Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

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Keith Ballard : The problem with this vague definition of a "millennial" is that it leads to calling people that are about to turn 30 "kids".

Aaron Orrantia : Am I the only 90s kid that agrees with him and that isn't butthurt about this awful truth?

Patrick Curtis : Simple recipe for creating the worst generation. Take a generation of people raised in an economic boom where jobs were plentiful and minimum wage was high, have them raise kids poorly, use up all the resources of the world, drain the economy, and then throw those children out into a world full of war, death and conflict. Make sure they can't afford a house, can't afford to marry and are buried in debt because they were all told they had to spend all that money the didn't have on a college education. Completely devalue the idea of love and society with the post modernist bullshit, get the kids addicted to drugs, technology and Facebook, destroy the education system, pump them full of Ritalin and send them out into the worst economic recession in human history. Then to top it all off blame those kids for absolutely everything wrong with the world. Now you have millennials.

Indy Jones : When he talks about "friends" canceling if a better opportunity comes up really hit me

Tyler Brown : Video: It's not their fault, they were dealt a bad hand. Comment's section: STAHP BLAMING MILLENIALS!!!1!! Guys... actually watch the video.

Ganesh Nayak : the best part is host did not interrupt him even once. great job

I agree : The funny thing is that millennial bashing is mostly coming from the baby boomers who themselves are arguably the most spoiled, most entitled, lazy and greedy generation that the world has seen as they grew up in the most prosperous, high growth, high job security, never had to worry about getting/losing a job, affordable house, once you got the house the house price steadily increased etc etc, historically the most privileged generation. So it quite rich coming from them how spoiled and entitled millennials are.

Aniv Khawaunju : im so tired of people hating on millennials. Millennials are probably the most hard working generation due to the competition and unstable economy that the baby boomers and generation x created. I have to take classes 4 days a week and work 3 days a week and because of college competition, i need to do an internship, do sports, join clubs, have a great gpa and even after all that I still might not get into a good college. literally who cares about facebook and phone adiction when we have so much more on our plates. At least millennials are the most knowlegeable when it comes to politics and science and technology. what these old people had trouble learning for a decade we grasp in a few months.

ralfov : People talking about millennials annoy me way more than actual millennials.

Kayla Empson : I really enjoyed this video; however, I wish he added the three very important hands millenials are dealt- a bad economy, the cost of living, and student debt.

rpottertgt16 : Can I just hold up a sign that says "citation needed"?

Salmontres : Honestly, older people always complain about the younger generation. This idiot is just trying to sound smart while doing it.

Russ Avery : Anyone who comments that he's "millennial bashing" or "just another millennial basher" did not pay any attention to what he actually said.

Matthew The Great Coin Roll Hunter : The young people are not the problem. They are the solution. If you're not empowering them to fix this, then sit down; look pretty!

Iker Garcia : If he's saying millenials are lazy, difficult to work with... Then a lot of companies would just hire older people, and not only that, they would be successful, because if he's saying that about millenials then he thinks older people are not as lazy and difficult to work with. But then, why is it that almost no companies have only older people? And why is it that most of the successful companies are mostly formed by young people? Just asking.

WissCoast : Ok, I've destroyed my phone, what's next?

zunzara89 : I am not American and I don't really understand this concept of "hard work" that is so valued in the US. In my country we don put work on the pedestal. There are many other things that are valued over hard work. Of course you have to work for your money... but that is not end all be all. Other thing I noticed is the hipocrisy of Western world.. their mouth is full of this hard work when in fact immigrants and underprivileged are doing the real difficult jobs. Can someone explain to me why is that?

