Bill Hicks - Revelations (1993)

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Nicholas Robshaw : I would love to hear Bill's social commentary here in 2017. He'd be having a fucking shit fit.

DaddyO's Ink : one of Alex's best performances.

Steve Jackson : Bill Hicks was so fucking ahead of his time it's crazy, I can only imagine how much he would of evolved if he was still alive, I bet he'd be one of today's top best comics!

Corey Hopkins : the small amount of views his videos have on youtube is incredibly surprising. bill hicks is brilliant.

Noise Music Channel : thanks for sharing this with us ! cheers.

Sheriff David Clarke : This guy is a fucking genius.

G S S : I see where Joe Rogan got some of his stand up style from.

No Vin : Is it me or could Eugene from the Walking Dead be Bill's twin?

PINK STACY : nothing but the TRUTH from bill hicks in the form of awsome funny ass humor but first of the TRUTH!!!! GENIUS RIP BILL

travellight : they may have killed his body but his Spirit still remains

Aidan Gettel : Tool brought me here; truly another dead hero.

dav rogrz : another dead hero

ajanki34 : and thats why bill hicks was murdered.

EQOAnostalgia : Man... Alex Jones got fat!

Animaniac : Damn goat boy turns me on

ftw522 : History repeats itself

jonathan doss : If there's an afterlife in any shape or form, all I would want to do is just sit and listen to Bill Hicks.

Kulvir Singh : true legend

Thomas Fletcher : Opening with Jimi Hendrix...Breath catch in throat...Bill Hicks, inlaid in fire, standing in the outline of the monolith...I saw this in 1994, didn't know he was dead at the time...the coat the hat the fire behind him, and then all that material about drugs I didn't get...until time passed, as if it was something encoded in time, now i stand in front of an audience, I have my own thoughts about stuff...there is no death. Just love. Love Everybody. You. Are. Loved.

stEvo lution : And here we are 20+ years later and nothing has changed.

Badboy69 Jr. : When will people stop with this stupid Alex Jones shit

PuppetMaster : Ahhhh the daily reminder that I am on the planet of the retarded.

You scouse Bastard : Best ever. End of.

Bob A : gone too soon... a lost icon...

Lance Taylor : This man's gift to shock, awaken, and humorize the truth within, changed the world. He is what every comedy act should strive to achieve. I am not saying people should copy him, even though many have. Rather than trying to copy his genius, I have seen a few pay tribute. There are and have been many a great comics, but Bill Hicks had something special!!! He had a brilliant way of shining humor on what he perceived as the harsh, and somehow hilarious truth.

Tobias Remy : Watching outtakes of bill hicks performances talking about bad government and media lies, was a huge bill hicks fan. Come here and watch his full stand up. See the hateful christian bashing and think "ok, he doesn't like christianity. I get it, but seems a tad extreme". Then see the satanic pedophile jokes that just went on for an awkwardly long time, got extremely dark, and seemed more like him exuding his own personal fantasy and not really joking. Realize he was probably just another luciferian in the entertainment industry.....feelsbadman.

semih oguzcan : I think this is his best performance that I have ever seen.

James Tucker : Hay its Alex Jones!

Sir Lasagne : I want Goatboy to be my sugar daddy

J.K. Benedict : A Prophet.

Ununius : People ned to chill with the alex jones stuff.. doppelgangers exist all through history.

Vlad Ţepeș : that generic ass purple haze intro..

Andrew Calvert : Rearly clever the way he uses the joke to get across what he wants to say without just saying it, the man was a genius.


Darth Addictus : Ill bet no one else sees the shout out to 2001 Space Odessey like if you know what i mean, if not ur missing out

Kulvir Singh : legend

The real caliph Baghdad : Alex Jones back when he was funny

tarell676 : Damn, Bill Hicks. He was taken from us too soon. Though I wouldn't want him to see what the world is today.

Alonzo Campos : Holy fuck this guy is awsome

We R Comets : what the hell was that @13:31 ?

Eleni M. : The goat boy part is pure fucking gold.

Robert Downes : no such thing as pedestrian right of way in LA.Its a jaywalking ticket if you're not in the crosswalk.Just got a ticket the other day.

peter morningsnow : The best in this - and it's filled with a peculiar best - is the part where he tells of a man who sinned in believing in dinosaurs, because the fossil evidence was plausible, and so he was sentenced to hell. Yes. This is how man works, the fundamentalist, the god. The heaven. It excludes. It thoroughly deserves to be ridiculed. Because only the blonde is safe and deserves a great deal more ridicule.

eddie orgasmic : BORN 1961 BILL WOULD HAVE BEEN 57 TODAY...:( RIP

Pat Brennan : bills intellect can only be understood and appreciated by a small sector of society, i'm so pleased to be a part of that minority.

FrozenExplosion : he performed like he was in his own world

SPACETV : My God, it's full of Bill Hicks. 23:29

Benjamin Fredrick : "Spread them like wheat." Terence.

Mr.agent 47 : Alex Jones!

clashkid83 : We were robbed of this man. Genius, fucking genius. It's not right.