The TRUTH About My Childhood - Story Time

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Bible Illustrated : The last minute of this video is one of the most touching things a man can possibly ever hear

Mike Boyd : Really powerful stuff boogie. Thanks for sharing. I've never had to endure the kind of things you have but it helps me understand and relate to hear your story. Peace ❤️

Caleb Twombly : *Nothing anyone says can possibly take the pain away from such a traumatic life but I (and thousands of others) love you very much, Boogie. Thank you for being open and honest and so full of life. You are an absolute inspiration.*

Silphet : I feel like somebody just shot my heart.. :'( You're amazing Boogie I'm so sorry man <3

Cell Chaos : Yep. I went through it too, brother. Im in my 40s now, but as a child I got my ass handed to me. My mom would absolutely assault me with anything she could find. Brooms, frying pans, tools, curtain rods, extension cords, and of course, a closed fist. When I was 12, she hit me across the back with a rake, the rake handle broke and something snapped within me. I proceeded to beat her to a bloody pulp with the handle of the rake. She ran from our home screaming, seeking shelter at a neighbors house, but they called the cops on her. After the cops left, I told her it was over, and if she ever touched me again, I would kill her. Hugs, brother. Stay strong.

Mid NighT : Write a book.

Playitforward Official : I love you boogie.

Nicky : This video really put in perspective how lucky I am.

Isavirs : Real men cry during the last minute of this video.

Negro Kung Fu Doctor : I don't mean to sound uncaring here, but Boogie (love ya man) you don't have to defend anyone who hurts you. That's called Stockholm Syndrome. You have the right to say, "The bad things she did to me outweigh the good, and that doesn't make her a good mom." You can admit that and no one will think less of you. I know you have a big heart and you care a bunch about people, but you can't turn a blind eye over and over again when people mistreat you. You have to stand up and promise yourself that you'll never let anyone treat you like that again, and promise that you'll do anything in your power to stop it if you see it happening anywhere else. If you can do that, you'll truly have overcome what we went through 😊👍❤

Adnan Abbas : I love this man

Claudia Harris : you are SO strong.

Satyrith Zeon : Words cannot express how I feel after watching this video Boogie. I can say that I can relate to the story though and you have inspired me to move on with my life and want to better myself. Thank you!

Meansue : My mom has OCD and a lot of what you said made a lot of sense to me, and I also realized these are a lot of the things my mom has done to me. I too slept with my mom until 8th grade, and my dad was completely neglected while he worked his ass off 14 hours a day/6 days a week to provide for the family. Even though she never physically abused me, she robbed me of my childhood and my life. I’m 25 years old, struggling in pharmacy school (which I hate being in), and I’m a drug addict and also have been a heroin addict for 3 years. I feel like my mom had purposely ruined a lot of things in my life, especially my relationship with my ex whom I was with for 5 years and was planning on marrying, just so I would give my full love and attention to her. She barges in my apartment whenever she pleases, organizes everything of mine to her own satisfaction to where I spend hours looking for my mail, clothes, important papers, wallet, etc. She guilt trips me, makes me feel bad for her, and tells me that I’m hurting her by doing drugs. Yet she doesn’t understand that she is so much of the reason why I choose to do drugs. It’s the only “freedom” I have to myself, since my entire life I’ve been living for her and doing things in order to make her happy. The thought that I will never be able to have full control over my own life catalyzes my drug use more and more. As an adult, I finally realize why she can never hold a good relationship with any man, nor with any human being simply because she is incredibly selfish. I don’t know what to do because I can’t communicate with someone who is never willing to listen nor change since she is so set in her ways and believes everything she does is the right thing to do. She does not even allow me to have my own job so I can be completely financially dependent on her, and then tells me she can’t support me financially when I need her help paying for textbooks and tuition after she agreed on paying for my schooling. It’s a vicious cycle and I’m so lost and don’t know what to do anymore but more drugs. I feel like not waking up one day will be the only way for her to realize what she’s been doing to me has been slowly killing me each and every day. I need help, but don’t know what to do. I feel like nobody understands my situation or think I’m over exaggerating the things I say since they seem so unrealistic to be true. I just hope I make it out of this alive.

Josue Vega : I actually started to cry, but I’m a man so I sucked the tear back into my eye ball

GameRiot : We love who you are Steven

Melkor Mancin : This is how serial killers are made, good thing Boogie's not a psycopath. I love you, man.

James Burns : Wow, that was a very powerful video, Steve. You did the right thing by comforting your mother before her death, even though that must have been hard to do. You are also living proof that revenge is not the answer to these horrific situations - rather, being happy with yourself and working to improve your life are clear demonstrations that although her abuse did have some (no doubt strong) effects, she was ultimately unable to destroy you in the way that she had perhaps misguidedly intended. Parental abuse of children is such a serious problem, and I do think that kids who suffered any kind of abuse will live with it for the rest of their lives. It can be embarrassing to talk about, and difficult to face. Kudos to you for telling your story so publicly. It was a brave thing to do, and I hope it does help with the healing process. :-)

Short N Portly : As a person who has also been in your spot. I like me too. I don't think I really knew that until you said it, and made me think about it. How many times i've been kicked, thrown or hit. I am who I am and I like it. I am who I am because of it and I am a better person for it. Not saying that I needed it or deserved it, or would do it again, but I am a great person and I like me. There are things that I work on everyday that are a result of actions taken against me. But at least I am trying and I think that makes me a better person. Thanks boogie! I also like you! I cant wait to meet you one day and shake your hand. One day I guess.

