Australian Special Forces | "The Cutting Edge"

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Hollow 609 : If you're an Aussie like I am make sure to be proud!

TV2016CHANNEL : Respect from the vikings (Sweden)

Ultra : That's one badass prince you've got there!

roadhouse699 : I'm no fan of monarchy, but anyone else think it's totally badass that Prince Harry trained with these guys and went on a secret tour to Afghanistan with the British Military? Its like a ruler in the middle ages leading his army into battle with his knights.

Jack the Patriot : You boys are badasses, proud to be your allies. Love and much respect from the United States of America!

Spanish Military Power : Great work dude! Congratulations :) and Nice song!

Phosphorus : I guess Australian spec ops are more dangerous than all of their snakes and poisonous creatures

Martin Ryan : We were literally settled by convicts, that the British Empire saw no use for. Look at us now! No wonder we're tough as nails

Luring : This ppl are so badass! Mad respect from Norway!

Виталий Соколов : Respect from Russia. Nice video)

Trijuh : Respect from the US

FrenchMilitaryPower : Respect From France !

Clinton Oh : A lot of the footage is actually of Prince Harry and his time training with the SOTG. Not that I am complaining, he is an absolute badass. I am by no means a huge fan of monarchies, but if a Prince is willing to fight alongside those that he "rules", then that is a Prince that I would be willing to serve under.

stephen smith : If i had to take hell, I would use the australians to take it....ERWIN ROMMEL

BallisticPanda : Awesome video MHS, i wish to some day serve my country (Australia). I'm only young but i hope to some day protect my country.

Roberto Tropeano : respect from italy

Stevil Reagan : Aussie Warriors are first class - well trained, professional and a touch crazy.

William B : As an Australian, This is my favorite MHS video (not sure why! ;) ) BUT! We have two SF groups and I wouldn't mind seeing some footage from our Commando Regiment!

LoZz : 2:47 since when is prince harry in the SASR?

Sharky Films : I'm not just saying this cause I'm aussie and want to join the 2nd Commando Regiment after school, but man the Australian SOF are some of the coolest SOF out there, and they have a real "Bring it" look don't they?

pedro henrique fernandes : respect from Brasil the jongle fighters

Toddy57k 1 : Aussie legends ...respect from ex rar inf soldier

Slayer 20 : Respect from USA 🇺🇸

SpartanWolf 01RA : You may aswell say what tune it uses since people (like me!) will ask! also, somewhat misleading, Prince harry is not an aussie.. and half the vid features him shooting! :P

ANTHONY VLOGZ : respect from usmc.c. sargent anthony tamburini

LILTROOPER 46 : Im australian and im glad theyve got our asses covered

Casen Connell : Haha I'd forgotten about Prince Harry training with them. much respect from the Americas!

Jacob Martin : Beautiful. absolutely beautiful

Spectral Arrow : Respect from The United Kingdom!

Aiden Morris : at 1.49 the masks they're wearing are paintball masks. brand is Scott's grade: rec ball

Meme Lord711 : I am proud i am an Aussie *cry* I miss being in special force.

SFTG VIPER : The fact that they kill an enemy with a prosthetic, take it back home and drink beer from it says it all

Angus mcglynn : aussi aussi aussi

Beanu Reeves : Remember kids when going to Australia, all of the wildlife is trying to either hurt you or kill you. Especially the wild Australian Commando, those animals are crazy!

boof head : these boys and girls as well as the army protect us and some even give up there own time for nothing couldnt be more prouder! !! all we need now is to legally own a slug gun without a licence and where set!!...i was pretty good at the ol slugger at the dart board

Salah Dz : top music ;) ;)

Jeweby Chewy : Someday i would try out to be a Commando. 4years till im 20

Turkish Eagle : Respect from turkey!

Pravin Koli : My fav australia speical force love from india

Jdor D : May God bless those who are against the oppressive nature of evil.."Yeshua(Jesus Christ) is the way"

Hawk 0189 : +MHS Productions could you make a tribute about the german sof with the same "atmosphare"?

Reilly Brangan : Open sea para drops, the most bizarre yet awesome thing I've seen in a while

diogo fernandes : Respect from Portugal

Cap Gamer 10 : I'm aussie let's hope Australian kicks North Korea to the end

Stone Gameplays : I'm a big fan of your videos, Nice job, i have question.. which song Is this one? I tink Is imagine dragons right? I can't find the song jajaja

That Guy : i think australia got the best millitary

David Řezníček : hi :) very nice video Your work is incredible ..... and I'm looking forward when it comes to the Czech Republic keep it up :) pozdrav z česka :)

SF&M : Why cant i watch this vid its saying this video not avaleble

Jon Collier : 1:35 you can see a dead bloke on the ground near the lux

US Military Warfighters : Amazing work man love the video, and i never knew prince harry trained with them its interesting