Meet the KGB Spies Who Invented Fake News | NYT Opinion

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Charles Uwakwe : This is by far one of the best investigative journalism piece done by The New York Times this year. Well done lads.

Trolligarch : Video editing by the New York Times never ceases to amaze.

zuldo : Come on. Fake news wasn't "invented" by the KGB. Every single intelligence agency has utilized disinformation and propaganda.

Kulwa Luhigo : So did the U.S 'disinform' the world about Iraq's WMD.

Red Baran : The Russians care about the long game... The US forgot about the long game

victor nderu : Americans also used these tactics. Don't make it sound like its a Russian thing only.

Chris : Fake news began long before what is claimed in this piece. Remember Joseph Goebbels? "If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth." Bear in mind, the one book the current US president reportedly kept by his bedside and MAY have actually read was heavily influenced by Goebbels...

Tripper : USA is litterally the biggest source of propaganda in the world. Propaganda that damages the whole world.

Matthew Fodell : It's kind of BS to give some KGB agents credit for "fake news." I mean, Edward Bernays was American, and he literally wrote the guide book "Propaganda," which served as the foundation of modern PR (which boils down to propaganda, which is essentially what "fake news" means) and advertising, for governments and corporations alike. Even totalitarian states like those of the Nazis and fascists *envied* the system of propaganda that was created in America and the West on the basis of Bernays' work-- largely because it was decentralized (didn't just come from formal state sources) and therefore much easier to be manipulated by and harder to detect. My point is, the KGB was really just one more intelligence agency. "Fake news"/propaganda has existed for hundreds of years, and even in its contemporary form was really pioneered in the Western liberal republics. It's very convenient to whitewash that history and blame this stuff on some alien outside force, but I'd encourage people to read and watch Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman. The New York Times, Washington Post, and the like certainly aren't innocent of manipulating their audiences with "fake news" (Jeff Bezos, owner of the WaPo, has made deals with the CIA, so I would take anything they print with a grain of salt, for example). Of course more right-wing sources are no better, but, in the institutional world, outside of a few independent journalists (like Seymour Hersh), there aren't many organizations I'd say are not guilty of deceptive journalism on some counts-- certainly not major corporations, who have every interest in presenting things in a certain way and not giving us information which either threatens their profits or compromised their access to insiders at the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, and so on. If they are "too critical" of those institutions, rather than presenting things in keeping with the official government line, they won't continue to be offered scoops by these inside sources, and some newspaper that's willing to play ball will instead.

Responsible Citizen : The NYT is making this appear as if they aren't the ones involved in this. It's the old tactic of pointing to someone else when you are the one who did it. Listening to the entire Yuri Bezmenov tapes would make that apparent.

Skinrip : Funny how the guy at 3:10, Yuri Bezmenov, talks about organizations like The New York Times and their progressive subversion tactics and ideas.

/ : "if youre exhausted by the news, this might be why" the russians? really? lol it couldnt possibly be all of the propaganda you guys try to pass off as legit news.

Close : Nice. The New York Times reporting on their methods.

Summer Love : What's ironic is that the trumpers are gonna call this story fake news.

• Akti0n • : Bet you won't talk about what Yuri Bezmenov has to say about social justice and the rest of your leftist ideas being ideological subversion...

Talladega Tom : Now they do it openly via the RT network. And they are not the only ones either. The mis and dis information spewed by Linda Sarsour is a good example.

Darryl Atkinson : Congratulations on your own puff disinformation piece.

Christian Galindo : Thank you New York Times, very cool!

Aleksandar Papez : Big shoutout to the amazing video editors behind this! Stellar work throughout the piece, the time you put in really shows <3

Positive Goldnaz : Oh man and I can totally relate to this video you know, since I am Ukranian🇺🇦

Shouvik Roy : Ever heard of OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD @NYT? of which you were part of?

geinikan1kan : Very persuasive piece. But what was the CIA budget for disinformation? Can we forget the babies killed by Iraqis who invaded Kuwait? Or the weapons of mass destruction that never materialized? Yes the Soviets/Russians have done this. But so have we.

Jean Greenfield : Very interesting. Bravo NEW YORK TIMES 👍👍 I remember this story. Did not know the origins. Its plausibility made it damaging.

Sergeant NPC : Bezmenov specifically warned against ideas and subversives that already took control of rags like the New York Times, who have been communists since their journalist got a Pulitzer for denying genocide in Ukraine and the Kuban

Benjaminty : Clip by Yuri Bezmonov is about creative leftist false narratives. Amazing spin on it though dog bless.

whaling_whale : I doubt many commenters have watched this and his other interviews. He’s describing exactly how the left has molded themselves today. Compare the editing from this video (which makes it sound like the Russians have been secretly doing this to bolster the right in the US) to his actual interviews (where he describes how the soviet government has total and complete control over thought and speech in the Soviet Union and how they demoralize a society to succumb to national brainwashing)

Will : Yes, all left wing media have been completely infiltrated to turn Americans against their own country. I'm not even American and I see this. How many Americans hate America and love communism, would love to see their own country and president destroyed?

