Spongebob: Graveyard Shift

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TheRationalTurk : Shout out to the guy who got his job application for the krusty krab denied.

A crybaby thats also a demon : god this is quality content

Ricky : This is actually pretty good

Vanilla Rose Petals : I was actually looking for old Spongebob episodes but I am pleased I found this. 😂😂💕

Rebecca Rhean : Youd think these guys practiced and memoried scrips. But nah.. millenials just know the full script to classic spongebob by heart.

SquishyFishy : Not what I wanted. But it's what I needed.

AvZytek 24 : How to Avoid Copyright 101

Nick Currie : Squidward's actor really nails his part.

Isaac the Worship Warrior : To think a few teenage boys took the time to do this.

Hollow Hills Productions : Hey everyone! Glad to hear you guys have really been liking this video! There will be more Spongebob in the works for sure but we are also going to start working on original content so make sure you at least give that a chance too. But there will be more Spongebob!

Sav : i would marry anyone involved with this production on the spot

Riccardo Abdine : You guy are amazing.

Salty Stick : Congrats on being tumblr famous now That isn't sarcasm btw, I actually mean it-

Kavaskon the Beta : I love that they put actual effort into this

unknown93516 : Lmao! " Sponge Bob there are two problems with your theory 1 I hate you"

Syrinfin : And they said live action cartoon adaptations are bad 💁‍♀️ love this

Matilde Cadau : I just found a gem.

PATRICK WILL CONSUME : when are you guys gonna get an oscar

kikiprettylife18 : I was going to be pissed off at first because I was looking for the real episode, but you know what? I'm not even mad. I respect The amount of work he put into this video and I actually enjoyed it. Good job!

Alina Marr : This 100% feels like a comedy central or an adult swim show. Love it

Manhattan is the best : They have JCPenney in Bikini Bottom?

Zthewise : I started working the night shift where I work and wanted to re-watch the Night shift episode of Spongebob, and I happen to stumble along this masterpiece. I was in stitches. Started a bit weak, but by the time you got to the part where Squidward was telling the story was were it really shined.

Allen Burt : The actor for Sponge Bob is great! This was a really interesting and creative way to bring new life to an old story.

GamingDemon 12 : THE WALLS WILL OOZE GREEN SLIME(now here's where you messed up) No wait they (always) do that

Kevin Epstein : On another note. The hash slinging slasher guy was the best acting in the entire video

Rafael Reyes : Tumblr brought me here

Cary Lancaster : Oh boy 3 AM!

Jericho of Absolution : Ya know what? This was too damn enjoyable. The attention to detail from the episode is straight on.

Mighty Raccoon : Looks like the opening to a porn parody.

carlie : OW, I BURNED MY HAND!!! at night;)

sinisterkid : this is modern art

AliAlover 560 : Man...This is good...i'm serious... Its funny how they say THE exact same words...If I did it, I'd probably mess up. Good job!

Texas Metal Guy : I just...I can't hate this.

ThoughtsOfALeo : Damn. I just found you guys from Tumblr and I just want you to know that this is fantastic. The attention to detail is great and you guys are hilarious (also shout out to the dude playing spongebob who was honestly PERFECT in this episode!) You deserve all of the subscribers!

Claire Taylor : Not what I was expecting when I clicked but I’m not disappointed

Cody G : If you look up "quality YouTube content" in the dictionary, you'll see the thumbnail for this video. 20/10 would watch again.

TheSparkyWriter : Them dabs though.

Vix Wakeland : Where's the Oscar nomination????

Ivan Banana : You need to do pizza delivery and the chocolate one

Brynn Hill : Yall need a Sandy 😂

fani rahayu : At first I had been dissapointed when I found out this was not the real episode, but now I really admire how amazing you guys at making this video. It's very accurate to the original episode.

Steven Lepas : These guys are too cute

VitalikCraft : I THINK THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!! at night ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (I actually commented this at night) and also 5:49 AWESOME ACTING SPONGE BOB YOU TOTALLY LOOK SCARED

Beka Emery : .. came here from Tumblr... I've never wathed more than about an episode of spongeBob but I love this

Haneefa Abdullah : Please make more spongebob skits there’ so funny 😂 😍❤️

Alexandria Catron : I was waiting for the 3 AM scene and I am glad to say I was not disappointed. Good job y’all!

Michael Phillips : You guys are funny, you guys look like you make life fun, interesting, humorous and you guys look like you had fun doing this. Even though this is more of a remake or reenactment of the episode of SpongeBob, still, you guys managed to make me laugh.

Jordan Howson : Squidward: He returns every, what day is it SpongeBob: Tuesday Squidward: TUESDAY NIGHT!!!!

The Awesome Village : Dude this is art! You earned your self a sub! and a like

Expeditions With Matt : The amount of dedication that went into this outweighs the bad quality