South Park - Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy - "NICE"

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Sheamus O'Heeman : Lol saw this episode like 10 years ago but I still stay Nicccce... all the time

TrendCrave : niiiice

King of the Internet : After the Butters Bottom Bitch episode I can't look at Detective Harris the same way again

Rylo Ken : Lmao that laugh at the end is hilarious

Sheamus O'Heeman : 0:51 What u clicked here for

Detective Harris : Nice

Coolaswhyne : Something tells me the French didn't think it was so Nice.

AVM3798 : That's exactly my reaction when I see a situation like that on the news

The Ugly Barnacle : It's funny because it's true. If the genders were swapped, the teacher's life would basically be ruined for eternity.

๑Nathan๑ : I'm sad I didn't bang a hot teacher in school.

Tristan Dumantay : "but she's ugly, right?" LOLOL

Kai Stevenson : The crime is she isn't doing it with me 😂😂😂

MILFHUNTER-9000 : Nice...

Leighton J : Don't think for a second if the teacher was hot that a male student would be complaining the reason they get caught is because the boy can't keep his mouth shut and his jealous friends rat them out.

Brian Samac : "Where were all these sexed up teachers when I was in school?" hahaha

Jim Fleckenstein : During a sexual assault investigation course I went to as a police officer, this was almost exactly how we reacted at the news of a 16 year old kid getting it on with his high school teacher. The lady instructing our sex assault class started yelling at us... lol.

Daniel K : "I did shoot him in the face! Twice!"

Garrick Groover : 0 dislikes? Nice.

Sam Zachary : Man I had the hottest teacher back in middle school. She could've been Shakira's sister that's how hot she was. I wish she could've molested me.

Johnny Green Face : Remember kids rapes okay if you're a woman

Adam The Man : Ike is a fucking pimp in this episode

TriviaBot : I know it's wrong and not "NICE...", but if my hot math teacher lady had taken advantage of me as a kid I would have been soooo happy.

Mister Sarajevo : Not a big fan of this episode but it did a good job of poking fun at that ridiculous double standard.

Fist Hokuto : This is so accurate, just like that teacher banging that 13 yr old, we need to give him luckiest boy in america medal

Jesse Tellez : The double standards of America. Women should be held accountable for their actions!

solidsnake58 : So this just happened (again) today and all I could think of was "Nice. Niiiice."

Insanity & Humanity : If my son was banging the teacher I would give him a high five

sulosky : Nice..

Dewayne Lindsay : but she's ugly right lol

lani : "but shes ugly right?" lmfao hahahahaha

Ixidorian : I love how South Park presents daily life issues and expose their contradictions. As male students most of us probably daydreamed about having sex in school. Now as a 25 year old who specialize in male studies I think a lot about this situation. What if you have sex with this hot teacher and she takes advantage of you using her influence? What if she forced you to involve in sexual behavior that you don´t feel confortable with but you do it anyway? What if she get pregnant without your consent? Even if the idea seems amazing, reality will strike at some point and i believe that an underage kid deserve a safe space to develop sexually and emotionally.

something else : Gender Equality can only be achieved when people are able to react in the same way even when gender roles are reversed. That could never happen....This needs to be understood by Feminists

Kookie Monster : It's good to see South Park taking the piss. This is a sick double standard. The sickest part is that, if the woman were to get pregnant, the male child (who is too young to consent, and by normal human morals, should be considered a victim of rape), can actually be forced to pay child support. In other words, the law can (and has a few times in the past) hold male children fully accountable, both legally and financially, for being sexually abused by adults. Little known fact; something like 80% of convicted male rapists report having been sexually abused as children, by a female authority figure (like a teacher, stepmother, etc).

Levan : *where were these teachers when i was in school* !!!!!

The Beast : The best part "This is serious we need to track this student down and give him the luckiest boy in america medal"

Raping : 13y Boy having Sex with Teacher= Nicccce. 13y girl having Sex with teacher =execute

Mindy Firey : NICE

Richard Bexborn : Nice. I don't care what any of these PC idiots say, if any of the hot teachers I've had had offered sex to me when I was in school, I'd be in seventh heaven. Talk about a memory for life.

Paralyzed Horse : In the Latin version of the episode when people say "Nnice" they say "Mmm, Rico" wich can translate to "Mmm, Tasty". I can't even begin to express how much funnier this makes most of the scenes in this episode.

Dejan Dragicevic : NAISSSSSS

Anıl Demir : NAYSSS

korlu01 : I could not agree more. Let me talk to one of those young kids who got to bang his hot ass 29 year old teacher. Let's see how victimized he feels. Only victim is the palm of his hand from getting so many high fives.

lengur :

emmel07 : "You're so full of crap Foley." 'I did shoot him in the face, twice!' Man that shit is hilarious. So is, "We need to track this student down and give him his 'Luckiest Boy in America medal' right away."

Viking Raider : love the police haha

Kyle Broflovski : Not nice at all

Oscar Pine : gota blowjob from my engliah teacher in 11th grade nothing but high fives for a week

Guilherme Al : Well, that is a double standard I kind of agree with. I have got to admit.

Walter Threatt : Has she performed oral sex on him? NIIICCCE

Helmwall : This is why feminism will never work