Lance Westveer : And now it's the media in the USA doing the work of the communists. So what's the NYT point with all of this?

Rawks720 : When you've been uncovered to the point you have to expose yourself to try and control the narrative, Yuri Besmenov was right about everything

Alejandra Rodríguez Sánchez : can u share this with fox news people? please!!!!!

Дмитрий Скрябин : wow, good visulisation. I got the shivers at the end even though it's not really a news around here

Aggelos Poulopoulos : Amazed to hear Adam Westbrook's voice. It is so great that his work and narration style has now the NYT Logo. Adam, You have been doing great videos for long now. Keep it up!!

George Lincoln Rockwell : Yuri Besmenov was describing the Communist propaganda used to permanently brainwash a whole generation of progressives. If you have not been brainwashed, you can verify this for yourself by watching his interviews on Youtube. These same Communists are now using the New York Times to claim that "Russia" was infecting everyone but themselves. They are masquerading as authority figures and selling you the lies they themselves are incapable of recognizing.

g00gle WEARELEGION : Really i thought the Third Reich did it before KGB .

javad mehrazi : This video should be watched millions of time

George : Literally colluding with Russian spies to smear the president, nice... Do you even comprehend the irony here?

Abhay Sikarwar : So what about some other conspiracy theories like moon landing hoax or cia's involvement in 9/11?🙄🙄 Now we have a "conspiracy theory" about conspiracy theories! 😥😏

Stan Mulleners : Trump is like the Soviet Unions ultimate revenge. :')

Captain stark : Wow, just wow , I thank you journalists, you are the real heroes.

ahpoiseheh : Great documentary. But in my view the problem is not only desinformation in a mass scale. The problem is also (and mostly) the naivety and stupidity of the masses. And, of course, the sense of general dissatisfaction (about life, marriage, kids, a meaningful existence, lack of individual or family financial success...), spacegoated on to the general arena. Of course these feelings of reality are legitimized (in the sense of recognition, and given validity) and potenciated by fake news in a way that conducts to the subversion and destruction of our common reality, substituted by "my reality, my view" (castrated and infantile, more often than not). Without these problems of naivety, stupidity and general disatisfaction, the desinformation "virus" would have no host to install itself. So, in order to restore our "reality health", we need to attack this "virus" and educate each one of us to have a critical yet reasonnable sense of reality. A critical spirit, yet tolerant of other world-views and that doesn't have the need to project to others the blames he's due only to himself. Basically, what a grown man/woman is (was) supposed to be, but that we need more than ever in these strange new times of fake news.

ZeroNadaZilch : Just don't talk about the leaked AIPAC investigation by Al Jazeera and don't talk about the rampant nepotism in the entire MSM. Hey Goy it was the Russians, you go fight em like you fought Osama in Iraq.

iiStryker360 : Reagan’s deregulation of the FTC and the removal of The Fairness Doctrine has led us to this point Niccolò Machiavelli is right

Jan May : Exceptional ... thank you~

MJ : Why is there a British man narrating a NEW YORK TIMES piece. Get this red coat outta here!

largelysubatomic : Nobody cared about any of this until this Trump-Russia hysteria kicked off. Not even after the events in Ukraine of 2014 did anyone care, especially on the left. A few years ago only hardcore anti-communists were familiar with people like Yuri Bezmenov and anyone who talked about the material discussed in his interviews would be accused of being far-right conspiracy theorists. Go read the book 'The Sword and the Shield' based on the Mitrokhin Archive if you want an in depth look at Soviet intelligence activities and active measures.

kinstt : Oh, come on. NYT couldn’t even pronounce Oleg Kalugin’s name correctly. For sure KGB (and now FSB) plays the same old game of disinformation. But don’t overestimate it’s effectiveness: it didn’t work well back in 80s here in then USSR, it hardly could make any visible difference in how (and why) Americans voted for Trump. Let’s face it — American voters made their own choice. Probably bad choice — but their own. Don’t blame KGB for it, please. It looks childish. From Russia with love and respect, as always

4G12 : And thus, Retardistan, their ultimate creation, was born.

H Pn : So are these spies still working for New York times?

SecondComingTwice : Tell me what to think, New York Times "Opinion Page." Give me my opinion. Dan Rather (in my authoritative, educated at Oxford upper-crusty accent) read what his Deep State masters told him to read. Exactly as the NYT is attempting to do here.

WTHLMAO! : TRUTH is not an opinion.