Jason Kenney's 2019 Global Petroleum Show speech interrupted by protester
This is a cesspool of hypocrisy

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A protester who said he does not want the province of Alberta “to be polluted” stormed the stage at the 2019 Global Petroleum Show in Calgary on June 11. Speakers at the 2019 show include Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, Danielle Smith from Global News Radio 770 CHQR, philanthropist Brett Wilson and Petroleum Service Association of Canada president and CEO Gary Mar. shortly before Kenney was about to address the crowd, a protestor climbed onto the stage and grabbed the microphone. “Before we have a chance to hear from the premier, I just want to say he does not represent me,” the unidentified man said. “This is a cesspool of hypocrisy.” The man continued to address the crowd as event organizers attempted to get him to leave. Officers then approached the man, handcuffing him and removing him from the stage. For more info, please go to https://globalnews.ca/news/5376545/canada-energy-market-2019-global-petroleum-show/ Subscribe to Global News Channel HERE: http://bit.ly/20fcXDc Like Global News on Facebook HERE: http://bit.ly/255GMJQ Follow Global News on Twitter HERE: http://bit.ly/1Toz8mt Follow Global News on Instagram HERE: https://bit.ly/2QZaZIB #JasonKenney #abpoli #ableg #GlobalNews #cdnpoli #Alberta #Calgary #Edmonton #Politics


Pat Smith : Canadian protesters are so polite

Herbivore The Carnivore : God damn, dude kept going politely while being manhandled. Mega props.

plixplop : That groovy music at the end.... are we just trying to be Black Mirror on purpose here or what

Wayne Wladyka : Lol, you gotta respect how hard he resisted

OrangeGameCinema : Gentlemen, this is democracy manifest.

Greg Kelly : It was like giving a cat a bath.

Zuko Urquhart : My friend got on opiods because of oil rigs. LOL.

Eric Burgan : Protest level 100

Emiasis : At first I was saying "I thought Jason kenney was taller?"

Jeremy Stothers : Nothin more Candian than apologizing to the people who have to see you being dragged off stage, "I'm sorry to do this to you"... Mega props. And points for referencing Mario Savio

OmniCausticInfidel : kenney is just owned by these oil companies. he knows it, they know it: his balls are theirs

Grubbbee : I'll give shout out to cops who's elbows and fists didn't "slip"

Wayne Dionne : Not his first rodeo.

Jacob Sev : Lmao. Why does this look like a scene from trailer park boys?

Kyle Hibbitt : What would he rather? We all use lipo batteries. No thanks.

Daniel Randerson : Yeah Canada 🇨🇦. Polite to the end...

julie : 👊 nothing but RESPECT for this non-violent protest. this takes a lot of courage. ✊

gaudet Gaudet : That's definition of freedom of speech now ...but listen to music ...nothing to see here

Gana Ramesh : This guy is the goat 🐐

Alfred Strauch : Why did Global post this video?

Rafal Wysocki : Power to the people brother!

Jaime Mena : "Thank you for your dona...", wait, this was not done at a liberals' packed room... still, he gave us a good laugh 😂

Naiyo : If you speak to actual oil workers you will know.

Varler : While I have to respect him for that, the security was actually very professional about it, too. They didn't seem to hurt him at all, just try to carry him and subdue him. They also didn't get visibly angry or upset. They were just doing their job.

Buddy's Shop : Hahaha that goofball did a pretty good job actually

TheMikeyb86 : Now I'm going to have Bart Simpson in my head all day: "Cesspool! Cesspool! Cesspool!"

jason studd : Was this a setup LOL

David Macdonald : Definitely greased up. Definitely. Yeah.

Jebuslives : Only a neocon nazi would think being called a cesspool as a compliment.

Connor Eres : "Please welcome our premier Randy"

shawn l : or just a little crazy ?

alantmac : Don't tase me bro.

Gooze 1 : Security try a little harder next time eh

MAASTADRIVA • : Timing is important!

shawn l : little and crazy ??

Ian Dalton : His 15 seconds of fame are over. "He doesn't represent me! " Too bad 55% of voting Albertans are represented.

10mintwo : A succulent Chinese petroleum meal????

FlyToInfinity : What I learned from this is that any person, even the most reasonable, logical, well-spoken, polite person with a sensible pre-prepared speech, will sound like a ranting lunatic if they have to deliver that speech while being pulled off a stage by multiple police officers. Kudos to him for giving it a shot, but I want to hear his whole speach without distractions before I jump to conclusions about his mental health.

grey 1 : Did that just happen? 😳

Brendan Smith : These comments are just as good as the video haha

Lance Dukel : Charges of trespassing might be laid on Tony Scott the man identified in this video. Calgary Stampede grounds have banned him from the grounds for five years.

OscarLimaMike : LoL hilarious

brad segee : HA Awesome. That guy was a neo marxist freak.

Fraser Clemens : He gave it a good try hahaha

Gold K : ...."and I'm sorry to do this my friends, your time is important". Canadians are so polite, even when they're pissed off.

shaggy madoodle : he referred to us as ladies and gentlemen but was escorted out for his non use of the proper introduction of them as people kind

Sean Cooper : Got to respect that man. That said, he should be jailed for resisting arrest. Could have injured himself or one of the security staff inadvertently.

Grant Patterson : where is the full video?