Joe Rogan Phone Call

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eirdofkoda : Those were some awesome-ass wolf sounds.

riastradh2 : 4 people are the current boyfriend

J Bowers : That girl voice is Waaaay too accurate.

Michael Brigman : This is spot on

Chris Nichols : Best. Bit. Ever.

Hammd Arif : Joe Rogan is one if the few real comedians left!!!!!!!!!

tkotomy : Haha love his wolf voice!!!

Beefwelliington : I swear I heard someone else do this bit

Cobalt : How does he growl like that lol it's spot on

Machinedrum : We're just friends. We stay in touch.

Oneeyedjacks : I love it how it's almost entirely the women in the audience who are laughing at this. The men are dead silent.

T Sandman : Fucking amazing!

LJY08 : I have to admit this is spot on, every time I hear women talking about their really great male friends, unless they're gay, I'm thinking only one thing; he wants to get into your pants, full stop. It's a difficult lesson that all women have to learn. I have good male friends but they are the friends of my husband and know that there's nothing going to happen, so we can be mates no problem. I don't have one male friend that isn't gay, of my own, because it doesn't work. I learned the hard way.

AceOfHeart2012 : Rebound sex. THE BEST!!!

Vilesentry : @DrUltraMegaMegaMan The fact that a war veteran has the username "UltraMegaMegaMan" is enough to scare the shit out of me. What a long way this species has fallen.

Hope Wiley : Haha :D lmao XD

Michael K : Is this Rogans bit or Dane Cooks because SOMEONES BEEN JACKED.

Cingus X Book 1 : So true.

iiOcBx : @tiarnan76 So you compare the smartest guy on earth to a guy who can run fast and make the smart guy inferior. Wow...

xcon99 : hahahahahah yah man Joe Rogan all the way

Jason Janke : dane cook wasn't even on the map til 3 years after this Rogan special was made

SeventhRisk : Bringing back the Bill Hicks.

MiltonWilliamCooper : "stop trying to be Hicks" late? sure..relevant? always


KratosPS : Honestly I don't know. However based on Dane Cook stealing jokes in the past I would say there is a good chance its Rogans bit.

Daniel Vizor : Randy pan has a new host!

Rain Man : LOL!!!!!!!

themondoshow : Joes best joke ever

HughMungus : cringe

razerxrob : i think i heard pablo francisco doing this same bit am i wrong?

Oliver greene Bobo : Of course its just an opinion and if Joe personally likes the hat than he will wear it, no iffs and or butts

Blurp Slurp : Men and women can't be friends. I know because I don't have any female friends.

Veriozka Durand : funny!

toobakedtooplay : sry joe that hat looks retarted

sureshgurung20b : great act...oh man...i love this

Cole MC5 : This bit is all Joe Rogans my friends, top 3 stand up performances of all time right here! Imo. This whole performance is beyond epic!

curt kinkink : Not only is this Rogans bit ..Dane cook is not funny ..whenever he steals material he sucks at it ..he steals gold and turns it to shit ..Dane Cook is the worst comedian in history ..and a fuckwitt to boot