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thePixelBeast : Memories lol This was the video that got me into Klaypex

The_ProGamer : stop the video here: 0:35 you can see a person with darth vader mask

Caelator : reminds me of saints row IV with the dubstep guns

Fox S : would kill for these to be real

bigshexxy : Was this anyone else's first CorridorDigital video they watched?

witherali , : oh noo, he...he...he cut the cigarette with the axe!!

hay oh : I like to think their guns just causes major internal bleeding rather than puncture wounds

Mr. Peanutbutter : I assume Volition based their Dubstep guns on this video.

Remmy : I wanted to make a dubstep joke, But I dropped it :D

Henri Reyes : 1:17 Return of the Byeahs!

leevi leino : Ah, good old school dubstep

Ratmations : 2:19 tests handed back to me

Decim : Shit now I'm into klaypex again

FilmGames TV : great vid but the METAL kill easy the dubstep with sound of powerful electric guitar solo :)

SWAKz™ | All Games : Saints Row 5 : Dubstep Dlc world

Christian Gapuz : Who is reminiscing in 2017, first watched this when I was like 12

The miner69er : this is the third time I watched this

Andrew W : Last time they dropped a beat this hard, it ended world war 2. (I'm sorry)

Kathy Lee : OH MY GOD. For years I've had this idea of an anime, of people having powers and using their chi for abilities. Well the best ones enhance their chi (they need to concentrate on the flow and energy) by listening to music. Depending on what they're listening to, the fighting and blasts flow with the beat of the music and THIS is part of the idea I've had. Then you introduce characters for each genre Dubstep, Rock, Classical, Hip-Hop, Opera, and so on. Thank you very much for this.

Infinite Gaming ___ : Wrong abilities of the Dubstep Gun is to make people dance

Kill it before it lays eggs : HEAR THE SOUNDS OF SLAANESH

thetuerkgamer Girgin : classic

RaynelFX : Hype starts at 0:59

Venu Saur : This video was how I found this channel.

Willy : it's like the song was MADE for this video!!! Nice cutting, guys!

CynFlo2010 : Still one of my favorite videos 5 1/2 years later!

Amy Haile : Butterfly knife beats dubstep 😎

MrToast : I was going to give you a dubstep joke but... You would just drop it

Re Defy : The balason never gets old

SeaLED : Is kinda cringey.....

Wisp Wolf : 0:42 doesn't have eye patch on 0:44 has eye patch on

CyberSaurus0829 : lies, your dubstep cannot hope to defeat metal

FLATtheFISH : Nice painted nerf longshot.

DIGITAL COMET : 0:42 he had no eye patch, 0:44 he has eye patch

Kyle Jones : Did anyone else expect vindicate to come out when they first shot. (Vindicate is the dubstep used in the saints row 4 dubstep gun).

Mario Darkboom : Took me years to realize that the blue one is Mike Diva... gg me

TheFlyingAussie : out of all the videos this one was always my favorite


USUAR2000 : reference to saint row?! where?!

Matteo Nitzel : Honestly, this could not have been done better. I absolutely loved each selection of music, and using Chinter's Will for the last attack was a brilliant move. Especially that part, the part that radiates the most... power, if you will.

Justin Jennings : mike diva is super talented and creative

Nipdips 2 : This reminds me of lazer tag...

Phil Phumpernickle : It's so cringy, but so good! HALP! I'M CONFLICTED!

Conner&Coby Gaming : It's a nerf gum

emdiuenmaxi : I think is about time to watch a Drop Squad come back.

Derp Daniel : 5 years ago and still feels like it was made just yesterday

CheezySalt : 0:44 Why does that dude have an eye patch all of a sudden?

skyrimbonehawk : Sam and Niko are very good and into-it actors!

Evan Schwarz : After multiple watches, i just noticed the bad guy took off his glasses, has 2 eyes, then next shot he has an eyepatch, wtf

suprecookie123 : The boss only has a knife?!