Türk Polisi arabada uyuşturucuyu buluyor
Cops find cocaine in car

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Nomad S : Hi officer... let me roll down my window. Oops!

David Keleshian : Yea Turkey and drug smuggling. I guess they never watched midnight express.

大竹将太 : 0:40 コカインだな

Mind Hunter : this made me laugh lol

Michael Ferguson : aggh turn phone sideways

M A : All I see is people talking, and moving the camera away from the area where they are planting the drugs.

Gordon Tendick : A guy that smart doesn't need to be in prison for a little bit of coke.

Cesar Buelna : No es coca, es harina

Rrr Ggg : VVS cancer.

Mike Hicks : how about stating this shit isn't in English ... fukin worst video, thanks Digg...

Steven Welch : What shit language is this?...do not replay to that question!!! ...i really dont give a fuck