Meet the KGB Spies Who Invented Fake News | NYT Opinion
Meet the KGB Spies Who Invented Fake News NYT Opinion

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In Episode 1 of Operation InfeKtion, we reveal how one of the biggest fake news stories ever concocted — the 1984 AIDS-is-a-biological-weapon hoax — went viral in the pre-Internet era. Meet the KGB cons who invented it, and the “truth squad” that quashed it. For a bit. Read the story here: Subscribe: More from The New York Times Video: ---------- Whether it's reporting on conflicts abroad and political divisions at home, or covering the latest style trends and scientific developments, New York Times video journalists provide a revealing and unforgettable view of the world. It's all the news that's fit to watch.


Red Baran : The Russians care about the long game... The US forgot about the long game

Rawks720 : When you've been uncovered to the point you have to expose yourself to try and control the narrative, Yuri Besmenov was right about everything

Trolligarch : Video editing by the New York Times never ceases to amaze.

zanette8585 : This is amazing work and research. BUT, what if this was actually the doing of US intelligence, to make it seem like Russia did this to us when really the US government has been lying to it's people all along and now trying to confuse everyone into thinking Russia did it. 🧐🤔🤯🏥

Skinrip : Funny how the guy at 3:10, Yuri Bezmenov, talks about organizations like The New York Times and their progressive subversion tactics and ideas.

Aleksandar Papez : Big shoutout to the amazing video editors behind this! Stellar work throughout the piece, the time you put in really shows <3

Ymir Heiss : "Among the executives who lent their cooperation to the Agency were Williarn Paley of the Columbia Broadcasting System, Henry Luce of Tirne Inc., Arthur Hays Sulzberger of the New York Times, Barry Bingham Sr. of the LouisviIle Courier‑Journal, and James Copley of the Copley News Service. Other organizations which cooperated with the CIA include the American Broadcasting Company, the National Broadcasting Company, the Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps‑Howard, Newsweek magazine, the Mutual Broadcasting System, the Miami Herald and the old Saturday Evening Post and New York Herald‑Tribune." "By far the most valuable of these associations, according to CIA officials, have been with the New York Times, CBS and Time Inc." -- Carl Bernstein.

Talladega Tom : Now they do it openly via the RT network. And they are not the only ones either. The mis and dis information spewed by Linda Sarsour is a good example.

/\/\G : sounds like the Steele dossier that was funded by fusion GPS!

Aggelos Poulopoulos : Amazed to hear Adam Westbrook's voice. It is so great that his work and narration style has now the NYT Logo. Adam, You have been doing great videos for long now. Keep it up!!

2manynegativewaves : Spent a long weekend with a former KGB Colonel a few years ago. Was a lovely guy but I never quite believed that he didn't speak English.

Bolle Geit : Good video!

Juanpito ledo : so this isnt about the USS Maine right?

Дмитрий Скрябин : wow, good visulisation. I got the shivers at the end even though it's not really a news around here

Charles Uwakwe : This is by far one of the best investigative journalism piece done by The New York Times this year. Well done lads.

Wayne S : 03:20 I remember watching that video on YouTube back in 2005 - 2007 xD A few individuals had actually uploaded it back then. I was intrigued.

Jean Greenfield : Very interesting. Bravo NEW YORK TIMES 👍👍 I remember this story. Did not know the origins. Its plausibility made it damaging.

Louis Stilling : Imagine if this documentary later proved to be an ideological subversion. We need to go deeper.

javad mehrazi : This video should be watched millions of time

bisquitnspanky : And this comment section is filled with people eager to perpetuate the operation. Of course. It truly is exhausting.

Jim R. : ideological subversion... like taking over the colleges and universities and indoctrinating our youth into utter madness?

Steve Kambiski : That's exactly what Alex Jones is doing.

M C : You guys learned from the best eh?

SecondComingTwice : Tell me what to think, New York Times "Opinion Page." Give me my opinion. Dan Rather (in my authoritative, educated at Oxford upper-crusty accent) read what his Deep State masters told him to read. Exactly as the NYT is attempting to do here.

iiStryker360 : Reagan’s deregulation of the FTC and the removal of The Fairness Doctrine has led us to this point Niccolò Machiavelli is right

Andy Lu : soundtrack is also great!

Shouvik Roy : Ever heard of OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD @NYT? of which you were part of?

Cristian Cira : wow! What a story !

jimijuu omastar : LOOK INTO MK ULTRA

Tom Jones : Russian Government slowly destroying the truth with their cancerous culture....Well done Times, bout time people woke up.

Carolyn Talbot : All malignant narcissists believe they are an original, one of a kind, very stable genius.

Kulwa Luhigo : So did the U.S 'disinform' the world about Iraq's WMD.

natural91LC : FANTASTIC VIDEO :D ! Th editing reminds me of " The School of life " videos, even the music XD

Santiago Restrepo : How perfectly well do you understand what it is basically your core function, NYT

Karla Peña : Holly mother of God. Young Puttin looks like Steven (Stephen?) Miller!!!

Blaccstar Red : Terrifying. Absolutely cunning and wicked.

Sunil Patil : I'm going to burst on NYT for not highlighting northeast India but then they also forget Alaska! Score equal!

Mark Mathis : Should be New York Educational Times. Nyet. 😂😂😂😂

Ginkgo Triloba : he just said "my original name was Stanislav Bittman" with sooo strong Czech accent, lol, what kind of spy could he be?

Anonymous : Henry Kissinger *Memmoradum 200*

4G12 : And thus, Retardistan, their ultimate creation, was born.

ilove2929 : I like how u ended this vid 👏🔥

electronicgrinsch : 😂 Lusitania.. 🤣Iraq WMD 😂 gulf of Tonkin incident... I could go on and on... 😁

Jo G : S1 E1? Glad to contribute to the initial view counts. Keep em coming!

g00gle WEARELEGION : Really i thought the Third Reich did it before KGB .

Richard Rider : And why don't we start WORKING WITH and not against these clever people??? rr Normandy

Eugene Koh : Thumbnail looks like Darth Vader

zuldo : Come on. Fake news wasn't "invented" by the KGB. Every single intelligence agency has utilized disinformation and propaganda.

Tejas Ramdas : It would be crazy if this whole investigation was just an experiment in disinformation.