YouTube's New Partnership Rules, What REALLY Matters.

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TallFox Nation : aposoulute tras you KEW

Dust : I agree with this statement, wtf are these new rules?!

Gerald : I'm a movie review channel and I'm close to a thousand subscribers...but not there still. I don't think I can make it to a thousand by February but any help will do. My reviews are on spanish so you probably won't have an idea of what I'm saying there but again, if you help is your decision and there's nothing wrong about it.

Blue Guy : Why you watching my pom?

Noctis Lucis Caelum : I am not okie doki

AC Kittie : Your expressionless facial expression on your face is oscar worthy

Xavier Rhapsody : Time to move to RedTube.

DRUNKEN ATHEIST STUDIO : Glad to be here. Hope we can make it. By the way YouTube posted an update on their Twitter... I think custom thumbnails are safe as long as your account is verified with a phone number

DRUNKEN ATHEIST STUDIO : So people can't even donate to you voluntarily which is ridiculous

DRUNKEN ATHEIST STUDIO : You supposedly could still live stream but no more Super chats

DRUNKEN ATHEIST STUDIO : If they take away the thumbnails I think I might be done

Bradon : RIP small youtube channels.

Hyrulian Pichu : Im pretty sure that they announced that stuff like live-streaming and custom thumbnails wont be taken away from YouTubers under 1000.