50 State Stereotypes (in 2 minutes)

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Justin Y. : *aliens furiously take notes*

wanderingRequiem : I have never heard anything more accurate to Florida than this video

Wicked Amoeba : How dare you! I'm from Maryland! We don't drink that much wine and we don't have "lobster boats"! We have crab boats....*drinks wine*.

Can I have 500 Subs : *Texas* Everything is bigger. Even our morons. Y is this so Accurate

Buff Muffin : as long as everyone gets offended, we're all fine.

Brie Cheese : I was just waiting for the polygamy— I’m from Utah and whenever people hear that they automatically go “oh!! So you’re Mormon?” -_-

retro field kid : Even our amish will fight you? You said stereotypes not facts

Marksman 361 : How to learn everything about America in 2 minutes

Adriana Barron : Me a North Carolinian: "oh, I get it, we gotta lot of tabacco fields, so. But it's still a stereotype." Also me: *my grandpa died of lung cancer* well....

JEBEDIAH KERMAN : You'll have to drive through us to get somewhere better. *MeFromIndiana*

Mary Hope : You know you watched this just for your state.

Eruanna Greenleaf : *brings hand up to make lower peninsula* “Cereal makers-“ *brings other hand up to make upper peninsula* “-and cereal killers.” I’m dying.. 😂 I’ve never heard that one before.

•Perse phone• : "Dreadlocks on Caucasians" honestly... I can't even deny 😂

Mason 11 : Alabama: Roll tide or GTFO. Alaska: Secretly a Canadian province in the disguise of an American state. Arizona: Hotter than your babe from Sweden. Arkansas: Save money, but you don’t live better. Walmart! California: Half-beautiful-forest, half-smoggy-urban-life. Colorado: Independence day is the 20th of April. Connecticut: The forgotten runt of the Tri-State area. Delaware: We’re basically Maryland’s armpit. Florida: Why are we shaped like a penis? Georgia: Your final source of southern hospitality in 2018. Hawaii: Aloha! Now put some pineapple on your pizza. Idaho: Wait, there are cities other than Boise? Illinois: Most likely to land on Bankrupt on Wheel of Fortune. Indiana: Yeah, we’re ashamed of the scenery too. Iowa: If Fatal Fields was real. Kansas: Proof that the Earth is flat. Kentucky: Horses running over hillbillies all night long. Louisiana: New Orleans or Hicksville -- pick your poison. Maine: Un-bear-able weather, am I right? Maryland: Wealthy crab gluttons and destitute Baltimore. Massachusetts: Snobby universities surrounded by Irish douchebags. Michigan: An impeccable automobile industry… actually, nevermind. Minnesota: It’s hot, but it’s also icy. Mississippi: Obese white trash shouting that the devil is beating his wife. Missouri: A mixture of midwestern culture and redneck culture. Montana: Hunting both wild deer and Sunday drivers. Nebraska: Football, corn, and more corn. Nevada: Enter feeling lucky, exit with your future destroyed. New Hampshire: Gary Johnson should be the President of the United States. New Jersey: Obnoxious beach bums and 95 metric tons of pollution (solely on 95). New Mexico: Your rare, democratic-redneck combo. New York: Here at Globo-gym, we’re better than you. And we know it. North Carolina: The college basketball version of Crips vs Bloods. North Dakota: South Dakota, but without Mt. Rushmore. Ohio: America’s construction butthole. Oklahoma: Let’s just deep fry the quarter-inch of snow on the ground. Oregon: It’s raining and I’m stoned. Pennsylvania: Yinz want a pop or youse want a soda? Rhode Island: Smaller than the county you live in. South Carolina: Defendant acquitted under fair practice of the Jim Crow Laws. South Dakota: North Dakota, but with Mt. Rushmore. Tennessee: A whiskey and a gun in the back of a pickup truck. Texas: Yeah we know we’re idiots, but y’all can’t mess with us. Utah: No seriously, I’m not Mormon! All of my ancestors were, though. Vermont: Admit it, you once thought that we were one of the 13 original colonies. Virginia: The founding fathers of a national embarrassment. Washington: Smoking pot in the back of the Starbucks restrooms. West Virginia: When a blonde girl from Kentucky moves here, both of us get smarter. Wisconsin: Is there a cheese with alcohol in it yet? Wyoming: *crickets*

