Letterman asks Christopher Walken if he's nuts (1995)

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Romans One16 : how did the guy pull him over if he was in a plain car?

Matt davidson : This guy is genius. Too cool.

George Monroe : Chris, what happened on that boat to Natalie?

Ian Christopher : He aint nuts hes just the Anti-Christ that's all.And Sicilian from fathers side.

Leon D : very second rate from Letterman

Juan_T_Castro : I wish I lived in ‘95 again. I was 2 but it was nice

Alfred North Whitehead : Why would he mention 'Wayne's World 2' instead of Deer Hunter at the beginning?

neosrt10 : Christopher my Real names Ronald Walken..The King of NYC

Daniel Arthur : I thought he might ask him about his change of film character from a young, vulnerable guy to a cool, calculating bad mf. True Romance I will not soon forget!

Vantheman 12 : What was he doing on that boat.......................

ja Jïp : Chris Bro i live in my house all day bro, its normal cause the world is full of shit, My Man Chris Walken

Strakos0 : Who else sees Michael Schumacher in Christopher Walken's face? Btw Michael had a brilliant character and was very wise, too.

Kim Brady : David is such an asshole! He interrupts and he's fucking stupid.

Joe Blow : A true original, unique.

Ariel Grvs : If I were Christopher walkn....idk I would punch that for in the throat

Tom Thomas : crab negro asks walken shite

Chris Snyder : I forgot to mention Dennis Hopper helped make it epic!

Maurine Goodyear : Carson was a 10x better interviewer.

Iraklis Moschonas : Letterman is my favorite talk show host.. he's simply the best. Second best (with little difference), Conan.

ConservativeAtheist : Christopher Walken is a very odd person but still a great actor.

Jimmy LuckySeven : CW A M E R I C A N O R I G I N A L

Jason Lieberman : Letterman, fuckin asshat.

Richie B. : I used to sing the jet song on the subway as a kid. I lived where they shot it. Love that song.

Ben Clado : always entertain to watch

John Maynard : I would like to know what he knows about the night on the boat with Natalie Wood.

Adrian Hernandez : I love that the band is playing, Fats Domino's I'm Walkin' in the background. LoL Subtle but funnnnnnny.

Rick Rodrigues : Christopher Walken, - what you see is what you get...honest & true!

Nic Parker : Richer than God see if they lend a dollar . FUCK OFF

M.P.G. : I don't find you clowns funny at all. Hollywood jerkfest

pskton : She could stand to have his hair redone.

Dan Warren : Why are interviewers like this such pricks?

Ian Christopher : Letterman looks like Smithers here and that's not a compliment.

Herb Kaplan : Lion killing

crimsonrush : Does Letterman ever shut the fuck up?

Bin Dardundat : Holly forehead

Adam St.Martin : Not everybody is perfect...But I like Christopher Walken...He makes a better bad guy...love his movies....

Frankincensed : He didn't use his Christopher Walken voice during the interview.

John McGahern : Can't believe Letterman didn't mention The Deer Hunter!

Mortal Clown : God what a channel. Thank you.

SilentBob420BMFJ : This is depressing to see C Walk aka Ronald lives a lame ass life...

Sam Field : He's a nice guy but quite chilling... it's like he could be a big boss for the mafia.

malibu 44 : Coolest. Actor. Ever.

Wayne Draper : Buckwheats !

Giada_De_Low_Rent_Tits : I've always liked Christopher Walken. I like him more after seeing this.

Silverhand290 : that letterman guy is a right fukin bellend

RONALD511 : Christopher Walken Amazing man..so much knowledge in his head..

Clarke Freeman : D. L-man was a piece of utter trash. I'm glad new generations won't have to suffer old folks droning on about "letterman" jerk off. I hated Carson but 10x better then this tool. Christopher Walken? A King that didn't have to even sit at this sh1t pub with this retarded fool asking questions. Thanks Americana for the Clintons and Letterman.

Jr Crawford : What are they doing?

bbtesla : David Letterman was such a complete idiot.

Brenda Mcloughlin : Christopher should have smacked that fucker.