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thePixelBeast : Memories lol This was the video that got me into Klaypex

The_ProGamer : stop the video here: 0:35 you can see a person with darth vader mask

Caelator : reminds me of saints row IV with the dubstep guns

Fox S : would kill for these to be real

bigshexxy : Was this anyone else's first CorridorDigital video they watched?

witherali , : oh noo, he...he...he cut the cigarette with the axe!!

Mr. Peanutbutter : I assume Volition based their Dubstep guns on this video.

Remmy : I wanted to make a dubstep joke, But I dropped it :D

Henri Reyes : 1:17 Return of the Byeahs!

leevi leino : Ah, good old school dubstep

Ratmations : 2:19 tests handed back to me

Infinite Gaming ___ : Wrong abilities of the Dubstep Gun is to make people dance

Decim : Shit now I'm into klaypex again

Sharkyyy : Would you buy a Dubstep Gun if they were legal(and existed)?

SWAKz™ | All Games : Saints Row 5 : Dubstep Dlc world

De whey : this is the third time I watched this

Christian Gapuz : Who is reminiscing in 2017, first watched this when I was like 12

Andrew W : Last time they dropped a beat this hard, it ended world war 2. (I'm sorry)

MrToast : I was going to give you a dubstep joke but... You would just drop it

hay oh : I like to think their guns just causes major internal bleeding rather than puncture wounds

Willy : it's like the song was MADE for this video!!! Nice cutting, guys!

thetuerkgamer Girgin : classic

RaynelFX : Hype starts at 0:59

Venu Saur : This video was how I found this channel.

CynFlo2010 : Still one of my favorite videos 5 1/2 years later!

Re Defy : The balason never gets old

Amy Haile : Butterfly knife beats dubstep 😎

FLATtheFISH : Nice painted nerf longshot.

Unlimited Apex : For my birthday, I want those dubstep gauntlets xD they look so badass

CyberSaurus0829 : lies, your dubstep cannot hope to defeat metal

Kyle Jones : Did anyone else expect vindicate to come out when they first shot. (Vindicate is the dubstep used in the saints row 4 dubstep gun).

TheFlyingAussie : out of all the videos this one was always my favorite


TheFallingCraft Minecraft : 1:00 when i first used the dubstep gun in saints row 4

Wisp Wolf : 0:42 doesn't have eye patch on 0:44 has eye patch on

Matteo Nitzel : Honestly, this could not have been done better. I absolutely loved each selection of music, and using Chinter's Will for the last attack was a brilliant move. Especially that part, the part that radiates the most... power, if you will.

Derp Daniel : 5 years ago and still feels like it was made just yesterday

CheezySalt : 0:44 Why does that dude have an eye patch all of a sudden?

Maqsood alam : here from 9gag

HazyLazyJazy : 02:14 did you guys see the power ranger refference thats really funny

Ryan P : Am I the only one that thinks that Saints Row 4 got their Dubstep Gun idea from this?!?!

skyrimbonehawk : Sam and Niko are very good and into-it actors!

Tyrone Hughson : what should i love more.... lights or rain.... too hard to choose

Walter Canon : I always wanted to see a video where someone was deflecting dubstep with a butterfly knife.

Robert Cowley-Yamamoto : Literal face melting bass drop

Stun : so i guess this was where saints row 4 got their idea of dubstep guns.

Darren Arciaga : Saints 4 Anyone?

James Price : 0:59 please tell me the name of the song and who it is by

UltraZombie115 : So this is were Zombie go boom got this song

THE GROX : Siants row stole it from this vid