Dylan Hume : So pretty much everything this guy says is extremely misleading if not flat out wrong: 1. His entire bit on dopamine is entirely unscientific. Dopamine is released in many daily activities to include eating, exercise, social interaction and sex. Dopamine is responsible for controlling incentive salience and is better described as a motivator modulator than a pleasure modulator. Comparing social media to addiction because they both release dopamine is preposterous and shows a very poor understanding to the point where anyone reading the first three paragraphs of the dopamine Wikipedia page sees his argument is lacking. Don't believe me? Read it yourself 2. Of course people binge watch shows now. Television narratives have become vastly more complex than prior decades, where very few shows kept a narrative running from week to week. In the past, each episode was designed to be able to be viewed with very little knowledge of previous episodes. That is no longer the case. Modern shows frequently have many narratives that run not just week to week, but even span multiple years. Have you seen an episode of Game of Thrones? Of course you would want to wait to binge watch that. He argues that people who patiently wait for an entire season to be over in order to better follow the twisting complex narratives are slaves to instant gratification? What a dumb statement. (this is an opinion piece. Much more difficult to factually show this, but I believe most television audiences intuitively know it) 3. He casually makes a throw away comment about increase in suicide rates in this generation. This is probably the most egregious manipulation of the facts present in his long winded rant. Yes, suicide rates are higher for millennials than for the same age group in previous generations. But guess what, suicides are up for almost every age bracket. According to the CDC, the suicide rate increased from 1994 to 2014 by 24% for people aged 10-74. For women, the greatest increase was in the 10-14 age group, but for men it was in the age group of 45-64. Current trends in suicide rates are very troubling and the truth is we don't really know why. The CDC states; "Suicide is an important public health issue involving psychological, biological and societal factors". For Simon to casually imply that the known cause is due to social media and participation medals shows a huge disregard for facts-based research and is attention grabbing on a level that borders on reckless. 4. "accidental deaths due to drug overdoses". Overall, drug use is at a historic low among millenials with fewer millenials reporting drug use than previous generations and it continues to trend downward. Although it is true that there has been an uptick in drug overdose deaths, much of this is attributed to synthetic opiods and over-prescription of painkillers. Every generation decries the doom of mankind at the hands of the younger one. This is nothing new. Simon has just found a way to make a quick buck from worn-out narratives and flashy rhetoric. (another opinion piece, but written much more comprehensibly than I could pull off)

kk70x7 : THIS is a major driver for the increase in suicide we are seeing now in younger people. The basic inability to be a human being IRL and dealing with any "no" or rejection on any level whatsoever. Life is hard; virtual life is NOT real.

Im On Da Web : please stop- generalizing a whole generation

Z : Gee I wonder why they're not happy: "In 2015, Millennials in New York City were reported as earning 20% less than the generation before them, as a result of entering the workforce during the great recession. Despite higher college attendance rates than Generation X, many were stuck in low-paid jobs, with the percentage of degree-educated young adults working in low-wage industries rising from 23% to 33% between 2000 and 2014. In 2016, research from the Resolution Foundation found Millennials in the UK earned £8,000 less in their 20s than Generation X, describing Millennials as "on course to become the first generation to earn less than the one before"." Perhaps the reason Millennials think they deserve a raise after little time at work is because you're starting out paying them 20% less than you did the generation before them despite having exponentially more college debt than that generation.

JennyMia : “Everybody sounds like they got it all figured out” well just like you Simon. 2:48

Carl Michael : A few truths dressed up in nonsense. He keeps referring to kids. The oldest millennials are in their mid thirties now. If anything millennials are more self confidant. He seems to be more talking about Generation Z.

Jemma Xoxo : Dopamine is literally released for so many things - discovering new things, making a to do list... I guess those are all now equivalent to an alcohol addiction also??

Tansy Woods : So..the parents failed to be actual parents, and it's the kids' fault.

Mirage : Isn't it the parents, the predecessors of the millennials that made the world the way it is now, isn't it them who raised the millennials themselves? Isn't that like Frankenstein creating his monster, and then blaming the monster for who and what he is?

eNtyck : I love how the people in the audience laugh in the beginning like it is all fun and games and later on they realize they are all fucked up in the head and noone is laughing :D

Isaiah mike : Unrelated note: if you agree or disagree with him you have to admit he has such a puchable face.

Deft ZA : Widespread internet use has been around for younger people's entire lives.[607] The youth of the 2010s were called the "best-behaved generation on record." In May 2014, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported that teenage pregnancies and their uses of drugs and alcohol reached record lows.[608] A 2013 survey showed that the rate of teen smoking dropped to 15.7%, the rate of teenagers having unprotected sex dropped to 34% and the rate of teenagers participating in a physical fight dropped to 25%, much lower than their counterparts 22 years earlier.[609] E-cigarette and smokeless tobacco use among teenagers rose.[610] Reference:https: //

Sanjay V : The irony for this video is when I met my fellow millennials, I showed them this video on phone rather than talking to them about the topic.

