Civil War Spider-Man Scene - Peter Parker Meets Gay Tony Stark Sleeping with Tobey Maguire

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CoolestClips : 01:05 - 01:07 - You are my only Pizza 😁😁😁 LOL

Consural : What a twist in the ending. M. Night Shamalamadingdong approves.

Radionatix : Iron Man 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Stark

KingLich : wtf film is that tony in the bed from?

AlexTheMenace : I laughed so hard at Peter getting triggered by the pizza shirt. The only thing I would recommend is just changing the color palette of the scenes with Tobey and Downey in the bedroom to match the Civil War footage.

Captain Zach : OMG this is so sad... Alexa play despacito.

BenJaMin : *Top 10 Deleted Scenes That The Directors Secretly Hid From You*

Nexon Bomber : Can't believe that it's been 12 since Pizza Time was born. So crazy.

FICTIST X3NON : OMG lol this youtube channel is phenomenal

Dirvinator : Better than The Force Awakens

MakeShift_ Art : Anyone extremely confused?

Lucian Ganea : Uncle Ben deserved to die


Devin Tariel : This is a new era of YouTube poop

Manuelazo 2.0 : Peter Parker: I'm, I'm, I'm Peter Peter Parker Tobey Maguire: The Same Guy?

Knowledge : I lost it when Tom webbed the picture and Tobey was like "You killed Uncle Ben"

GYPRODOGO : no more pizza time. no more pizza. no more.

Nightmare Fuel : is that actually Toby maguire and Robert downy jr

Masterhandnate : “Uncle Ben was an ugly..Uncle Ben deserved to die...” Pizza Parker: wut

Swedish Gojira fan 2000 : Marcus Lee has officially become a fucking Spider-Man YTP Legend. I ain't kidding

Daniele Anzaldi : this nosense is amazing

Elyaxar : Please make one with Holland and Garfield.

This is who I am : 4:40 peter parker .exe. has stopped working

Moon Man : Spider Man Vice City- The Ballad of Gay Tony Stark

svclana4ever : Oh my god, this is literally the best thing I've seen on the internet! Fucking legendary! Those flashbacks man... I'm dying! Kudos to Tom Holland for wearing the most perfect shirt ever.

TheTrueSonofSparda : Can’t believe I finally now just discover this masterpiece

G.A Edits : the end XD i literally couldn't stop laughing. these videos are amazing. "uncle Ben was ugly he deserved to die" best part of it XD. well done.


Anomalous : This is the weirdest title i read in my entire life

Arhivist : This is art.

Tudor Patraşcu : You deserve an award for this vid dude

Jerome Schmitz : what? Tobey maguire and Robert downey jr in a ... OMG! no no no !!!!!!!!

AliF805 : Tobey Maguire can return to playing Tom Holland future Peter Parker in the future mcu films of spidey when he graduates high school

LayneTheSaiyan : This right here is gold. I haven't found a good ytp in ages so i started making my own

Pierce Lavoy : "But I love pizza time" lmao

Jungkooks Moisturising Cream : IT'S 2 IN THE MORNING AND I CAN'T STOP SCREAMING.

White Steve Harvey : your spiderman ytp series is the greatest thing on the internet.

Fais faiz : Lol i thought it was real but you make it like golden ytp 😂

Xpzilla : He was killed AGain

Sebastian Tirado : Nice editing better than I expected HAHAHAHAHAHA

JurassicWolf94 : I don't know why but I love your videos

Xerus : This is why i pay for my internet every month

Snehil Shrey : Now I feel bad for Tobey😟

AllenX : 2 boys 1 pizza

Adel ? : All i wanted...😢 was pizza time😭 3:24

Jimmy Jones : This video is pure art

JKM. : *p i z z a t i m e*

Joey D : You gotta take it off!!!!

C.Funk99 : Now that Civil War is out on digital hd, will you plan on remaking this?

Xpzilla : Uncle Ben was U G L Y