Letterman asks Christopher Walken if he's nuts (1995)

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Romans One16 : how did the guy pull him over if he was in a plain car?

p m : Letterman is a weird man, very awkward. Don't know why he was famous.

Karsten Johansson : Those could almost be Eminem lyrics.

Jimmy LuckySeven : CW A M E R I C A N O R I G I N A L

Nic Parker : Richer than God see if they lend a dollar . FUCK OFF

M.P.G. : I don't find you clowns funny at all. Hollywood jerkfest

This is the most magical username you'll ever come across and every time you see it you grow wiser : *Is it weird that I named my left nut Christopher Walken?*

Alex Bott : lol do you have a song and dance ready for us? lol well....

tazz : This looks like the fuckin 70s this shit looks old

malibu 44 : Coolest. Actor. Ever.

Keth F : yeeeaaah, he's nuts, but he's still cool as hell

jonavuka : interview needs more cowbell

ZodiacProd : Ronald Walken is the man

Iris Bloom : The eighties´and the nineties´were ever so much better, actually glorious times in comparison with the time were are living now. This present time, 2017 will be looked at as the time of big trash in history books.

blackflagqwerty : He's one cool cat!

Ned Ryerson : LOVE WALKEN!!!

Jaime Lee : classic

adam fox : Hey Christopher. Killed anyone lately?

John Monroney : Walken is the man

Mahfuz Munir Khan PT : being an actress is harder than presenting tbh

Michael DeAngelo : The more I see this guy the more I appreciate his uniqueness. he's a gem.

BlitzKrieg Azteca : Walken exposing the Illuminati/Elite@ 4:50

Philip Zamora : It's strange to think he was once thought of as chilling and spooky. And, today, we know him fondly as the eccentric oddball with a heart of gold. Interesting how it flipped like that.

James Black : Letterman is such a cunt.

Sam Son : Coke cain

zacharyp32 : That is very disrespectful of letterman to treat Walken like this. Asking if he's nuts.


Destroy Date : C.W's family owned a bakery In Astoria Queens.

RussianVideoVlogGuy : this is so boring

Blonde But Actually Brunette : Hey did you see Christopher Walken? He continued to and then sat in the chair.

Pas Perry : He grew up in Astoria Queens I use play football with him. He use to run home crying most often

LuaBloe : Christopher Walken has been my senior crush for years. ^.^

Lee Brownlie : Letterman definately thinks he, himself, is funny!! Just let him get on with it, this is a guy with something about him (unlike yourself!) you goofy tosser!!!

Dream Travel : letterman looked old even when he was young.

Phil Hibberd : Love the walk on music, classy

Joe studly : Why didn't he ask him what happened to Natalie Wood?

JohnKuczmarski : David was such an excellent provocative host, and Walken such a courteous guest!

w roberts : Saw him again in that roulette scene in the Deer Hunter - it's got to be one of the most tense scenes ever filmed.

Christian Windum : A true badass if there ever was one

Daniel Morin : How come no one is talking about Donald trumps hair 😏 I say let me shave his head😀 An old fashioned WWF haircut match Let's see the horns Donny 😉

Richard Watts : This guy was ahead of his time in his prime. Epic presence.

Marty Huggins : Amazing on screen presence, always original, his pronunciation is always interesting - he's the guy all guys want to be like I think.

HighlanderNorth1 : Thank God Letterman finally retired. I remember staying up late to watch his show in the 80s, but I found it to be incredibly boring. You can judge comedy shows simply by how often they make you laugh. I could watch Letterman for quite a while, without so much as a snicker. His "top 10 lists" were usually dull. Granted, you could hear some members of the audience laughing at his 'jokes', but I think that laughter was stage managed. Kinda like when a prerecorded sit com audience is instructed to clap.

Justin Case : What's the opposite of Christopher Reeve? > > > > > > > > Christopher Walken!

Mr H : Christopher and Robert Wagner used to like a bit of boating....

Richard Ong : His scene with Dennis Hopper in True Romance made that movie.

SupaFly10579 : This man is so sexy.

John Fisher : Adam Goldberg & Amanda Plummer are superstars in their roles.

godso : David Letterman was a real asswipe !

Frank Piccirillo : Someone once told me my east coast accent reminded them of Christopher Walken. I was flattered to hell!