Carlo van Eijken : I watched this on my phone. Now I feel conflicted.

Tim Shinn : Dear Simon, my alarm clock was 26 dollars at Costco. You owe me 26 dollars. Thanks.

NA NA : its always frustrating to see pseudo scientific hacks twist and use things like brain chemistry or psychology to fit their bullshit. everything he stated about dopamine is so absolutely WRONG i don't even know where to start.

Dave Watts : The term "millenials" is just what us adults today use to describe the same thing our parents and grandparents described when they talked about kids. 1970: "kids these days are ..." is the same as 2017: "millenials these days are ..." The truth is it's just a generalization. I know some 24 year-olds who are absolutely nothing like a stereotypical millenial, and I konw some 45 year-olds who are TEXTBOOK milenials. Do you want to know the secret? So called millenials are no more spoiled, entitled, immature, or in search of instant gratification then kids 40 years ago.

Sanoku71 : So off topic, but doesn't Simon look like Edward Snowden?

seenondv : Great video....problem is, that it's fifteen minutes long and the Millennials stopped watching after three minutes.

minh quan Do : The fact that anyone would listen to whatever the hell Simon Sinek (or just about any other motivational speaker) says is beyond me. What the hell has this guy done exactly? Let's see him lead a team, build a company, etc. He writes books about leadership but I don't see too many examples of him leading anyone. Talk is cheap. As for the people that listen to motivational speakers, cut the crap; nobody can motivate you, you have to motivate yourself.

Julia Trouvé : Every single generation of young adults is going to always be served the same load of bullshit. Plato said it, they said it in the 1700's, in the 1900's ect. We're just the first unlucky batch in this new media industry that's getting the full power of everybody and their neighbor's opinion. I just hope that when my generation gets to that point too, we'll be more focused on accepting what we might have done wrong, and trying to fix things all together than pointing fingers at our younger peers to distract us from the fact that we're part of the problem too.

Bruh : I’m a millenial apparently. This world is rugged. You gotta work hard for what you want and not give up because there’s a bump in the road. The world isn’t gonna hand you anything for free. You just have to have patience. It’s a race that you may never see the end of. That’s why you must enjoy the journey. Sometimes life will feel like shit and you’re stuck in an endless pit of hell and sometimes it will feel great like you’re on top of the world sometimes it’ll feel like you’re stuck in a freaking limbo juggling the world on your back trying to make decisions . You aren’t entitled to anything. You earn it

Ben Caunt : He uses iMovie for a professional video, I can’t take him seriously

mubzy122 : As a millennial (I'm 22) I do agree with the general message of what he's saying. However, our generation is the most accepting, we accept everyone regardless of their race, orientation, beliefs, abilities etc and I, for one, am proud of this. Also, it's the older generation messing up the world and we have to deal with that and try and sort it. The UK has over 1 trillion in debt, forget about it!

Daniel Jazzman : Tip 1 for making relationships : Shot your coworker father in the leg. Then ask your coworker how's your father, I heard he is in hospital..

meathead919 : Sinek uses personal opinions instead of facts or studies. Quite useless interview to be honest, just a random guy with just another random opinion.

A P : Ageist bastards

Francisco Peña : I love seeing all the triggered ppl in the comments

Drew Smith : Anyone else watching this on Facebook from their cell phone in a bathroom stall after excusing yourself from the boardroom?

Ella B : Hmm millennials are ‘entitled’ AND have low self esteem that makes sense.

Sam Madison : Another one that's missing is wisdom, and they don't seem to understand educated does not equal wise.

Rivaldo Riyanto : He seems like one of those ill say stuff thats not necessarily true but buy my e book

IMONSMOKO : I was born in 1999, during primary school 2005-2011 i formed deeper and more meaningful relationships while i was a kid (pre smart phone, social media world) than what I have now in 2018. I cant even talk to people about anything meaningful in life anymore, everything just feels so fucked.