The Story Of The GameShark - Gaming's Most Famous Cheating Device!

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Larry Bundy Jr : Fun Fact: I did all the box art, in game art and the magazine art for Datel's GBA Action Replay. :)

DoomFinger511 : I had that Game Shark VHS "how to hack like a pro" and my parents didn't realize it came with my GS. So when they found it they yelled at me thinking I was trying to learn how to hack computers.

Whang! : Hahahaha, that "NoOo WaAaY" from the Game Genie commercial. I used to imitate that shit all the time.

adrienfourniercom : STD were popular in the 90's every body catch them back then.

Rhienfo : Why would you name your company STD

Retro Game Players : Great job on this, just seeing that Game Genie enter code screen takes me back

Blake Ferrell : I remember you were the coolest kid in the neighborhood of you had a game genie or gameshark

Death Mountaineers - : Dude, I loved this. You must have a killer rig for all that basic 3D you use. Editing and writing is great, sent this to the gaming historian on twitter, hoping norm checks this out! Big props, great content!

Vectorman X : If it weren't for the game genie, I would have never taken an interest in hexadecimal, which would have altered my career path dramatically. It really did change my life by giving me an interest in computers and electronics.

Gameplay and Talk : I didn't realize some of the PS1 versions allowed you to view assets from the game disc itself. That's a really neat feature and I could see it being useful for people these days that want to easily archive FMV from old games on YouTube. I've used the Action Replay on the Saturn for a long time, but I always assumed it was some China knock-off of the Game Shark. I never would have thought the AR was a UK-based creation based on the cheap, generic packaging of the ones I have. Really interesting stuff, thanks for the video.

CCKillbilly : Sharkwire Online in 1999 was already ahead of Nintendo in 2018.

Toxin Gaming : I fell like they could’ve came up with a better acronym than “STD”.

theendofit : Action replay for gamecube was my first cheat device. Never bought the keyboard for it witch ment some times typing 100 lines of code with a controller. But i loved some of the things it could do. My grandmoth actully started helping me enter the long lines of codes at times. Lost that action replay when i lent it to my girlfriend's sister at the time and then when we broke up she refused to give it back. Miss that dam thing more then her. Lol.

Jenovi : Great video! I never realized the GameShark was the Action Replay or that UK companies developed it and the Game Genie. The next video I want to see... Shark Wire Online, surfing the internet with a N64 today!

jonthebizkit360 : PS2 Game Shark... so very powerful.

Rich Gaming : This video randomly came across my feed but Im happy it did

SyntheticLTD : Ahhh the 90’s, golden age of gameshark and drum and bass

VulpesHilarianus : I think one of the coolest things that the Game Genie and Gameshark did was help with the emulation scene. In the early to mid-2000s when a lot of emulators were being developed for '90s hardware such as the SEGA Saturn and Super Nintendo, people found out quite a bit by messing around with these cheat devices to figure out where memory addresses were stored, and they'd check to see if they matched in the emulators. So in a way, breaking the law helped with preservation.

Retro Island Gaming : Excellent research here. I’ve only known about the Game Genie. The online aspect for the N64 sounded amazing. Too bad it had a monthly fee. Great video as always!

On the Stick : This was great (as usual), I had no idea Datel were behind the Gameshark originally.

Zombie Rusty Shackleford : Glad I found your channel. I love gaming history. I love the gaming historian but he don't come out with video that often. I need my fix. I just subbed

streetmagik : The video game detective strikes again!! Great video brother. I kept laughing when you were talking about the company, STD. Did nobody working for them stop and think, maybe we should go with a different name? Everyone's going to think we have chlamydia. Ha ha

J2C 👽 : Very well put together and researched video. Had a GameShark or Action Replay on pretty much all the retro systems I owned pre-Xbox360/PS3 era. In hindsight looking back now, all the hours I spent writing countless lines of hex code on my game systems as a kid to accomplish weird and impossible feats ended up being the precursor that would get me into writing code as an adult.

SlyBeast : I used my PS1 GameShark to play bootlegged games. Naughty, naughty.

Lugmillord : Ah, we had an XPloder for the PS1 to "enhance" all those definitely-not-copied CDs. I also have an Action Replay for GC, but only use its freeloader function to play the Japanese game Nintendo Puzzle Collection.

CrAzYgIrL : Oooh so Game Shark is Action Replay. That makes sense. Also STD

Christian Neureuter : Super high quality, documentary style video, nice job!

Bill Schlafly : Imagine for a moment...deep deep sleep...let your imagination wander. Imagine this product being presented on Shark Tank in 1990. Name the sharks...if this tv show aired in 1990. Here are my answers.... Calvin Klein would be the clothing guy. The software guy would have to be Bill Gates. Suzanne Summers would be the TV goddess who could sell idiots to villages. And George Steinbrenner would be the sports guy. Add in a successful immigrant and you have your self a show.

TownLine Tim : Great video. I never knew the GameShark had all those abilities. Your editing and pacing is exceptional. Can't wait for the next one.

TEN4_RD : I used to work at Datel Electronics...i used to make Xbox 360 wireless adapters...and test Wii Nunchucks. Wasn't a great place but wasn't the worst. The prices they charged for products was a joke considering how cheap they paid for parts to make them. And Mr Connors..utter stuck up twat. Looked like Mr Burns but more ignorant.

