50 State Stereotypes (in 2 minutes)

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Justin Y. : *aliens furiously take notes*

wanderingRequiem : I have never heard anything more accurate to Florida than this video

Bella Sandoval : *Texas* Everything is bigger. Even our morons. Y is this so Accurate

Brie Cheese : I was just waiting for the polygamy— I’m from Utah and whenever people hear that they automatically go “oh!! So you’re Mormon?” -_-

Buff Muffin : as long as everyone gets offended, we're all fine.

Adriana Barron : Me a North Carolinian: "oh, I get it, we gotta lot of tabacco fields, so. But it's still a stereotype." Also me: *my grandpa died of lung cancer* well....

Mary Hope : You know you watched this just for your state.

Marksman 361 : How to learn everything about America in 2 minutes

Mason 11 : Alabama: Roll tide or GTFO. Alaska: Secretly a Canadian province in the disguise of an American state. Arizona: Hotter than your babe from Sweden. Arkansas: Save money, but you don’t live better. Walmart! California: Half-beautiful-forest, half-smoggy-urban-life. Colorado: Independence day is the 20th of April. Connecticut: The forgotten runt of the Tri-State area. Delaware: We’re basically Maryland’s armpit. Florida: Why are we shaped like a penis? Georgia: Your final source of southern hospitality in 2018. Hawaii: Aloha! Now put some pineapple on your pizza. Idaho: Wait, there are cities other than Boise? Illinois: Most likely to land on Bankrupt on Wheel of Fortune. Indiana: Yeah, we’re ashamed of the scenery too. Iowa: If Fatal Fields was real. Kansas: Proof that the Earth is flat. Kentucky: Horses running over hillbillies all night long. Louisiana: New Orleans or Hicksville -- pick your poison. Maine: Un-bear-able weather, am I right? Maryland: Wealthy crab gluttons and destitute Baltimore. Massachusetts: Snobby universities surrounded by Irish douchebags. Michigan: An impeccable automobile industry… actually, nevermind. Minnesota: It’s hot, but it’s also icy. Mississippi: Obese white trash shouting that the devil is beating his wife. Missouri: A mixture of midwestern culture and redneck culture. Montana: Hunting both wild deer and Sunday drivers. Nebraska: Football, corn, and more corn. Nevada: Enter feeling lucky, exit with your future destroyed. New Hampshire: Gary Johnson should be the President of the United States. New Jersey: Obnoxious beach bums and 95 metric tons of pollution (solely on 95). New Mexico: Your rare, democratic-redneck combo. New York: Here at Globo-gym, we’re better than you. And we know it. North Carolina: The college basketball version of Crips vs Bloods. North Dakota: South Dakota, but without Mt. Rushmore. Ohio: America’s construction butthole. Oklahoma: Let’s just deep fry the quarter-inch of snow on the ground. Oregon: It’s raining and I’m stoned. Pennsylvania: Yinz want a pop or youse want a soda? Rhode Island: Smaller than the county you live in. South Carolina: Defendant acquitted under fair practice of the Jim Crow Laws. South Dakota: North Dakota, but with Mt. Rushmore. Tennessee: A whiskey and a gun in the back of a pickup truck. Texas: Yeah we know we’re idiots, but y’all can’t mess with us. Utah: No seriously, I’m not Mormon! All of my ancestors were, though. Vermont: Admit it, you once thought that we were one of the 13 original colonies. Virginia: The founding fathers of a national embarrassment. Washington: Smoking pot in the back of the Starbucks restrooms. West Virginia: When a blonde girl from Kentucky moves here, both of us get smarter. Wisconsin: Is there a cheese with alcohol in it yet? Wyoming: *crickets*

•Perse phone• : "Dreadlocks on Caucasians" honestly... I can't even deny 😂

Hannah Pescadera : I'm watching a seven years old video about the USA and I'm not even American

cactus plant : "Everybody say colorado!" *IeM a girEfFe*

Undertaker : “Ten days tornado free” From Oklahoma not true. But you never predict the weather here

JEBEDIAH KERMAN : You'll have to drive through us to get somewhere better. *MeFromIndiana*

VertiX Gaming : Its true about Pennsylvania some Amish people are crazy Edit: i live in Pennsylvania

Jayson Rocchio : “No seriously, we’re a state” no truer words can be said about RI

Pokeheartless The Drifter : “Even are Amish will fight you” Wait...Amish don’t try to kick your ass if you insult there hats in other states?

Purple Magic : Wyoming doesn't exist tho, don't let people feed you these lies!

esme : "Richer hippies in Oregon" I'm from Washington and I'm not gonna lie, that is accurate.

