South Park - Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy - "NICE"

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Sheamus O'Heeman : Lol saw this episode like 10 years ago but I still stay Nicccce... all the time

Sheamus O'Heeman : 0:51 What u clicked here for

Coolaswhyne : Something tells me the French didn't think it was so Nice.

Garrick Groover : 0 dislikes? Nice.

THETOOT : I saw this episode last night . . . nice

Rylo Ken : Lmao that laugh at the end is hilarious

Damien : I don't really get why people say "new South Park sucks", they tried something different in Season 18. But the quality has still remained consistent.

MILFHUNTER-9000 : Nice...

AVM3798 : That's exactly my reaction when I see a situation like that on the news

StreamVid7 : NICE. 😏

AqUa RaGe : The crime is she isn't doing it with me 😂😂😂

Ryan Gallagher : The teacher in Houston....nice

Daniel K : "I did shoot him in the face! Twice!"

King of the Internet : After the Butters Bottom Bitch episode I can't look at Detective Harris the same way again

Victor Ugwudike : Nicccccce

Brian Samac : "Where were all these sexed up teachers when I was in school?" hahaha

solidsnake58 : So this just happened (again) today and all I could think of was "Nice. Niiiice."

Adam The Man : Ike is a fucking pimp in this episode

Kidd khamalah : lol south Park actually has a message lmao

Dewayne Lindsay : but she's ugly right lol

TrendCrave : niiiice

rafhe : Niceeeeeee

Tristan Dumantay : "but she's ugly, right?" LOLOL

TriviaBot : I know it's wrong and not "NICE...", but if my hot math teacher lady had taken advantage of me as a kid I would have been soooo happy.

Mindy Firey : NICE

Vi Duong : statutory rape is totally hilarious hahaha.

Mister Sarajevo : Not a big fan of this episode but it did a good job of poking fun at that ridiculous double standard.

King Wewuz of the Dindu Tribe : It was a breath of fresh air to see South Park actually uploading clips of the funniest moments from their episodes because I'm completely sick of the ones that stretch out the cropping a bit too much and lower the voices

Jovani Quezada : 0:48 the middle cop voiced by Matt stone then by 0:55 voiced by trey parker then by 1:01 voiced by Matt stone again

korlu01 : I could not agree more. Let me talk to one of those young kids who got to bang his hot ass 29 year old teacher. Let's see how victimized he feels. Only victim is the palm of his hand from getting so many high fives.

lani : "but shes ugly right?" lmfao hahahahaha

Kenny McCormick : NICE...!

Paralyzed Horse : In the Latin version of the episode when people say "Nnice" they say "Mmm, Rico" wich can translate to "Mmm, Tasty". I can't even begin to express how much funnier this makes most of the scenes in this episode.

Johnny Green Face : Remember kids rapes okay if you're a woman

Ian Curran : niiiiiiice

Nikita Mingazov : this is the feminist definition of equality

Sr Franco : Ricooooo

jarekmech : Nice

emmel07 : "You're so full of crap Foley." 'I did shoot him in the face, twice!' Man that shit is hilarious. So is, "We need to track this student down and give him his 'Luckiest Boy in America medal' right away."

Kyle Broflovski : Not nice at all


Gabriel Miranda : nice :-D

Lucas Veras : So South Park made a YouTube account? NICCCE.


Leighton J : Don't think for a second if the teacher was hot that a male student would be complaining the reason they get caught is because the boy can't keep his mouth shut and his jealous friends rat them out.

Insanity & Humanity : If my son was banging the teacher I would give him a high five

RS1 : just because the boy cums does not mean it's not rape.

Shemar 1016 : She doing it with me Nice!

Freedom Warrior : This video is just so Niccccceeeee

Dejan Dragicevic : NAISSSSSS