Bulb changing on a 1768 ft tower

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YAOG : Why not just leave a set of tools up there for whenever it's needed?

Thunder Bear : In Russia bulb changes you

Chris Garcia : Why do they blurr his face? They don't want anyone one to know that he has the biggest balls on the planet?

Daniel Quintero : (AT THE TOP) " You have the light bulb?" " I thought you had it? " you had one job, Jeff... lol

El Monster : If your palms get sweaty you end up like mom's spaghetti

Slugontharug : 30 pound bag of tools, prob a 30-40 pound set of balls to do this, that is a lot of weight to pull up there!

Collin Shields : 5:17 "there's no quick way down" ...I beg to differ.

Oscar Dawson : I'm surprised they were able to get off the ground on account of their massive balls

badger519 : "From this height you can see 55 miles..." Or 1768 feet straight down to your death.

Mainsail76 : And I thought changing the flood light above my garage at 20 ft. was risky.


Kate Linnell : Im getting anxiety just watching this..nope nope nope!

PhaneroN7 : well now I know at least one job not suitable for me.

scrapplepig : The only safety equipment needed is a diaper.

Shadyn Ebey : I climb cell towers, but there is always a safety cable running up the site we can use a cable grab on. This is just flat insane. Part of the reason why OSHA allows free climbing is because above a certain height, it would take so long to get to you if you fell in your harness that you would probably be dead anyway.

Shell Craigmiles : fuuuuuck that. These guys have my full respect.

Mr. Courtesy : Every time that worker looks down I die a little inside.

Powell Custom Drums : No no guys not THAT Tower the other one haha

OctoCamo : I hope they at least give these guys a parachute to go down with.

joeguitargod : The workers should be required to wear a parachute. To not would go against everything safety related.

Chris Coombs : "This is the tricky part" he says.

matthewg 1299 : *gets all the way to the top*.... *drops tool bag to the ground*

David Buschhorn : What does he mean "There's no quick way down"? I can think of one obvious and very quick way down. Maybe not ideal but it *is* quick.

Andreas Hoppe : What if he needs to go to the bathroom?… urinating at such high altitude must be fun up there lol

Tyler Copeland : People like this have balls!! I had trouble watching this!'

ya436 : there should be a vr version of this video.

Willie Gillie : Too bad this guy doesn't wear a parachute. It seems a lot more practical then a helmet

lordvishnu : But on the plus side, that radio tower is almost liberated, Pagan Min's propaganda is nearly inhibited, and he's almost got some free guns!

Andreas Behringer : It's a big bowl of NOPE from me.

Trae Murphy : i couldnt do this even for 500 million dollars.

Mahir Cave : What if the new bulb doesn't work

*HellRay* : Somewhere, someone just saw this and come the next day at work in their boring office job, they'll kiss their cubicle like a long time family member.

Goggles Tigerkhan : "this is the tricky part, getting on top" OH OK THANKS FOR TELLING US ACROPHOBES WHICH PART WAS TRICKY the trucky part should be "having this job"

DaCamponTwee : Thank god for Xanax.

Goggles Tigerkhan : transmission tower worker simulator, htc vive and oculus rift recommended

Teddyvision : Good thing I was on the toilet watching this...😖💩

CapTanIT : They should wear a parachute... In case they fall.. And/or get down faster......

LibertyPrimeV1 : give these men parachutes for an easier way down.

ap xpandy : I love the way the ladders keep getting smaller and flimsier! And the guy just puts his safety hook on the ladder peg, with hardly any end-stop. If he fell sideways, the hook would pop straight off! Aaaargh! Very scary stuff! But, I'm sure I would like the view - if I recovered from my fainting!

InvisFrames : You think they'd make it much safer to climb considering maintenance work inevitably has to be done.

USSVoyager5 : One World Trade Center in New York is 1,776 Feet taller

Victoria Matamoros : Watching this makes me very lightheaded.

eyeh8nbc : This simply isn't worth doing to keep current TV on the air! Let the idiots who run it do this!

C.P Company : On this guys return to ground. I'd immediately fire him. He had at least 3 breaks in 8 minutes. Can't abide lazy, work shy people.

AJ A : this is giving me so much anxiety

Galen James : does anyone know 1]how much this guy's salary is?] nd 2]how much a person gets paid annually to do this kinda job?

Trey Heckendorn : That's the tricky part?!?!? Getting 5 ft off the ground is hard enough for me

Rich Eaton : There just isn't enough money in the world.

SaturnVII : So I had a professor in college who talked to us one day about how crazy it is that some people work at these heights, standing, climbing, and we wonder 'How do they do that? Aren't they afraid to fall?' The fact of the matter though is that what they're doing isn't any different functionally from climbing up to the top of your house, or standing on a ladder to pick fruit from a tree. The height is the only difference. So once you desensitize yourself to that height, and come to the realization that you're in control of your fate at all times up there, you won't be scared anymore. That being said, I gladly appreciate the job this fellow does, because I wouldn't do it. lol

Erick Gaming : Who else almost shit their pants when they made that thunder noise