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Australian Special Forces The Cutting Edge

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AusSOC - "Acies Acuta" Special Air Service Regiment 1st Commando Regiment 2nd Commando Regiment Special Operations Engineer Regiment No. 4 Squadron's Combat Control Teams GO CHECK OUT THESE GUY FOR MORE AWESOME VIDEOS: NinjaKidCH:: LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE


Hollow 609 : If you're an Aussie like I am make sure to be proud!

Phosphorus : I guess Australian spec ops are more dangerous than all of their snakes and poisonous creatures

TV2016CHANNEL : Respect from the vikings (Sweden)

pedro henrique fernandes : respect from Brasil the jongle fighters

roadhouse699 : I'm no fan of monarchy, but anyone else think it's totally badass that Prince Harry trained with these guys and went on a secret tour to Afghanistan with the British Military? Its like a ruler in the middle ages leading his army into battle with his knights.

Slayer 20 : Respect from USA 🇺🇸

Stevil Reagan : Aussie Warriors are first class - well trained, professional and a touch crazy.

Beanu Reeves : Remember kids when going to Australia, all of the wildlife is trying to either hurt you or kill you. Especially the wild Australian Commando, those animals are crazy!

Toddy57k 1 : Aussie legends ...respect from ex rar inf soldier

Turkish Eagle : Respect from turkey!

Spanish Military Power : Great work dude! Congratulations :) and Nice song!

stephen smith : If i had to take hell, I would use the australians to take it....ERWIN ROMMEL

FrenchMilitaryPower : Respect From France !

Luring : This ppl are so badass! Mad respect from Norway!

BallisticPanda : Awesome video MHS, i wish to some day serve my country (Australia). I'm only young but i hope to some day protect my country.

Trijuh : Respect from the US

Clinton Oh : A lot of the footage is actually of Prince Harry and his time training with the SOTG. Not that I am complaining, he is an absolute badass. I am by no means a huge fan of monarchies, but if a Prince is willing to fight alongside those that he "rules", then that is a Prince that I would be willing to serve under.

Roberto Tropeano : respect from italy

Виталий Соколов : Respect from Russia. Nice video)

Jacob Martin : Beautiful. absolutely beautiful

Jack the Patriot : You boys are badasses, proud to be your allies. Love and much respect from the United States of America!

Casen Connell : Haha I'd forgotten about Prince Harry training with them. much respect from the Americas!

iGweekzAwot : Respect from usa

David Řezníček : hi :) very nice video Your work is incredible ..... and I'm looking forward when it comes to the Czech Republic keep it up :) pozdrav z česka :)

ANTHONY VLOGZ : respect from usmc.c. sargent anthony tamburini

LoZz : 2:47 since when is prince harry in the SASR?

SpartanWolf 01RA : You may aswell say what tune it uses since people (like me!) will ask! also, somewhat misleading, Prince harry is not an aussie.. and half the vid features him shooting! :P

Cap Gamer 10 : I'm aussie let's hope Australian kicks North Korea to the end

Martin Ryan : We were literally settled by convicts, that the British Empire saw no use for. Look at us now! No wonder we're tough as nails

Videre sine Videri : right now i'm seriously considering enlisting myself in the SOF of my country !

Ultra : That's one badass prince you've got there!

diogo fernandes : Respect from Portugal

Will B : As an Australian, This is my favorite MHS video (not sure why! ;) ) BUT! We have two SF groups and I wouldn't mind seeing some footage from our Commando Regiment!

Mada Ra : top music ;) ;)

GhostBeGaming : my uncle was a SASR member and was for 5 years

Somesh Chatterjee : LOVE and RESPECT from INDIA...AUSSIE SF

Milesb_22 b : Im australian and im glad theyve got our asses covered

TehOnlyEzzy : Respect from the US!

US Military Warfighters : Amazing work man love the video, and i never knew prince harry trained with them its interesting

Hawk 0189 : +MHS Productions could you make a tribute about the german sof with the same "atmosphare"?

Aiden Morris : at 1.49 the masks they're wearing are paintball masks. brand is Scott's grade: rec ball

Tommy23r10 : Nicely Made vid! like this alot !

MadeInBr 123 : Mais um vídeo foda Parabéns mano

NeOn X SpEeDz : Respect from the UK❤️🇬🇧

Aj Arqam : I'm here for imagine dragons. ⚡💜⚡

bailey martinac : My dream

Jack53 : ready aim fire imagine dragon

Nomad : I need to change my life around -_- these are the men I admire and want to be like but at this point in time it'll never happen. ONE DAY I HOPE. Respect to and former/current members of the ADF thank you for you service.

Zuzka Maňáková : Ready Aim Fire - imagine dragons