South Park - Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy - "NICE"

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carlos toulze : Niceee

Finn Byrne : Nice

Palutena Smash : ╚═╝▒▒▒▒▒ ▒██████╗▒ ██╔═══██╗ ██║▒▒▒██║ ██║▒▒▒██║ ╚██████╔╝ ▒╚═════╝▒ ▒██████╗▒ ██╔═══██╗ ██║▒▒▒██║ ██║▒▒▒██║ ╚██████╔╝ ▒╚═════╝▒ ███████╗ ██╔════╝ █████╗▒▒ ██╔══╝▒▒ ██║▒▒▒▒▒ ╚═╝▒▒▒▒▒

Mr. Krabs : What episode what season tell me please

David St : Nice

Lord Enlil : Your so full of crap Foley...

Kyan Hunterrr : I'm surprised no one still has used a Lenny Face yet.

ChanceOfOne344 : n i c e

Nigger The hedgehog : What at least you can fuck the teacher whenever you want to

Joshua Kane : iam pretty sure they want to award him instead of arresting him

volarecantare : Nice

Lyanna1488 : A hot female teacher having sex with a teenager is no crime, its nice...

lovely heart : NICEEEEEEEEEEE


Iny bis : Nice nice *nice*

Piddles McGee : The extra face on the first two Nice's made me die when I first saw this

Sir Corn : 0:51 I can't stop watching his head move

Kick-Off : Worst cops ever... Don't mean to hate but, some men and women are equally criminals. If women can get away with crimes because of their appearance, then this proves that people would rather believe a women when she says she's a victim of a crime committed by a man. If the roles were switched and the man was harassed by the woman, nobody would believe. I'm not hating on woman, I just wanna know why people don't wanna believe in things that have to do with gender.

Dank Weegee : My name is Brad

Mitchell Mammel : A woman could rape a baby and the law wouldn't do shit, it disgusts me.

Kinnugan : NICEEEEEE

Johnny Eckel : DAMNIT! Where were all these sexed up teachers when I was a kid?!

Justine G : "She's ugly right?"

Harry999 : Niceeeee

Evil Person : "WHAT'S HIS NAME" "it's not a him it's a her" "Then what's the crime?" SJWs in a NUTshell

Tyler C. : It would've been better if they said "noice".

goog le : I sure hope he gets that medal. Little SOB deserves it.

Daniel Page : its only legal if she's hot if she's ugly she goin to jail

Saw Mill : rico

Sans The Skeleton : 318 dislikes...........baaadd

tarael86 : Lucky boy.

TeemoDoes GT : Who came here bucuz trendcraves

Manor Grove : My name is... Brad 😂😂

Myster E : The crime is she isn't doing it with me lol

jäger main : Nice

TheMemes OfDoge : Nice...

Dan Gallagher : Nice!

shairo perez : Nice

Marksmen Gunsman : Nice

Excel : Nicee.

Leafy_Cynical : It is still sasatory rape

TessellatedGuy : Very noice.


KFyre : “But, she’s ugly right?” 😂😂😂

John Delaney : When Misato kissed Shinji in The End of Evangelion.

Freddy Fazbear Gaming : it's funny how they say niceeeee

Keelan S : Nice..

Ryan Hanna : Nice

Erasto Tiro-Tapia : I miss my hot science teacher....nice

Walking Dead Fan : Nice