cycle of abuse. That takes a very strong person.

StephanLamar81 : Damn man. “I’m sorry” were my moms last words to me before she died last year as well. My mom didn’t physically abuse me, but she did a lot of reckless/unhealthy living, not listening to her doctors etc, that would make any child worry about their parents. She knew that out of me and my younger brother, I was the worry wart, I was the son that was there with her the countless times she was hospitalized. She end up dying at only 61 from congestive heart failure/COPD

Bible Illustrated : The last minute of this video is one of the most touching things a man can possibly ever hear

DirtyDuck24 backup : i dont understand why there is dislikes on this video there is literlally no reason to dislike

JusKitty : I’ve literally never cried over a YouTube video but here I am... “no mom, I like who I am” UGH I LIKE YOU TOO :,(

Sean Lann : No disrespect to your parents But someone should've called child protective service when you were little

James Gutierrez : This warmed my cold dead heart we love ya boogie!

Caleb Hyles : I think what's most triumphant and inspiring is how you have broken the cycle of what seemed to be a generational pattern of abuse. Mental disorders and all, the choices you have made post-childhood have set into motion a new age of understanding and empathy for your future family. And, of course, the friends you've made and will continue to make. You are a treasure to all, and an apt example of the true measure of a man. Peace to you, brother ♥ Keep liking you.

Dorijan Bacic : I'm not crying my eyes are sweating

Hexdrop : i wanna tell you something. you can maybe explain why your mom did what she did. but it can never be an excuse. yes she said sorry. yes you ran after her and never did something to her. but she could have changed every day and never did. from everything i know about you and your mom, as a viewer. i can tell your mother was a really big piece of shit. she deserved way differend than you standing by her side when she died. but it was very important for you to hear her saying sorry. its good that you can accept yourself. but your mum was very right. she destroyed so much potential in you, made your life miserable so often even until this day. she didnt deserve you one bit. i had an abusive mother too but no way near yours. but i was the type that didnt hold still and got beat up. we should have changed our families. i have nothing to do with any part of my family anymore and thats ok. i like it. but i would have loved to kick her ass to protect you. as a friend, a brother or just being in your position. lets hope she burns in hell and gets really crispy. she did everything she could to deserve it. i have two kids and they are the most important thing in my life. i will be damned if anyone is going to thread them bad. whish you all the best boogie. greetings from germany

VeganVixen : Your story had me in tears. I am SO sorry you went through that. No child deserves to be hit, beat, or verbally abused. No matter what kind or hitting or where they are hit, it is not "child rearing" it is violating a human being's rights. You never deserved to be hit, EVER. You deserved respect, love, caring, and support. I am so sorry you had to live through such horrific trauma... You are strong and amazing to pull through that and be who you are today. *Hugs*

Xxrage yo : STOP COVERING FOR HER I'm sorry to tell you this your mom is burning down below man. This sounds like a horrible horrible person. Someone that deserves nothing

GameRiot : We love who you are Steven

Red McBeard : Boogie, you are one of the good ones in this world. Don’t ever change the real you.

Kevin206 : Boogie’s such a strong person , growing up with childhoods like that would turn you insane. But look at Boogie , your such a positive down to earth Youtuber . Whole lotta respect for you bruh 🤘

Ngyes : This makes me very thankful for my life. I didn't have the best child hood in the world but it was certainly better than yours. For years me and my parents would live with my grandparents. My mom and dad would always fight because he would throw away his paychecks at the casino but never anything physical. One day my dad kicked us out and we lived with my aunt and uncle for 7 years. After that 7 years of having one clustered room that me and my mom shared we finally got the ability to move out. We moved into a 6/10 trailer but I loved it. Me and my mom were finally on our own and I got my cat that I still have and love. But, we only lived there for a few months then my dad (Whom I still, somehow, love) convinced my mom to move into his new house with him because he "changed", and he did but for the worst. I knew this was a bad idea but every one else was convinced he changed. We lived there for a year of torture. I would wake up every morning to my mom's god awful screams of pain that still haunts my dreams. I tried hard to get my dad off of her everyday, and I did, but then he beat me. Everyday. One day we got a uhaul and took our stuff. My mom lived with her friend and I lived with my grandma (my cat stayed with me) for about 3 months. We found an 5/10 apartment and were here now. My mom's applying for college to become a nurse and things are going well. :)

Geeko : Honestly, Boogie is one of the sweetest people alive, hes gone through so much in is his life, and hes inspired so many people, my self included, to become a better them. Most people who go through the things that Boogie has gone through turn out as pshycopathic killers. Thank you Boogie.