Angelo Gonzalodo : I’m praying for you! Jesus really loves you!! I’m happy you’re free!

Caleb Hyles : I think what's most triumphant and inspiring is how you have broken the cycle of what seemed to be a generational pattern of abuse. Mental disorders and all, the choices you have made post-childhood have set into motion a new age of understanding and empathy for your future family. And, of course, the friends you've made and will continue to make. You are a treasure to all, and an apt example of the true measure of a man. Peace to you, brother ♥ Keep liking you.

Pamela : I respect you so much more now.

PIEPIE : Read From Surviving to Thriving (CPTSD) by Pete Walker.

Jodonore 2.0 : Fucking hell Boogie... I didn't watch you a lot at all but I happened to watch this and you're making me feel so sorry and sad because all of this happened... I'm so glad you grew up to be mature and reflective about things happening to you. You're an example that after all this stuff happening to you, your relationships and the obesity etc, you can get to be in this mature and relatively healthy state. I'm proud of you and god damn you made me cry here.

samRi : im really sorry this happened to you. im proud of you having the strength to let this go. we like you to. enjoy your life!

Lamarr Wilson : Good grief Boogie.....thank you for being so strong and being here to share your story. Parental abuse is the worst abuse; it's someone who's supposed to love you. 😢

Kaitlyn Milliken : I love you Boogie. Your story of getting through the abuse, has inspired me for years. I have c-ptsd, and it really does change a person's life... What you went through with the physical abuse, was much worse than I can imagine. The mental abuse always has more scars that are harder to heal.. Thank You for telling your story.

Victor R : Listen dude, I do not believe I've ever sat through one of your videos before but your channel was brought up by Some Black Guy recently. The first time I hear about you was when Sarkeesian attacked you about a year ago. I am all for being sensible and have some sort of idea about where you're coming from. I'm simply here to lend my full support and subscribe for the first time. I believe you're a great and likeable person and I want to remind you that for every death threat and hateful message you get, there are way more people who wish you well and are willing to back you up. You have not wronged anyone but you can't really please everyone all the time. Some people are just hateful and trolling so I hope none of it gets to you ever again. We love you!

remiddy : why have 1k people disliked this

li sha : /r/raisedbynarcissists is a good place in case anyone needs it to vent, for support, for resources

Bronze : Boogie's words are touching, his story is heartbreaking and his attitude on life is uplifting.

The Speckled Yellow Banana : How could anyone dislike this?

Josh Poquette : Is it just me, or is it terrifying that someone like this taught little kids on the daily at school.

PlanB : She was a malicious psychopath who has caused you & your sister irreparable harm. She was fully aware of the pain she inflicted on you. Her 'apologizing' or 'trying to make amends' was about control, not about love or guilt. Maybe that truth is too painful to accept.

higler420 : I'm sorry so many adults let you down. I can't understand the level of willful ignorance all of those adults showed, it's truly sickening. I'm glad you're overcoming all of this, and helping others. Takes a strong person to do that. Much love. P.S. I like who you are as well.

John Paul : Those last 20 seconds made me tear up for real

Isavirs : I really can’t do much to erase those terrible memories, but I just want to say that I am sorry. I know I didn’t do the abuse, but I really can’t think of another word to say than sorry. I think the part that seemed the most terrible for me from this whole thing is that she said she would commit suicide if you were taken by child services. I mean all of the mental and physical abuse is terrible on its own, but making a child think that he could cause the death of his mother? That’s just fucked up on so many levels, I really can’t describe it. Love you Boogie, keep strong.

DixiChannel : You are a good person. Over 4.5M people has seen that in you, and trough time we discover how much greater you are, that even we could imagine . And remember, those are facts. Continue to take care of yourself, you are now responsible from much more than just yourself.

CecilDiesel_ : Ooof

Lumpy Dumper : That ending was deep man... I love you boogie

Metal For Breakfast : Thanks for sharing. We love ya boogie. 👊

SonikJ : Oh my god you are an inspiration to everyone 💜 you’ve been through the worst of the worst and you’ve ended up a great person. This is the only YouTube video to ever make me cry uncontrollably I’m so sorry for what happened

Interracial Suspect : You should have showed her your white privilege card

NoVaKane : Crab all over her memory... why save her. She was shit for a mother. Good memory ? Ha!

Thomas Willis : 😢😭😢😭

Becca : My heart is broken for you Boogie. Absolutely shattered. I wish I could hug you a thousand times. You are so strong and amazing. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

DoYouHaveTheBallz : Boogie, I know what you mean when you say you are the product of your mother’s abuse, and to some extent I agree. However, any other person, ANY other person, would have become an angry, introverted human being that hated the people and the world around them. You are the complete opposite. You bring joy and happiness to hundreds of thousands of people. Young and old, thin and overweight, abused and non abused. You have helped me and definitely many other people, sometimes in ways nobody could even imagine but the person in question. You should most definitely be proud of who you are. Love, Gustav

Ice Ice Baby : Thank you Steven. Just thank you.

Hyper Man : This is the closest a video got me to cry.

Wildboy789789 : You are an angel to turn out as good as you are after going thru that... may your mom rest in hell