Civil War Spider-Man Scene - Peter Parker Meets Gay Tony Stark Sleeping with Tobey Maguire
Pizza Time

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Peter Parker comes home and meets a gay Tony Stark sleeping with another Peter Parker. "Uncle Ben is ugly, Uncle Ben deserved to die" is borrowed from CheesePieWithChips's Uncle Ben's Excessive Dying. -


Masterhandnate : โ€œUncle Ben was an ugly..Uncle Ben deserved to die...โ€ Pizza Parker: wut

pasteldenz : Anyone extremely confused?

Nexon Bomber : Can't believe that it's been 12 since Pizza Time was born. So crazy.

BenJaMin : *Top 10 Deleted Scenes That The Directors Secretly Hid From You*

Consural : What a twist in the ending. M. Night Shamalamadingdong approves.

AlexTheMenace : I laughed so hard at Peter getting triggered by the pizza shirt. The only thing I would recommend is just changing the color palette of the scenes with Tobey and Downey in the bedroom to match the Civil War footage.

Manuelazo 2.0 : Peter Parker: I'm, I'm, I'm Peter Peter Parker Tobey Maguire: The Same Guy?

Devin Tariel : This is a new era of YouTube poop

321Action123Cut : 01:05 - 01:07 - You are my only Pizza ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ LOL

Dirvinator : Better than The Force Awakens

Knowledge : I lost it when Tom webbed the picture and Tobey was like "You killed Uncle Ben"


GYPRODOGO : no more pizza time. no more pizza. no more.

Daniele Anzaldi : this nosense is amazing

Moon Man : Spider Man Vice City- The Ballad of Gay Tony Stark

Lucian Ganea : Uncle Ben deserved to die

FICTIST X3NON : OMG lol this youtube channel is phenomenal

Nightmare Fuel : is that actually Toby maguire and Robert downy jr

TheTrueSonofSparda : Canโ€™t believe I finally now just discover this masterpiece

This is who I am : 4:40 peter parker .exe. has stopped working

KingLich : wtf film is that tony in the bed from?

Anomalous : This is the weirdest title i read in my entire life

Arhivist : This is art.

Elyaxar : Please make one with Holland and Garfield.

svclana4ever : Oh my god, this is literally the best thing I've seen on the internet! Fucking legendary! Those flashbacks man... I'm dying! Kudos to Tom Holland for wearing the most perfect shirt ever.

Captain Zach : OMG this is so sad... Alexa play despacito.

G.A Edits : the end XD i literally couldn't stop laughing. these videos are amazing. "uncle Ben was ugly he deserved to die" best part of it XD. well done.

Tudor PatraลŸcu : You deserve an award for this vid dude

White Steve Harvey : your spiderman ytp series is the greatest thing on the internet.

Jerome Schmitz : what? Tobey maguire and Robert downey jr in a ... OMG! no no no !!!!!!!!

FlikM : This is why i pay for my internet every month

Adel ? : All i wanted...๐Ÿ˜ข was pizza time๐Ÿ˜ญ 3:24

Pierce Lavoy : "But I love pizza time" lmao

LayneTheSaiyan : This right here is gold. I haven't found a good ytp in ages so i started making my own

Fais faiz : Lol i thought it was real but you make it like golden ytp ๐Ÿ˜‚

JurassicWolf94 : I don't know why but I love your videos

Swordslayerfish 4 : I'm being serious I just can't... (Tobey McGuire scream) Holy shit! Me: All of this for a shirt? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ ๐Ÿ‘• ๐Ÿ‘–

Jungkooks Moisturising Cream : IT'S 2 IN THE MORNING AND I CAN'T STOP SCREAMING.

AliF805 : Tobey Maguire can return to playing Tom Holland future Peter Parker in the future mcu films of spidey when he graduates high school

Xpzilla : He was killed AGain

Jimmy Jones : This video is pure art

C.Funk99 : Now that Civil War is out on digital hd, will you plan on remaking this?

Anipix : I thought this scene was a weird choice by the directors but all and all it was great

Alexander Matador : Wtf did I just watch???

Ajeel : The Editing skills are the best in the industry

PokeDude011 : If I reboot the pizzas, Mr. Aziz will reboot me

Sebastian Tirado : Nice editing better than I expected HAHAHAHAHAHA

Don'tKnowWhatToCallThisChannelYet : I'm.. scared now...

ASA Gaming : Haha, this is actually pretty good :D