Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

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Ken Ruan : I want him to buy me an alarm clock.

Braulio Cassule : 11:40 this guy got the point..

Kirill Ryadchenko : From my experience, the generational labeling doesn't work if you didn't grow up in the US. I wasn't exposed to participation medals and being told that I'm special. In my background being special was a heavy burden which came with major disadvantages. Does it make "Millenials" applicable only to the US? Because in Europe and Asia kids were exposed to a different kind of treatment.

dewfish : Any time humanity is broken up into these goofy ass "generation labels", its really just thinly veiled ageism.

Jemma Xoxo : Dopamine is literally released for so many things - discovering new things, making a to do list... I guess those are all now equivalent to an alcohol addiction also??

Z : Gee I wonder why they're not happy: "In 2015, Millennials in New York City were reported as earning 20% less than the generation before them, as a result of entering the workforce during the great recession. Despite higher college attendance rates than Generation X, many were stuck in low-paid jobs, with the percentage of degree-educated young adults working in low-wage industries rising from 23% to 33% between 2000 and 2014. In 2016, research from the Resolution Foundation found Millennials in the UK earned £8,000 less in their 20s than Generation X, describing Millennials as "on course to become the first generation to earn less than the one before"." Perhaps the reason Millennials think they deserve a raise after little time at work is because you're starting out paying them 20% less than you did the generation before them despite having exponentially more college debt than that generation.

Cursedyou : Am I the only person who got annoyed at all the people laughing?

Iker Garcia : If he's saying millenials are lazy, difficult to work with... Then a lot of companies would just hire older people, and not only that, they would be successful, because if he's saying that about millenials then he thinks older people are not as lazy and difficult to work with. But then, why is it that almost no companies have only older people? And why is it that most of the successful companies are mostly formed by young people? Just asking.

Max Doe : 03:00 to the left. the blonde thinks she has it all figured out... lol

Kayla Empson : I really enjoyed this video; however, I wish he added the three very important hands millenials are dealt- a bad economy, the cost of living, and student debt.

Drew Smith : Anyone else watching this on Facebook from their cell phone in a bathroom stall after excusing yourself from the boardroom?

OmegaWolf747 : Outsourcing is the cause of a lot of ills the millennial generation faces. Remember the days when you could drop out of high school and work in the factories? Long gone. Now you need a master's degree to do anything and must go into debt to earn one.

Indy Jones : When he talks about "friends" canceling if a better opportunity comes up really hit me

SuperChevyman70 : And what's the first step to Recovery? accepting the problem, admitting it's a problem, and then striving to correct it. this is the problem with this generation no one wants to take responsibility and admit it's a problem and when it's brought to your attention all of the sudden everyone is "offended".... seriously wake up and take the blinders off the world isn't all sunshine and rainbows it's a struggle day in and day out there is no "EASY" button... blows my mind how people will be so quick to throw this guy and his opinions in the dirt without even trying to analyze his message I'll be the first to say I'm guilty of a lot of the items he touches on and I'm not afraid to admit that... why? because I'm not stupid and I've figured out that I can't just sit on my ass all day and expect a magic fairy to drop a Ferrari in my driveway or a new record deal for a rap career... and if you disagree "cassshhh me ouside how bout Dat"? OK wait I stand corrected we do award idiots who bring nothing to society my bad....

rpottertgt16 : Can I just hold up a sign that says "citation needed"?

Mirage : Isn't it the parents, the predecessors of the millennials that made the world the way it is now, isn't it them who raised the millennials themselves? Isn't that like Frankenstein creating his monster, and then blaming the monster for who and what he is?

Tansy Woods : So..the parents failed to be actual parents, and it's the kids' fault.

