Owasso Police Department lip sync challenge

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Hayley Wise : We're not worthy! We're not worthy!!

Sonny Beltran : I'm giving you a no honk guarantee! .. hahahahaha Rock n Roll brothers .. 🤘🏽

Steve RetiredandCranky : Well done

Mitch Stone : They don't know what the term lip syncing is! You're not supposed to actually sing! It's still is a pretty good job though!! Milli Vanilli definitely knew what lip syncing is!!

Katherine Harrington : can you imagine sitting at a stoplight and they pull up next to you.lol

Susan larson : Best one I've seen!! 😂😂😂

Broncobilly318 : This is by far the best one I have seen, great job!

O B : Fantastic

brian colbert : Incredible

Jennifer Stine : "Dude, this feels really weird!" I don't know how I would process this if I saw it happening. This video was hilarious. I hope more stations across the country do something like this.

Garret Marks : Nice

April Gideon : Our family just cracked up watching y'all! 😂😂😂 Great job guys!

christina Meldrum : You guys won!!

Justin Chard : Aswesome jobs guys!!! Im about crying!!!!! LOL!!

bayerdv82 : Awesome!!!

joopis16 : Lucky one!! Brian May himself posted it on his facebook site!!👏

Robert Zeurunkl : Job well done, lads! Oh, and great video, too. ;-)

Wyatt Riemenschneider : Slow night?

Brian Cory : Great job guys. Nick your a super star!

Sheila Bliss : So well done, who did they challenge?

Starr Brannon : I think that was TERRIBLE!!!