ok ok : Here's an Index: 0:07 - Alabama 0:09 - Alaska 0:11 - Arizona 0:13 - Arkansas 0:16 - California 0:20 - Colorado 0:23 - Conneticut 0:26 - Delaware 0:29 - Florida 0:32 - Georgia 0:34 - Hawaii 0:36 - Idaho 0:38 - Illinois 0:42 - Indiana 0:44 - Iowa 0:46 - Kansas 0:47 - Kentucky 0:49 - Louisiana 0:50 - Maine 0:53 - Maryland 0:56 - Massachusetts 0:58 - Michigan 1:00 - Minnesota 1:02 - Mississippi 1:03 - Missouri 1:05 - Montana 1:07 - Nebraska 1:09 - Nevada 1:12 - New Hampshire 1:14 - New Jersey 1:16 - New Mexico 1:19 - New York 1:21 - North Carolina 1:23 - North Dakota 1:25 - Ohio 1:26 - Oklohoma 1:28 - Oregon 1:30 - Pennsylvania 1:31 - Rhode Island 1:33 - South Carolina 1:34 - South Dakota 1:37 - Tennessee 1:39 - Texas 1:41 - Utah 1:42 - Vermont 1:44 - Virginia 1:47 - Washington 1:49 - West Virginia 1:51 - Wisconsin 1:53 - Wyonming You're welcome.

Cascade Rorie : I couldn't find a Maryland comment, so this is it... It's true. All of it.

PricyRex32248 : Good thing I live in the cereal makers part of the state...

Christ Is King : "The inbred love child of Virginia and DC"- 100% fact

Errordyne : 56000 square miles of dull. Actually, yes

Morgan Weeks : "Even our amish will fight you"

Grumpy Peanuts : Did he really go to each state just to say a 2 second phrase?

VertiX Gaming : Its true about Pennsylvania some Amish people are crazy Edit: i live in Pennsylvania

TARDAS22 : ThErEs No SpEeD lImIt WhEn YoU'Re DrUnK

Emma D : Okay but why did this just now pop up in my recommendations

esme : "Richer hippies in Oregon" I'm from Washington and I'm not gonna lie, that is accurate.

Hannah Pescadera : I'm watching a seven years old video about the USA and I'm not even American

Emma D : The one for Delaware is accurate. *please come here*

thegameboy450 : Actually now it 12days tornado free here in Oklahoma. Lol but no seriously that’s pretty true

Jeremy Stars : I feel like my state is the worst. Tennessee:Where white people music come from.

Undertaker : “Ten days tornado free” From Oklahoma not true. But you never predict the weather here

J K : we minnesotans appreciate the fact that you appreciate the fact that we appreciate niceness.

The Peoples Militia Of Georgia : We'll damn, poor georgia

Rae The Flame Raging Gay : "Cereal makers, serial killers" What has Michigan come to?

Rachel Dickinson : Indiana is probably the most accurate out of this whole thing, and I don’t even live there.

TH3_M33P_CR3W : I approve of New Mexico's UFO epidemic

YouTubeLogo : You got Wisconsin correctly as far as I know. Up here, it CAN get pretty cold from October to like late April and even early May

Sushi Roll : I live in Kansas, true I lived in Oregon, very true I'm from Washington, too true.

Harper Elizabeth : “White breads making wheat bread” Why must I live in Kansas 🤦‍♀️

Syvannah McGuire : I’m from Colorado and oh man it’s so accurate 😹 (imeanidontdodrugsbutevweyoneelseheredoesweedbecausethegovernmenthereesucks)

Emma D : Delaware- the first state Also Delaware—the last state to be recognized

just _houle : *_Atlanta_*

cactus plant : "Everybody say colorado!" *IeM a girEfFe*

Aii iiA : Who else just came for their state? Edit: Well, of course, everyone did x'D why'd I bother to ask?

JUST A BLACK KID : Why is this in my recommendation? I am not even from the US

COD KINDA GIRL : Cereal makers, Cereal killers FTW

Jeffrey Cain : I swear, why does everyone think Maryland is so rich?!? I guess its a complement, but whatever

Dushdjtoe Dushdjtoe : Um Maryland isn't like that at all.... we eat crab instead

Andii The Yandere : The Michigan one is so true

Purple Magic : Wyoming doesn't exist tho, don't let people feed you these lies!

Project Valkyrie : The Ohio one is too real. I love it