Prestantious Unicorns : This guy has no idea about the way we're going. Society will only become more dependent on technology and too bad if you think it's an addiction.

ador757 : This is probably one of the most unfair assessment of millennials. 1. Millennials are willing to work with little to no pay called internships, just so they can gain experience and land a good job in the future. How is this entitled? 2. Millennials think they're special? Lets look at the facts, which generation is living off huge retirement benefits at the cost of crippling taxes to the younger generation? 3. With cellphones and instant gratification, are millennials the only generation guilty of such addictions, no because it affects all humans and not only to a specific generation. 4.Millennials are impatient? Which generation is delaying parenthood or abandoning it entirely just because of the fact that supporting a family with an average income is almost impossible?(During the same age, parents of millennials already had a house and could support a family with just 1 person working and the other looking after the children) 5. Millennials are spoiled? Which generation is willing to pay student loans years after they've graduated just so they can get a college diploma and have a chance at a decent life? There are a lot of points that seems to make sense but the more you listen to him, the more you realize that not all are true or based on facts but rather a biased view on millennials.

NELEwb : What do you mean I can't have it just because I want it? BUT I WANT IT!!!

NA NA : its always frustrating to see pseudo scientific hacks twist and use things like brain chemistry or psychology to fit their bullshit. everything he stated about dopamine is so absolutely WRONG i don't even know where to start.

Jayden : Eating cheeseburgers also releases dopamine. Let's just age restrict that. Having sex releases dopamine. But oh no, dopamine is addictive. Let's just stop having sex and watch the human race die out.

Keagan Hamilton : I totally agree with Simon; me being a millennial myself.

Kiker : It's always the next generation that sucks! So much negativity toward the next generation.

Keith Ballard : The problem with this vague definition of a "millennial" is that it leads to calling people that are about to turn 30 "kids".

Sanoku71 : So off topic, but doesn't Simon look like Edward Snowden?

Angela DiAngelo : I have a child born in 1993 I use to play checkers with her when she was a little girl and I never let her win. My family use to give me hell "come on let her win" they would say. They tried to make me feel like a bad parent but I knew better. The first time she actually beat me was the best day for her because she knew she did it on her own. I gave no stickers until she deserved them, no praise for a job not done properly. That's the the way I brought her up I taught her to work for her rewards and today she is a remarkable 23 year old not a MILLENIAL

Paul Finds Sneezes : Millennials are born 1977 to 1995. Simon Sinek would be a millennial if he were 4 years younger.

meathead919 : Sinek uses personal opinions instead of facts or studies. Quite useless interview to be honest, just a random guy with just another random opinion.

WissCoast : Ok, I've destroyed my phone, what's next?

Jonathan Wojcik : Here's what guys like this tool don't understand: Millenials watched the world crumble around them. The economy collapsed as they came of age and all most millenials have to show for years of college is now crushing debt, wages don't match cost of living and more people live in poverty than ever in this country. They want to be guided carefully through their day to day work because the slightest threat of failure, of being reprimanded or demoted or fired, is a threat of homelessness and death. For Boomers it would have just been a threat of inconvenience until you walked right in to some other job and got hired. Today, losing your job can be final.

Jenna Cotton : Ok another one mixing millennials up with generation z.

eNtyck : I love how the people in the audience laugh in the beginning like it is all fun and games and later on they realize they are all fucked up in the head and noone is laughing :D

I agree : The funny thing is that millennial bashing is mostly coming from the baby boomers who themselves are arguably the most spoiled, most entitled, lazy and greedy generation that the world has seen as they grew up in the most prosperous, high growth, high job security, never had to worry about getting/losing a job, affordable house, once you got the house the house price steadily increased etc etc, historically the most privileged generation. So it quite rich coming from them how spoiled and entitled millennials are.

Ganesh Nayak : the best part is host did not interrupt him even once. great job

Tara M : Hmmm I've been working since I was 16.. Im almost 30. OMG! I'm a millennial! I guess I've been doing it wrong according to him. Instead of going to war at age 20, getting out of the military, and getting a good job I should've just stayed in my parents basement lol. Also since according to "experts" millenial age range is 1977-1995 most of our military is also in this geoup. And Mr. Sinek missed being called a millennial by 4 yrs. oh well end rant.