Min Eum : I learned more here than AP US History.

The Peoples Militia Of Georgia : We'll damn, poor georgia

Last Patriot : Yes the textbooks in KY are outdated and looks mangled by a sex offender

UnDeadXT YT : At least they care about us during Election Time

ok ok : Here's an Index: 0:07 - Alabama 0:09 - Alaska 0:11 - Arizona 0:13 - Arkansas 0:16 - California 0:20 - Colorado 0:23 - Conneticut 0:26 - Delaware 0:29 - Florida 0:32 - Georgia 0:34 - Hawaii 0:36 - Idaho 0:38 - Illinois 0:42 - Indiana 0:44 - Iowa 0:46 - Kansas 0:47 - Kentucky 0:49 - Louisiana 0:50 - Maine 0:53 - Maryland 0:56 - Massachusetts 0:58 - Michigan 1:00 - Minnesota 1:02 - Mississippi 1:03 - Missouri 1:05 - Montana 1:07 - Nebraska 1:09 - Nevada 1:12 - New Hampshire 1:14 - New Jersey 1:16 - New Mexico 1:19 - New York 1:21 - North Carolina 1:23 - North Dakota 1:25 - Ohio 1:26 - Oklohoma 1:28 - Oregon 1:30 - Pennsylvania 1:31 - Rhode Island 1:33 - South Carolina 1:34 - South Dakota 1:37 - Tennessee 1:39 - Texas 1:41 - Utah 1:42 - Vermont 1:44 - Virginia 1:47 - Washington 1:49 - West Virginia 1:51 - Wisconsin 1:53 - Wyonming You're welcome.

Rachel Anne : Indiana is probably the most accurate out of this whole thing, and I don’t even live there.

Jay : "14th biggest state, 1st biggest ego" - I'm not even American but I understand what you mean because I see Casey Neistat and other New Yorkers constantly yap about how New York is the greatest city in the world!

Tristan Bentzel : New PA stereotype: You can always have a bigger indoor water park

Jeremy Stars : I feel like my state is the worst. Tennessee:Where white people music come from.

Aii iiA : Who else just came for their state? Edit: Well, of course, everyone did x'D why'd I bother to ask?

YouTubeLogo : You got Wisconsin correctly as far as I know. Up here, it CAN get pretty cold from October to like late April and even early May

Project Valkyrie : The Ohio one is too real. I love it

FakeTylerJoseph : Anyone here from Colorado?🙋‍♂️

Clickbait King : Great scenery, brilliant people, I’m sorry I can’t, um, we have Walmart?

Raptor Family : Cereal makers, Cereal killers FTW

Alchemy by Moonlight : I’m from Colorado and oh man it’s so accurate 😹 (imeanidontdodrugsbutevweyoneelseheredoesweedbecausethegovernmenthereesucks)

I'm Upset : *I knew he'd be wearing a cowboy hat for Texas.*

Demi-Fiend of Time : As someone from PA i can confirm the stereo type as fact. Everyobody will beat the shit out of you if you piss them off and has hair thin tempers only other stereo type that could be made is the stae can be split into 4 quadrants Western Pittsburgh PA which leans to the right where I am from, The Eastern Philadelphia PA which these two sides never agree on anything and hate eachother, the Middle with Harisburg which tries its hardest to make people rember that part of the state exists while keeping the two major sides from destroying the other and the Erie peninsula that is nothing but indoor water parks and boat docks that get buried in snow and ice in Winnter.

Avery BigMess : I hate how freaking accurate it is

Kennedy Vaught : You have to drive through us to get somewhere better, this is very indiana

R.J. Huffman : Stop shaming Indiana, I know it's pretty boring and no one famous ever comes, but it's still nice! (Im a Hoosier)

Sood Sood : I mean for Georgia, fair enough. if you go to Atlanta you can see the aquarium, world of coke, the airport, the cool street art, the fun people, Avondale, ponce city market, etc. but if you go out into rural Georgia you see a lot of weirdly polite racists.

Morgan Weeks : "Even our amish will fight you"

king mathers : "Cereal makers. Serial killers."

MW2 C : Me when i hear mexicans are left out of arizona enemy AC-130 inbound.

Fish buddy : California: *fire*

Max Wasserman : Wyoming can’t have any gay cowboys because they don’t have any people

Harper Elizabeth : “White breads making wheat bread” Why must I live in Kansas 🤦‍♀️

Brylee D : The Georgia is like... opposite if you’re a true Georgian lol

Sam Becht : Have hippy have French all upperclass yep that’s true New Hampshire that’s where I live

Speedy Zipp : How does one “Wyoming”