South Park - Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy - "NICE"

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TrendCrave : niiiice

Lyanna1488 : A hot female teacher having sex with a teenager is no crime, its nice...

dexx : 301 feminists downvoted? :D

Freddy Fazbear Gaming : it's funny how they say niceeeee

Keelan S : Nice..

Date Masamune : When I was in elementary, I handed over a paper for my teacher to check. While she was doing so, I leaned over to see if I had any mistakes. I then got a good look inside her shirt and saw her breasts. She had no bra apparently.

Zackaroni : this is literally how it goes, is sad

John Dilton : I fucked my sexy hot teacher once. Nicceeee.

Al Gordo : These cops are so stupid. They go out their way to set up rich black people and now they won't arrest molesters because they're hot female blondes?

fede018 : Pk, we got it. Double standards. Now STFU about it!

Mer Williamson : did she perform oral on him...the would be my first question too.

Matt Smith : I just love the way his eyes get all relaxed at 0:51! 😆

awesome420ication : Man, Foley's so full of crap!

GigXGaming : You know what else is nice? DEEZ NUTZ HA GOT EM!

Florida 123 : I love the South Park cops

Josip Moskatelo : Noice.

Vartholome : Sadly, that is how society is.

Harry Timmons : This is the perfect video for me to state my unpopular, totally nonbiased opinions on feminism.

Zippy : "But she's ugly right?" Yeah, that's pretty much the world right there.

Fawkes : Wait, doesn't he say something like "He wasn't even doing anything" after he says he shot him twice in the face

Marty McFly : Niicccccceee

Thormod : Nice.

ladyish lee : South Park is some real ass shit. Manages to stay relevant even though it's been around since the 90s.

Alaric I : The detectives weapons are holstered incorrectly

Vishal Chanduri : The crime is that she isn't doing it with me

trixeetrixta trix : Niice

Young Savage : "What I did shoot him in the face, twice!" Hahahaha

atom : i love kyles frustrated scream at the end lol

Shannen Canton : child rapists of either gender should have their genitals mutilated

jurisprudens : TBH, in my country this is exactly the way we react to the news from the West about 22 y.o. female teacher being prosecuted and actually imprisoned for having sex with a 15 y.o. male student...

Carl Alarcos : what episode is this? nice

Mer Williamson : what episode is this???

Professor Desmond : nicccccceeeee

Cp3jordan95 : Kyle @1:22 "aaahhhhhhhhhh" 😳😂😂

estúdio da rebecca : *nice*

John Porteous : I wonder how I'd react if I was ever banged by a hot female teacher in college

Skank Hunt42 : Nice

StarDaMann : *N I C E*

Robert Fenili : Lmao the way his head moves when he says "Nice.."

Shen Wei : Niiiiccceee.

Litshttam : And they say it's a man's world - women get away with *much* more ;)

Michael Griggs : I saw this episode in German and they said "Hooot..." = "Heisss..." hahaha that was in my opinion funnier than "Nice" because they sounded more perverse :D Those dirty cops :p

Mi Ra : naisss

Cathy Andrews : I find the comments here quite worrying. The point they are making in south park is a valid one. Its not something we should be laughing about as that just encourages others to when this occasion arises. Child abuse isn't funny and its utterly ridiculous that people think that its ok for it to happen to boys.

Sean Coughlan : "Nice."

bat man : Nice

Baconsparkelz None of your biz : Ike is cute

Nikolas Gonzalez : If my son was banging the teacher I would give him a high five

isaac castro : mejor es en español con el ricoo

Girleater : Nice...