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Death By Guitar : peeling the skin off of someone's face with music....AWESOME

David Xie : Klaypex is the sh*t

Corpral Pierogi : Where can I find the music names?

Epicthomas 1000 : 0:55 the guy is holding the mp5 on his right hand and the ak-47 on his left hand 0:56 the weapons are switched 0:57 the weapons are switched again

Abdul Shakoor : Please tell me this is where the creators behind Saints row got the idea

TheMask : whats the name of the song at 1:29 im DESPERATE to know please!!

Mined Statistic : The memeories...

Robert Cowley-Yamamoto : Literal face melting bass drop

Kieren Sprackett : This is the video back in the day i subbed the channel for

Raven Drakearud : Saints-Row 4 anyone?

Emir Tulumcu : It's nothing other than visuals, the story is too confusing.

Broadsword Gaming : I think niko had the coolest dubstep gun

TigerTrigger : The moment you realize that modern dubstep is total trash

imani humphrey : can i get the name of this song lol

IronLord : 1:51 hey its spy

Kayzenhyuga Ninja Gamer : are the dubstep songs klaypex made for this video public?

CripticGauntlet 425 : AND THAT'S HOW YOU GET TANITUS

Mr.22 Doing stuff : It well be funny if when they shot OCEAN MAN TAKE ME BY THE HAND LEAD ME TO THE MAX

Bren Morgan : This is one of my favorite corridor productions of all time... Love to see a part 2

Max Harter : Alligator Tub Productions did it better

Utkarsh I. : good old yt when vid time didnt matter

falco AJ : Rainbow six siege

LuisGamerYT [GD] :yt: : Pls name song the 1:59

Battlefield 4 NET_YXXX : This was a prediction of lucio..

Aegis : Found the inspiration for Lúcio.

Teemo V2.0 : Moral of the story: Always bring a knife to a dubstep gun fight

victor niño : Nice video

David Firesword : The only thing that bugs me in this video is why the hell are terrorists using axes and knifes as a primary amongst tens of people with shotguns and AKs.

Adam Bergman : how long does it take to make these?

Doom Guy Slayer : Death meatl is my favorite gun

Thrascher maidon : Can someone tell me the names from the fucking awsome dubstepsongs?

JoshTehGameh : Where was THE dubstep gun?

Niklas Leet : R.I.P "Digital"

Daan Mateman : this is one way of showing off your dubstep

generic intro : man this in 4k oh baby

Colton McHugh : Overwatch luiceo vs dubstep trooper

Daniel Rivera : Cool

Ethan Dauz : Cough. cough. Lucio..... Cough

Jairem Rowan Velayo Pe±aloza : A knife can deflect beats ? Dayum I though he was gonna dodge with he's smoke..

Cornelius Needlemeyer : Ah, 6th grade. Good times

AnDrew Conner : I so want a dubstep gun like if you agree

Seth Kashefska : Hey they crossed the streams

AngryBirdo : Guitar Warfare was better. its a joke i hold no opinion

brian truppo : How did they create the glowing tubing used in this video?

HERO_DREAMER : Anyone else notice the eyepatch appearing later than it should've?

Mark Nielsen : That would be the coolest gun ever!😎

I don't Like you : Guns+dubstep=a match made in heaven lol!

Hegoboom : at 0:44 when did he get the eyepacth

something i don know : Which would you rather choose tomska or corridor

Jagger C. : The crime boss looks like the TF2 Spy.