This is Ireland - Short Documentary
Ireland amp the control of womens bodies Repeal the 8th 23m

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This is Ireland – Short Documentary This film tells a social history of Ireland from the 1970s to 2018. Where we are now in 2018 comes from a long history of institutionalisation, social movements, high-profile cases and harrowing stories. Topics include; Contraception; Abortion; Mother & Baby Homes; Magdalene Laundries; Divorce; Symphysiotomy Stories include; Ann Lovett; Joanne Hayes; Miss X; Miss C; Michelle Harte; Savita Halappanavar; Miss Y… ...unfortunately, these are not the only ones. This film would not have been possible without the wonderful contributors who kindly shared their archive, their music, and their time. Archive courtesy of; Paula Geraghty Derek Speirs Leo de Boer Magill Maxwell Photography PA Images Music; Moving Hearts “Irish Ways & Irish Laws” Lankum “The Old Man Who Came From the Sea” Mary Black “No Frontiers” The Saw Doctors “Everyday” Written by Leo Moran & Davy Carton Inni-K “DNA” Little Green Cars “My Love Took Me Down To The River…” Edited by; Allyn Quigley & Louise Finn Researched & Produced by; Aisling Malone @malone_aisling #ThisIsIreland © Aisling Malone - All rights reserved


Emily McElarney : Such a long hard fight. Will it ever end?

Paula O'Neill : Very powerful and thought provoking. 100% true, but it beggars belief. Repeal the 8th

Ursula Barry : Powerful work that captures the decades. Ursuls

Finbarr Cooper : Sometimes private issues need public support.

Aoife Masters : Powerful video ❤️❤️hopefully on Friday we will break away from the Catholic Church's control on Irish society once and for all #repealthe8th

Paul Duane : It's overwhelming to see the whole story told so clearly & calmly. Brilliant & important work.

Sadhbh Goodhue : Very informative if somewhat depressing reminder of this country’s slow progress in relation to women’s rights, and sexual and reproductive rights generally. Great job on putting this together.

Andrea Cullen : thank you for your work, this video tells an important story called truth

Andrew Brennan : "IN IRELAND--whenever a child is born out of wedlock, so shocked is the public sense by the very unusual occurrence, that it brands with an irreparable stigma, and, to a large extent, excommunicates the woman guilty of the crime." (1) Writing in 1922, the same year that the Irish Free State was founded, James F. Cassidy, himself a Catholic priest, captured the inherent contradictions informing contemporary Irish attitudes toward women's virtue and outlined the ramifications for those women who violated that social and moral ideal. Branded by the public as simultaneously a mother and a criminal, a family member and an outcast, the unmarried mother faced shame, betrayal, and exile. With little or no social welfare system to fall back on, her choices were limited to entering the county home, begging on the streets, or possibly resorting to prostitution. Cassidy's scenario carefully avoided the unmarried mother's male partner, father to her "illegitimate" child. Similarly, he ignored the social powerbrokers--Church and state--that facilitated these communal responses. - (1) James F. Cassidy, The Women of the Gael (Boston, 1922), 206.

Jane West : Brilliant. Hopefully change is coming on the 26th

No. 4 : Good job Ireland, I'm really happy that the nation could make the right CHOICE.

edel griffith : Powerful video that shows how far we have yet to come. I hope something can be put right on May 25th.

Ciaran McGrath : Beautifully made video. Tells the story of how we got here as well as anything I’ve seen.

Porn Victim : Really well put together. Sad and shameful. I hope it sways the undecided towards yes.

Anne Byrne : How did so many many women survive in Ireland between the the church and state we're lucky to be here to vote at all. Yes all the way from me

MFCG01 : Fantastic video - thank you!

Brendan D : Our history is long and shameful. But we're getting there. Very well produced documentary.

Nicholas Austin Dwyer : This is beautiful well done

Kate Moran : Amazing video - thank you!

eoghan malone : Excellent work aisling

JP OHare : Jesus said If you love Me, Thu shall keep My Commandments. I am a jellious God, do not make graven images for yourselves, Worship Me Your God. Jesus said "If you know Me, you will know My Father is glorified in Me

Philip O'Carroll : Great video, albeit focused very much on one side. A few mistakes and omissions: the X case girl and family had already travelled to the UK when an injunction was served, they returned without X having a termination. X subsequently won the case but suffered a miscarriage. The mass grave in Tuam was not found to contain 800 bodies, many remains were found, but the 800 figure comes from the 796 named on Catherine Corliss list. However most of all you need to note the McGee case 1974, where Mary McGee and her husband won their case in the Supreme Court to access contraception. This was won on the basis of marital privacy. This was close enough to the privacy argument in the US case Roe v Wade 1973. This one case was the spur that started the anti-abortion movement in Ireland who feared it would introduce abortion on the same grounds. So it's important not to see Ireland in isolation.

Margaret Mead : Society needs to be merciful to unwed mothers because God does not like for women to get abortions.

Kalyani Satya : i never seen a country fighting for women freedom of living nearly 90 years made me speechless still gov is not clear what to do what not to do you should understand one thing if you keep producing kids where you will send them ? to uk or ? this is just one kind of act to make more kids to make more tax lol god fuck you

JACOB SUNNY : Thanks to anti abortion in past there are people who can protest . May God bless Ireland.