Lamarr Wilson : Good grief Boogie.....thank you for being so strong and being here to share your story. Parental abuse is the worst abuse; it's someone who's supposed to love you. 😢

Xxrage yo : Your a very very good person man but don't like that persons horrible actions define you

Mexy : I had a similar experiences with people around and myself but i was taught by people in my family and friends to defend my self ,sometimes i had to against my drunk parent(dont wanna name which one) and that was what i did even tho im scared shitless of them i still stand up for me and my siblings any time something comes across,i was told by my uncle (who came from a very abusive house) to defend myself at the age 12 and i couldnt thank him enough ,the best thing to do is to tell someone like a teacher or police and so on to do something because it might seem harmless now it could end up in a permament injury or even death(i had a classmate in elemantry school beaten to death by his drunk father ,which i got told about few months back because i the time i was told he just moved out but the truth was darker,much darker)

TheShowMeister : The people who disliked need to go to hell

Steve Olson : Forgiving someone who has caused you so much pain is one of the hardest things a person can do, much respect to you boogie , we like who you are to

Bronze : Boogie's words are touching, his story is heartbreaking and his attitude on life is uplifting.

Gnostic Of The Divine Esoteric Source : all of your hearts...souls...spirit's... and your eternity...we are all broken.

Audacious : Alot of people would commit suicide due to having a childhood like yours. This is a good example of a strong person. Like everyone else. We love you for who you are. Enjoy life while it lasts.

Colossal is Crazy : You are an amazing person

Marco Ferretti : Boogie I feel so sorry for you for conducting such a traumatic life you make me feel so lucky and grateful I just hope you fulfill your purpose in life and we all love you very much speak to you soon

dirtychinchilla : We like you too, man. Thank you for sharing. I know I’ll never understand what you’ve been through, but if us listening helps then I’m sure we’re all here for you. I am.

creative perspectives media : You know iam surprised you didn't kill her of take a knife to her. Or tell the cops abd have her arrested

Splash Nick : damnnn I feel bad man glad u found success now and are achieving great things

Primary : God bless...

krok krak : I see you talking alot about your past and what happend on your Childhood. I know you are sensitive person but looking back is not going to help you, it will only keep you back. You have to move on from that. Bad things happens to everyone but we have to let things go and move on with our lifes.

JP Raps : Those last 20 seconds made me tear up for real

X3BLACKDOT : You are an amazing man being able to go through that and come out as you are today, you have dealt with so much, while given no remorse you give it to others. I hope to be a man like you some day

Chris Miles : I want this man to be my dad

Luci Leijon : I just realized boogie has the same darth vader and yoda posters as me

flat Channel : I’ve never seen a more mature and sweet person, this is why I love boogie

JP Raps : I hope this goes viral. I think it could help a lot of people

Fan Fan : Your mom was a typical BPD.

Iftikhar Kids : Who else is crying?!?! 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Corey Roberts : Steven, I cried watching this, you are the most kind guy ever. I went through abuse when I was little and I'm 13 now and I've moved in with my dad who loves me, but my step dad who my mom was married too was beat me every night. And sometimes I don't love myself for who I am, and when you said "I like me" I started balling my eyes out. Because you are a true human being. Right now I'm trying to love myself and you are the kind of person I wanna be

High_Vibes98 : I just found your channel.. I'mma just call you boogie for this cause I don't know what else to, But thank you so so much. I couldn't help but have a tear in my eye by the end because this relates way to much for me. I had both abusive/Manipulative parents(love them to death but that's beside the point) I am the second eldest out of 8 kids. My oldest brother me and my sister who came after me always always got the worst because we were the eldest. But my parents had us when they were young so obviously they didn't know alot and I'm glad to say that these days they are brilliant parents to my younger siblings. My younger sibling never have gotten beaten just because the parents had a bad day or we might mess up... Its just weird how parent can be so void of empathy. I get disciplining your child. But Abusing is something horrible. I don't think I've fully recovered to this day but watching this video is a big beam of sunshine. Thank you so much Boogie2988

The DJ : Steve they say 'The toughest steel is forged in the hottest fire', and you my friend, has been through the fires of hell. Glad to see you slaying those demons. You are an inspiration! Keep on being you!!