True Artist : I’m 16, this could not be true. No one wants to work hard any more. No one wants to take responsibility. The world doesn’t seem inviting anymore. More and more of us are struggling with depression. Pick something and work hard! I have 1000+ Instagram followers! I wasted so much time promoting this false image. I don’t use Twitter anymore and I hardly use Facebook.

Deft ZA : Widespread internet use has been around for younger people's entire lives.[607] The youth of the 2010s were called the "best-behaved generation on record." In May 2014, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported that teenage pregnancies and their uses of drugs and alcohol reached record lows.[608] A 2013 survey showed that the rate of teen smoking dropped to 15.7%, the rate of teenagers having unprotected sex dropped to 34% and the rate of teenagers participating in a physical fight dropped to 25%, much lower than their counterparts 22 years earlier.[609] E-cigarette and smokeless tobacco use among teenagers rose.[610] Reference:https: //

Patrick Curtis : Simple recipe for creating the worst generation. Take a generation of people raised in an economic boom where jobs were plentiful and minimum wage was high, have them raise kids poorly, use up all the resources of the world, drain the economy, and then throw those children out into a world full of war, death and conflict. Make sure they can't afford a house, can't afford to marry and are buried in debt because they were all told they had to spend all that money the didn't have on a college education. Completely devalue the idea of love and society with the post modernist bullshit, get the kids addicted to drugs, technology and Facebook, destroy the education system, pump them full of Ritalin and send them out into the worst economic recession in human history. Then to top it all off blame those kids for absolutely everything wrong with the world. Now you have millennials.

CJUGames : I agree that near constant gratification could be extremely distracting and detrimental.

Lightner445555555555 : I've never seen this much patronizing before.

BTS Trash : uh so like, hey who made us, we did not appear out of thin air. hey, you made us, woah. breaking news: we breathe oxygen. IT'S CALLED BAD PARENTING, DON'T BASE IT ON A FEW AMOUNT OF PEOPLE.

Salmontres : Honestly, older people always complain about the younger generation. This idiot is just trying to sound smart while doing it.

Rain ForevaDJ : Businesses is at fault...this foolishness makes no sense. Parents are responsible for how they raise kids....not accepting responsibility for ones actions is accepting repetitive failure this is the bs that causes this socialist idealism. Take ownership of your actions that creates wealth and progress. This is the beginning of failure of thought. Stop being a whiny generation and do what it takes to succeed. Companies are not responsible for our actions....what a load of bullshit socialist ideals.

Carlo van Eijken : I watched this on my phone. Now I feel conflicted.

Big Love : Millenials are just a bunch of spoiled punks... 4chan/gamers/slackers/potheads who think they are better than everyone else..when in fact, they are sad

Adam : Actually my problem is that when I was a kid adults would tell me how easy it was to find work back then and how you didn't need a degree to get a lot of the well paying jobs you see now. Nowadays you basically need to go to college. There's a lot more pressure on someone getting out of highschool now than someone that did it in the 70s etc. Why are a lot of jobs outsourced to other countries? Cause they do the same work for less money. My issue isn't really people calling is a shitty generation, it's the opportunities presented to us. The fact that we have to go to college and spend all this money toward jobs that were obtainable right out of highschool for previous generations is bullshit. You want to complain about our generation but you expect so much out of us and limit our opportunities by outsourcing all these jobs and forcing us to get educated when people would rather have on the job training. You can't just give the same job straight out of highschool back then and require a degree now. It's a bullshit scam.

Frisky Bottomsuuater : Millennials.... *The Fake News Generation*

Glo Up Marcus : I don't agree with his take on millenials

Stinkyfinger : 7:44 When you look at your friend during a funny moment but they don't look back. Probably because they're not a real friend.