Letterman asks Christopher Walken if he's nuts (1995)

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Savage Mister : 0:18 Christopher Walken 0:31 Christopher sittin

6 String Fan : He's an oddity and he knows it.....But I love this guy.... His skits on SNL were absolutely hysterical!

NocturneKing : Christopher Walken is the man

Belin Gonza : King of NYC - True Romance

Costa Michailidis : The further we get from the 90s, the more they look like the 80s.

Menace Man : Why all the Letterman hate? Walken seemed to enjoy the interview...

itkojecockot : Chris Walken is a legend..... simple as that

Helium Road : 1:50 that face. Gotta wonder what happened to that kid he fought when he was 7...probably not a happy ending.

Francisco Sanchez : The Nostalgia Critic put it best... "Christopher Walken is like an alien on vacations"

nicholas blicharski : it's odd how the world works. The most normal, unpretentious, down to earth people are called crazy or nuts.

Mike Trout : It's so funny that Chris says he's not a good driver bcuz  I met him in Santa Monica once and we raced.  I was in a beat-up, old '93 Geo Tracker and we raced all the way to Riverside and I won.  So now if anybody comments on my POS car, I can truly say "Hey, it beats Walken!"

Doug Whole : no cocaine was involved in this appearance.

slimturnpike : Letterman kinda blows this one

Porch Fyre : Did anyone else notice the band playing Fats Domino's "i'm Walking" during Christopher Walken's intro lol?

Sven Danielsson : his composure and posture and etiquette is so unique. I love it.

doodahman101 : I'll watch any movie Walken is in just because he's in it. Very few actors I can say that about. Maybe Hoffman and Pacino too. But Walken, he has this quirkiness that I just love to watch.

DayJ 87 : Doesn't drive? Guess that's why he's Walken! Why wasn't this joke made? Cmmon letterman!!

TommyTwobats : His hair always looks 15-20 degrees not quite right compass.

Brian Dorn : Letterman's compass ain't quite right either.

J Ward : CW is just a good guy. Like a neighborhood guy you grew up with and always liked but you never see anymore.

Rory O'Flaherty : Christopher Walken is a wonderful actor in my opinion. Granted his voice makes him stand out, but further than that (as David points out) he really has the ability to put you on edge. With a turn of phrase or just a stare he can make you terrified of what goes on in that mind of his.

MrSloika : He's got an old school NYC accent.

Pudepaj : I thought it said ''Letterman asks Christopher Walken if he nuts''. I'm dissapointed

GunCollector007 : Walken is great, Daves an ass

Larry Webb : Christopher Walken = Johnny Depp on steroids

Michael Carroll : omg this is from 95? it looks like its from 75

ryanjofre : Letterman is a womanizing douche but we love him...................I'm happy that the master Walken doesn't take himself so seriously as Letterman is pretty patronzing, condescending and snarky here in the begining What a way to start out..........sigh.. What a Douche letterman is.

Mark Younger : Kind of ironic that he does a song from West Side Story. As you recall, it starred Natalie Wood. Christopher Walken was on the boat the night Natalie died and some believe he may have been involved with Robert Wagner in her murder. Strange choice of songs!

Doug Doug : Natalie Wood

Captain S : Walken for President

Martha Todd Stephens : his real name is Ronald!


ironpirites : Walken is one of those people who is more interesting than the roles he plays. I think it's hard for those people to find roles that really tap into what they have to give. Loved him in Dogs of War.

MrSpansell : Letterman use to love ya man. You turned into a douche though. Turns out Cher was right.

Kathleen Bergeron : Anybody else notice that Paul and the band played the old Fats Domino song, "I'm walking'"? (Walden) Ha!

TTuoTT : I cant believe how ridiculously rude the moderator guy is

Byron Buxton : Like poking a tiger through the bars only to find out the gate is unlocked!

Chet Black : fights are for children. I was about 7 the last time I was involved i one too.

Jim Pimmers : I was at this show. I can't believe I happened to find this.

TheUndergroundHipHopArtistKnownAsScienceFriction : Anybody that's not jumping around like a moronic Jim Carrey is mentally ill according to Letterman

Rita Serrano : Favorite actor.

Alexis : he's fantastic

Major Tim To Ground Control : I think he looks more like the first Paul McCartney than the 2nd one does. I think his real name is James Paul McCartney?

Pikeman50 : More Cowbell.

Trinavara : Was fascinated by this guy growing up..soo intelligently weird and mysterious at times..

Luis Kern : Chris walken actually seems pretty normal in interviews. Didn't expect that. Jeff goldblum is way more nuts.

Robert James : Letterman is and always was a douche. He's simply not funny. He doesn't even listen to his guests.

Henry Raymond : It's a good thing David had someone to interview with talent and even humor since David had neither. I think Johnny Carson actually helped put David on TV and I can't imagine why. What a mook. He reminds me of the kid we used to beat the cra*p out of everyday at school because he was just such a toadstool. He thought he was clever and cute, no girls wanted to date him, and he looked like someone took a dump on his face.

ArneYoga : Back when Letterman and Walken were very young and completely on fire, really great at their jobs.

DuncanDeez : Is it just me or does it sound like there's crickets chirping in the background?