Bulb changing on a 1768 ft tower

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-Thunder - Bear- : In Russia bulb changes you

YAOG : Why not just leave a set of tools up there for whenever it's needed?

Slugontharug : 30 pound bag of tools, prob a 30-40 pound set of balls to do this, that is a lot of weight to pull up there!

Kate Linnell : Im getting anxiety just watching this..nope nope nope!

Daniel Quintero : (AT THE TOP) " You have the light bulb?" " I thought you had it? " you had one job, Jeff... lol

USSVoyager5 : One World Trade Center in New York is 1,776 Feet taller

Collin Shields : 5:17 "there's no quick way down" ...I beg to differ.


Oscar Dawson : I'm surprised they were able to get off the ground on account of their massive balls

Chris Garcia : Why do they blurr his face? They don't want anyone one to know that he has the biggest balls on the planet?

t3hGawd : I hope they at least give these guys a parachute to go down with.

El Monster : If your palms get sweaty you end up like mom's spaghetti

The Delray Misfits : Wouldn't it just be easier to lower him down from a helicopter?

PhaneroN7 : well now I know at least one job not suitable for me.

Powell Custom Drums : No no guys not THAT Tower the other one haha

Mainsail76 : And I thought changing the flood light above my garage at 20 ft. was risky.

Mahir Cave : What if the new bulb doesn't work

matthewg 1299 : *gets all the way to the top*.... *drops tool bag to the ground*

badger519 : "From this height you can see 55 miles..." Or 1768 feet straight down to your death.

joeguitargod : The workers should be required to wear a parachute. To not would go against everything safety related.

DaCamponTwee : Thank god for Xanax.

Sage Five : I'm sitting here watching this with a clenched butthole. I can't imagine actually being there. 

scrapplepig : The only safety equipment needed is a diaper.

Shell Craigmiles : fuuuuuck that. These guys have my full respect.

eyeh8nbc : This simply isn't worth doing to keep current TV on the air! Let the idiots who run it do this!

CapTanIT : They should wear a parachute... In case they fall.. And/or get down faster......

Shadyn Ebey : I climb cell towers, but there is always a safety cable running up the site we can use a cable grab on. This is just flat insane. Part of the reason why OSHA allows free climbing is because above a certain height, it would take so long to get to you if you fell in your harness that you would probably be dead anyway.

Mr. Courtesy : Every time that worker looks down I die a little inside.

Tyler Copeland : People like this have balls!! I had trouble watching this!'

LibertyPrimeV1 : give these men parachutes for an easier way down.

Galen James : does anyone know 1]how much this guy's salary is?] nd 2]how much a person gets paid annually to do this kinda job?

Teddyvision : Good thing I was on the toilet watching this...😖💩

ap xpandy : I love the way the ladders keep getting smaller and flimsier! And the guy just puts his safety hook on the ladder peg, with hardly any end-stop. If he fell sideways, the hook would pop straight off! Aaaargh! Very scary stuff! But, I'm sure I would like the view - if I recovered from my fainting!

Trae Murphy : i couldnt do this even for 500 million dollars.

Andreas Behringer : It's a big bowl of NOPE from me.

01bluebusa : da heck widdat bulb...it'd stay burned out.

Victoria Matamoros : Watching this makes me very lightheaded.

Willie Gillie : Too bad this guy doesn't wear a parachute. It seems a lot more practical then a helmet

Alex : 6:17 I guess if lighting hit that wouldn't be good.

Parviz Gul : Oh my GOD. is there any other way to change the bulb. come on mankind. cant those expensive drones that are used to spy on other countries be used to change bulbs. :(

Rich Eaton : There just isn't enough money in the world.

C.P Nationals : On this guys return to ground. I'd immediately fire him. He had at least 3 breaks in 8 minutes. Can't abide lazy, work shy people.

macocwbyz72 : I hope this job pays VERY well!   No F'n way .  Not for a million dollars!!

Bamk 49ers : And I thought the 12-15 ft at a grocery store I work at was scary

ALFA Erick : Who else almost shit their pants when they made that thunder noise

David Buschhorn : What does he mean "There's no quick way down"? I can think of one obvious and very quick way down. Maybe not ideal but it *is* quick.

Freddy Sandoval : How much does this pay? Im totally down.

treck87 : Whenever you Prozac and marijuana users think you're having a bad day, just think about what a bad day for these guys would entail and you might be able to switch from drugs to mindfulness meditation instead.

Laudium Enoch : Had to stop it at the top. Legs, groan, stomach pains. Just ate too. Keys all sweating.

DrummingEvil : "this is the freaky part" THIS ENTIRE CLIMB IS FREAKY!