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John Doe : More tension than the Last Jedi

Harrison Clark : one of the greatest short films known to mankind

Kevink214 : I'd like to note it's under the category of EDUCATION.


Powerloww _ : So I can show this at school for show and tell?

dankturtle : A tale of Twists, Drama, Action, and Love. THOT WARS -- COMING TO A THEATRE NEAR YOU

Worthyhotpocket : I still can’t make out what the guy with the red lightsaber says

Alpine Frost : AlL WaMIn ArE QuEEnZ!!!

TrouzzzerSnake : I would watch this on repeat for the entire duration of 'The Last Jedi' before I would ever watch the actual film again

MrWire : Look at the views

julio lima : ...

Lisa Gundry : Stop stealing videos

sting the undertaker : I love how it’s actually the same people as the original vine

Leonhard Prüller : This video is the most beatiful thing i‘ve ever seen. Sorry i have so wipe my tears away *snif*

Rhys Turner vlogs : *the new star wars trailer looks good

A Person : The Last Jedi looks great.

dumb memes : inside my mind on a date

Mdx Wllms : Category: *education*

That_Happy_Child : this is my life

Mobster101 : welp here comes the poods army

Isabel Jones : This is actually my favorite thing on the internet

witlessrogue58 : There's more to this. <_<

Rhys Turner vlogs : How did you get the light saber effect

mosherboys : This is by far the greatest creation ever to be.created by mankind

jav sav : What’s the song

Pancake Stack : Copyed the original is better it is just called thot wars

Sawyer Brookman : E