Primitive Life:Worm Pool!

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sansaction l : That chicken is so pissed it won't even eat a worm thats allready is in her beak.

Casual Unboxing : I love watching these videos, strangely addicting :) Keep up the awesome work.

Michelle Denise : Longer videos please thanks. So relaxing, I think this must be natural for humans because I want to do this. Show me more😍 can we have a 1 hour show like a reality show thanks

Harth Zaid : very good ...from iraq

Primitive Survival Life : Awesome dear you are always have a good idea!

CowlWasTaken : The chickens ree. REEEEEEEEEE

Chribit : me, a science nerd: "oh damn, a worm hole? already?"

old time engineer : That is one broody hen baby chicks in about 21 days. Looks like a really nice place to live.

Meh SoEvil : Remember when you were 12 and your teacher asked: “who would you take with you to a survival island?” Hahah... THIS GUY

Mike H : No license to breed undomesticated animals? No foundation inspection? can that roof handle 5G hurricanes? Is that a rare shrub you are digging next to? Did you even apply for permits? I hear the neighbors are going to call enforcement. Do you have any land so I can start my place? I can move in now.

Mix forfan : I love watching these videos, strangely addicting, help me back

zoran pocrnja : In Thailand they got mosquito larvae farming they farm mosquito larvae selling a lot for fish farms;!

Flowin Guo : the animals were the most helpful gifts given to us human beings when we were low technowledged, but now, become to be easy killed foods and despised tramped

Александр Бычков : Such caring chicken =) This time pretty useful update, keep it up, friend!

HaoFengg : this guy is the minecraft itself

ShanghaiGoat : Those stone paths look awful to walk on

영웅박 : Your life is wonderful and I like you.

SamWhich : You live in a castle and sit on a throne of lies

3rD D. : Longer and more video please <3

John Okitolela : As for now you should set the chickens free, since they know their house, they will come back at the end of the day.

dDoOyYoOuUtTuUbBeE : Il would be great to have short subtitles (one, two words) about materials used, vegetables, cooking times, operation times, etc. Thanks.

davi carvalho : such a relaxing video, how come people are so toxic on the comments :/

happyningaturtle : One of the first! Love your videos!

James Pian : 8:49 She's too chicken to eat on camera.

JoeyTheGamer : i like the chicken please get more and make pens

Mr Schons : You have a nice little village building up, keep up the good work.

kossmonaut : is someone filming you, why is the camera always slightly moving? is it a homemade tripod youre using?

Тихий Омут : курицу толково покормил)

King Gamer : Muito legal isso

Kim Tinh : that chicken. haha

SnowBison : The chicken needs fenced in outdoor area, probably bad for their health to be stuck in a coop all day.

Brian Roe : Oddly, this video was sponsored by McDonald's.

airforce9872 : What happened to the smaller birds?

iSTAYuGO : One hint, your need a hanging net for resting ;)

Angelo A : I love the narration

Андрей Кузнецов : Hi. You have a very beautiful nature. Maybe you should develop eco-tourism? People would come, help you, act in your project. How do you like the business idea?

General Kudzu : >watches videos on how to live in the wild >wants to test it out >gets sunburnt >gets malaria >dies Truely the top teir of living standards for all living beings

Mariusz Zawierucha : Starting to look like a luxury life in primitive word ;) Even fishes have own pool :) Awasome job!!! Looking back please consider how much work this man has put into his "village"!! I wouldn't be supprised if McGyver is a student of him ;) Seems to by highly probably :))

Ariss Origina : Your spot is very proud..

frankslayer77 : Can this really be called “primitive” if he is using concrete which was invented by the Romans? Village looks cool though.

Mio Mao : the noises the quaills make are so cute

Jacob Knapp : Is that RUSTY the LAVA Rooster?

Joílson pinheiro : Te admiro parabéns

Amfey #U : I love you Videos 👍👍👍

Yurii Hrytsak : Is fish alive?

Luca C.S. : His biggest problem is the lack of running water or a well.

Эдуард Ахметгалиев : Отделите курицу от петуха и других кур, она же высиживает яйца!!!

p.c.g Nino : True way of living

UPLAR : I'm wondering if this guy actually lives there, but then if he did how would he upload? However, if he lives in an actual house, where is this place and did he buy the land?

Jordan Wright : Very nice! But I’m afraid I’m gonna have to agree with something others have said. You need to take a log, hit the end of the water trough a few times, and slide it out of place. You need to dump out the water, and rinse it out several times with some gravel shaking inside. Chickens are known to, pardon the language, shit where they drink and eat. That looked kinda dirty. It’ll compromise their health, and yours. Just slide it back in after, leave the concrete like a mold/mount. You’ll be good to go.