Altima NEO : All this time I thought Action Replay was some cheap Chinese knock off of Game Genie. It also explains why Game Shark seem to come out of nowhere, full throttle. And why Game Shark really sucked once it was made by Mad Katz (save games? Bleh!). But I gotta say, my Action Replay was super handy on my Play Station, if you know what I mean.

Commodorefan64 : I love game cheat devices, and the Game Shark is no exception, I still keep an old Windows DOS/98se/XP gaming machine running so I can use the GameCube GameShark memory card to backup all my saves, and the N64 Game Shark never gets take out of my system. As always a very well done episode, and stay awesome.

Jamel Herring : Man thanks for bringing back memories growing up in the 90s I subscribed to your channel based off this video alone. You should do a video on BOOT discs. I remember using I believe the Action Replay for the PS1 and a boot disc to play Japanese Dragon Ball Z games.

An Actual Mother Bear : I have four broken N64 gamesharks. What exactly kills them? At this point it might be cheaper to get myself some soldering tools, a multimeter, and then replace what's breaking...

drakon32 : Great video. I've always loved these cheat devices. I used them more as a means to enhance a game rather than "cheating".

206 Area Code : I was going through my dad's old stuff and I found a gameshark box for PlayStation 2

pflynn12 : Man I remember " game killer" so well, it made your GB titles look & sound like shit!! & that horrible music that was stuck with you in everything game you put into it, put me off no end, I only had it for a day

Godzilla 73 : Still use my Action Replay disc and vmu that came with it to play PAL Dreamcast games. Worth it alone just to play Headhunter, which wasnt realeased here in North America sadly

tommy d u b b s : so the 90s culture was california surfer accents and alternative music... and somehow todays culture is about hip hop and sounding extremely uneducated... take me back to the 90s and early 2000s please

emarskineel : “Poop”

ElectronAsh : Fantastic vid. I can't even imagine the amount of editing involved. lol I really lusted over Datel add-ons for my ZX Speccy +2 in the late 80s / early 90s, especially the "Artist II" with the mouse, or any of the snapshot carts / disk interfaces. I think the closest I got were a few RAM carts and Kempston joystick interfaces. Very nostalgic seeing some of those magazine adverts again. Keep up the good work. ;)

Soma Julius Cruz : Love your videos and I used to own one of these for my N64 back in the day until a friend of mine threw it against a wall and it just never worked after that. I paid a pretty penny for it too but I loved using it to do cool stuff in Zelda Ocarina of Time.

Castle45commando : They used to also sell a magazine called tips and tricks that had every cheat in it for almost every game. It had some articles too. Also game shark and game genie codes.

Wayne Beckett : I used to work at Datel and worked on some of the Early AR's and GG's, then I went to work on Fires cheat devices. Funny thing is that Mad Catz bought the name for $5.1 million around the time I left fire, leaving them with no engineers (actually they did but they don't count!). Hence why they had to move to game save devices. What do I do now? Save Wizard for the PS4! As John Candy said in the movie Splash "When you find a formula that works, you stick with it"

Deep_wolf : STD????WHO da hell calles their company STD????

David Noble : Wonderful. Thank you for telling this story. In the late 90's when I was about 15 I was obsessed with hacking Goldeneye on the N64 using the Action Replay cartridge. There was even fan made forums, both on the PAL and NTSC side of things - the PAL one was set up by a chap in Australia if I remember correctly; called "Action Replay Headquarters". Unfortunately the name of the Gameshark one slips my mind but others will remember it. There was a small but dedicated group of hackers on these sites and the things they did with the Gamesharks were amazing - far beyond just giving more lives it allowed you to see objects and areas in the game that the developer had 'locked away' and that you were never supposed to see - e.g. photos of all the actors who played bond over the years, which are on the Goldeneye cart but were locked away because of copyright reasons. One of the hackers who started on Gameshark, Subdrag, is still hacking Goldeneye 20 years later and created a fully fledged level editor for the game which has been used to make not only custom levels but a total conversion of Goldeneuye called "Goldfinger 64" - it's a whole new game, as if Rare had kept the Bond licence and made a sequel to Goldeneye. I don't think any of this would have been possible unless Datel had given these folk the ability to hack 20 years back with these devices. And as well as hours of fun hacking, I also got my codes and my self-penned hacking guide printed in N64 Magazine....which as an obsessive N64 fan at that time was amazing. So thank you Datel.

Gabe Coronado : As a Floridian and a marylander. I had no idea these two companies had such a big impact on gaming

ghost909090 : you make best video games documentary ever

mtshark7 : Awesome video man! I remember rumors that interact products would break consoles in a way to where their products would only work and no more 1st party product would. I'm sure this was a marketing ploy tho.

mashroob : I wondered a lot about this... why I never saw these past the early 2000's. I remember the absolute LAST Action Replay I saw in stores (where I lived in Ohio) was for the GameCube in its legacy form... not a stupid "Game Saves" package. The last GameShark? PS2. But it sucked. I was much better off using the AR MAX. I noticed though that most games made after 2006 had this code that made the game very objectionable to cheat devices. So sad that companies have made everything ONLINE now. And because of the crybabies and their trophies, a few cheating assholes ruin it for all the millions that just want to enjoy the game when we're not good at it.