BIANCO presents: The Lift

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In our new film, we present the almost greatest love story ever told. Discover the full range of Bianco SS19 shoes at More about the campaign: #stepoutofyourhead

Comments from Youtube

Barrrrrt : OK here's a weird tip that changed my life in this area: always say hi or awknowledge a person within the first 3 seconds you see them. It's called the 3 second rule. Whenever I see anyone I'd like to know now, I just break the ice before it's even there. It takes some practice and initial courage, but once you've done it a couple of times you realize how fun and easy it is and it changes everything. Once you've broken the ice before it builds, you can always start a conversation or make a remark later on, without having to break the ice again. You don't have to make conversation, but you could if you both wanted to. And that's nice :-) Think about it from a tribal perspective. The social 'ice' we feel is just the fact that since we haven't made contact with the other person, they're probably from another tribe and should be treated as such. How weird is it that we're all human without making any connection? So try it. Just nudge and/or say whatever comes to mind when you see someone. Do it straight away, within the first 3 seconds. That way YOU don't get the chance to overthink it and the other person will perceive it as spontaneous. Because it is. Good luck <3

KristiansenVision : One of the best commercials i have ever seen. Great job!

DKKOLA : I acually checked what the company sells because they didn't say it in advert xD

woodrebel : I'm not crying. You're crying! 😢 Also the music was brilliant.

goodness Wops : soooooo true! this is the first advert I watched till the end. I usually skip when 5 seconds expires... good advert. I couldn't guess it's for a footwear. kudos to the person who thought about this...

Skuiggly : what a fucking amazing shortfilm. not really great at conveying that its an ad but it definitely caught my attention

wu kenny : men:You looks just like my mom women:what the...?

em me : Bad ending, from the begginging i expected one to ask about the other's shoes. That would be perfect for the brand. They need a sequel now. 😊

Mario Power : Good film. I think that many man don't start conversation not because they are shy, but because they are scared that women will call them sex predator.

H . A : Story of my life.. 😐

Alice Motricala : That lift is bigger than my room 😂

Natasha Figueroa : I usually press the Skip Video the first moment possible, but I am so glad I did not for this. What a lovely short film! Surprisingly deep and thought-provoking for an advert. Kudos!

Safouan : i think this has an important message.

Elliott de Souza : What a movie! I can't stop to watch!

SHC MostWanted : A fantastic ad in 2019? No way. Good job, BIANCO!

Ferreira Marco : L'histoire de ma vie... une célibataire à Genève ??😂

FunnyClipsPL : The first ad that I did not skipped. 5min one. EXCELLENT.

Atle Andrei Nybakken : Perfect ad, good job guys! I'd like to think the bit deeper message is that so many of us are too wimpy to make the first move, that we don't make a move at all. I'd say just go for it. Make a fool out of yourself in your office building or block of flats, what's the worst that could happen? She says she's taken or makes up a lie to blow you off, and you move on. Fail 99 times, get the hundredth, I don't care.

Silvana Christova : God damn it 😂 all this build up tention... turns out it was about the shoes 😂 good job

黃Menka : This short is sooo goood. Very interesting way to tell a sad romantic story.

amine mokhtari : name of the song? thanks :)

Keziah Divinagracia : Wow. That was... frustrating.

James Lan : Why it is related to shoes?

Adlin Ling : You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Markus DG : Porn vs reality

Baljeet : Wonderful ad. To too bad many just skip and don’t get to watch this beautiful piece of relatable art. I would have skipped it too, but I was busy on my computer so I just let it play and it looked interesting when I was about to skip and I decided to watch it

John Man : One of the best short films i've watched.

Alfonso Maria Gallo : Beautiful!

Correction Guy : This is so sad

fvianna1983 : What's the soundtrack?

Ekko Ekkonic : I'm gonna use this with my students.

tauntes 756 : perfect from aze

Kine Angell : Need an actual ending!!!!!!

chicken noodle : this was interesting

SamDDK : Ted Mosby much ?

Hollywood Tamil Review : It make me to say

Renato Ortega Ramírez : Most epic shoes commercial, when do you open in Mexico?

HolyMacarony _ : lul

Cripi : Beautifull. But what song is used as soundtrack?

Walid El-kher : what's the music name ?