South Park - Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy - "NICE"

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TrendCrave : niiiice

Sheamus O'Heeman : Lol saw this episode like 10 years ago but I still stay Nicccce... all the time

King of the Internet : After the Butters Bottom Bitch episode I can't look at Detective Harris the same way again

Rylo Ken : Lmao that laugh at the end is hilarious

Coolaswhyne : Something tells me the French didn't think it was so Nice.

Detective Harris : Nice

Sheamus O'Heeman : 0:51 What u clicked here for

Daniel K : "I did shoot him in the face! Twice!"

Johnny Green Face : Remember kids rapes okay if you're a woman

Viking Raider : love the police haha

TriviaBot : I know it's wrong and not "NICE...", but if my hot math teacher lady had taken advantage of me as a kid I would have been soooo happy.

AVM3798 : That's exactly my reaction when I see a situation like that on the news

Sam Zachary : Man I had the hottest teacher back in middle school. She could've been Shakira's sister that's how hot she was. I wish she could've molested me.

Midorii : I'm sad I didn't bang a hot teacher in school.

solidsnake58 : So this just happened (again) today and all I could think of was "Nice. Niiiice."

Insanity & Humanity : If my son was banging the teacher I would give him a high five

Garrick Groover : 0 dislikes? Nice.

Dewayne Lindsay : but she's ugly right lol

Jim Fleckenstein : During a sexual assault investigation course I went to as a police officer, this was almost exactly how we reacted at the news of a 16 year old kid getting it on with his high school teacher. The lady instructing our sex assault class started yelling at us... lol.

Jesse Tellez : The double standards of America. Women should be held accountable for their actions!

Leighton J : Don't think for a second if the teacher was hot that a male student would be complaining the reason they get caught is because the boy can't keep his mouth shut and his jealous friends rat them out.

The Ugly Barnacle : It's funny because it's true. If the genders were swapped, the teacher's life would basically be ruined for eternity.

Anıl Demir : NAYSSS

Oscar Pine : gota blowjob from my engliah teacher in 11th grade nothing but high fives for a week

RS1 : just because the boy cums does not mean it's not rape.

Guilherme Al : Well, that is a double standard I kind of agree with. I have got to admit.

sulosky : Nice..

Pocahontas Christine : "Give him the luckiest boy in America medal right away!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Paralyzed Horse : In the Latin version of the episode when people say "Nnice" they say "Mmm, Rico" wich can translate to "Mmm, Tasty". I can't even begin to express how much funnier this makes most of the scenes in this episode.

something else : Gender Equality can only be achieved when people are able to react in the same way even when gender roles are reversed. That could never happen....This needs to be understood by Feminists

Mindy Firey : NICE

Mister Sarajevo : Not a big fan of this episode but it did a good job of poking fun at that ridiculous double standard.

Socrates : Now imagine if it was a really handsome male teacher doing the same with his 10 year old girl student. Some people would act like the world has ended and all hell has broke loose. The double standard is so bizarre/absurd

Shemar 1016 : She doing it with me Nice!

Helmwall : This is why feminism will never work

Elmar Mol : Its funny because its true.

lengur :

Mr. Arnold : If that happened to me when I was younger, it wouldn't psychologically scar me or impact me negatively. Quite the contrary, it would have boosted my confidence and set me on a course to be a better man. Most other guys would agree with me on that. However, you switch the genders, and it's the polar opposite. And I don't understand why?

Teddy d’Ancona Films : This seems shockingly relevant now

ALLDefLepp : Luckiest boy in the world medal!

Kai Stevenson : The crime is she isn't doing it with me 😂😂😂

Kate Looti : People like this make me angry!

Ian Curran : niiiiiiice

Poon Hunter Since 83 : What's the Crime? The crime is...she isn't doing it to me

Freedom Warrior : This video is just so Niccccceeeee


Pamela Mags : Feminists: "We want equality" Same feminists: "Men can't hit women, rape can only happen if it's from a man, we deserve custody of children."

memehistoria : *Joseph Joestar approves this video*

Priyo M : Nice

Myster E : The crime is she isn't doing it with me lol