Watchmen [2009] - Intro

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Upcycle Shoes : 1:32 Someone actually took the time to place shadows on the actor's name lettering.

Anthony Sanchez : I noticed recently (and by that I mean the past 2-3 years) that this film picked up traction again, especially with the director's cut. It's good to see the resurgence and re-discovery that this film deserves.

Ninja Is Cool : 1:11 that sailor was the original guy that kissed the girl

Mighty Raccoon : 4:43 Rest In Peace David Bowie....... :(

Abdo M : One of the best intros of all time, for an underrated movie.

Chapter Master Valrak : 00:03 is Bruce Wayne's parents, right?

Trisket : It's a shame Magneto couldn't stop the Comedian from shooting JFK.

Nikodimos Triaridis : I don't care what anyone thinks of Zach Snyder or his work, you have to admit, this scene is unfuckingbelievable.

Greg Young : And people said Zack Snyder couldn't direct Superhero movies. Please.

GSS765 : Zack Snyder is a genius. The visuals of this movie are still stunning 8 years later....

Travis McCutchan : Is it just me, or do the visuals in this 2009 movie look better than the currrent 2017 movies?

John Ivan Taro : 2:14 It's sad that a random John cared more about Rorschach than his mom did.

It was me wasn't it? : Damn,when the girl puts the flower in the gun and then...shit,it always makes me drop a couple of tears.

Hakeem Alhakeem : Watchmen is a masterpiece :)

Jakob Sanchez : This is the best version of "The Times They Are A-Changin'" I can find on YouTube.

Nostalgic memories : most underated movie of all time, such a shame it didnt get awards it deserved... it should be example how to make comics movies legit and awesome... visuals, dialogues, lenght, acting, intro and ending everything was perfect.

DiabeticVelociraptor : Easily the best opening in movie history.

N : This intro alone is better than all the marvel movies. Way more of a story

osriodore : Unpopular opinion: this was the best comic book adaptation ever made. Yes, they changed the ending... but only tangentially, and it actually makes more sense the way they did it in the movie. The same outcome occurs, but there are less loose ends.

Niko Williams : that JFK shot was just beautiful... not the actual kill but the shot of the comedian booking it out of there after the evil deed was done

Movie Geek : This is probably one of the most amazing opening credit sequences of all time.

gods laws on man peace : i do not care what anybody says but Castro looks bad ass 3:44

IronPiedmont1996 : 2:30 That's a very good Kennedy they got for this movie. Seriously, that's a great choice of actor.

broman 1449 : Always wanted to make a gritty superhero movie like this. Too bad I'm not a director

i cri evertim : I don't know what is happening to me but I'll be honest, my eyes were tearing while watching this and listening to the music. Its so perfect.

HrTjernobyl : David Bowie spotted in the background 4:34 ! Nice touch

Jacob Heine : I don't care what anyone says.....I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

Pepe Gonzalez : Thomas and Martha Wayne been saved.

Tommy Cipriani : Zack Snyder's Watchmen will stand the test of time as underrated, but one of the greatest superhero films of all time. Watchmen is more relevant today than it was almost ten years since it's been released. Say what you want about Snyder, the man is ahead of his time. Darren Aronofsky loved this film, Doctor Strange director Scot Derrickson called Snyder's Watchmen "Ahead of it's time masterpiece", Christopher Nolan told Snyder this movie was released "too soon", and James Cameron has said Snyder has invented a "new cinematic language". The creator of the first two Terminator's and the man who brought Aliens 2 to say you have invented a new cinematic language, is the ultimate compliment. Talented people know how great of an artist Snyder is, unlike these fuckboys on the internet who don't know shit even if it hit their face with it.

MrMortsnarg : So much about this opening is fantastic, even to the little references like Nite Owl saving the Wayne's, and The Comedian being in Judas' place at Sally's retirement party.

Eddy Que : zack snyder can't tell story he's only good for visuals... lol this whole scene tells A LOT of stories and carries so much emotional weight on it... say what you want about snyder or watchmen rogert EBERT called it "a powerful experience" yeah LMAO EBERT LIKED A SNYDER FILM well LOVED more like it

iluminati enkubyerto : 0:03 we can see a man and a woman coming out of the theatre, nite owl knocks out a criminal that was using a gun, in the back we can see a batman poster, any coincidence?

Jazzmery Illidari : Batman's father killed JFK

Señor Bigote : First time I didn’t like it (2009= 12)... a few years later (2012=15) I re-watched and loved it. Now I see it as a masterpiece 20

Gabe Zia : No wonder movies don't have opening credit sequences anymore, it'd be impossible to top this.

Vicious Zero : The first five minutes and I was already at awe at how epic this movie was.

aiman ishak : Who came here after watching the Justice League intro?

ILUV NFL : Best intro ever......end of story. This intro to a movie is beyond astonishing and is the most perfect way to start a great movie. Watchmen is so underrated as Snyder shouldve received much more credit for his hard work. This is also by far Snyders best project to date.

Cherry Bomb Studios : 3:52 You know what would be pretty dark? If those MPs shot the hippie right when she puts the flower in the barrel. 4:04 Oh...damn...

M4L Animations : This is the best intro to a movie ever in my opinion

David Bland : I’d like to see a Marvel version of this intro. Golden age cap. Fantastic Four meeting the Inhumans on the moon. Galactus arriving on earth. Basically: a short film based on the “MARVELS” mini-series.

Nydeh : This intro suggests that these are just ordinary people that dress up in costumes and fight crimes that could die for such silly reasons as getting your cape stuck in a door. But then when the movie starts, Zack Snider gave all of them superpowers, this is one of the problems that made me dislike the movie more then I should've.

Luciano Gug : How 1 intro is better than most movies in cinemas now.

Right-Wing Youth : The idea of rorschach taking a group photo with the crimebusters is hilarious

The Joker : Say what you want about Zack Snyder, but his intros are masterpieces!

Red Hood : It's very sad how the Minutemen all gone out, they didn't deserve what happened to them °^°

Tom Guam : The greatest opening credits of all time

Damien Johnson : honestly the world didn't deserve this epic interpretation of one of comicdoms best novels

Make Way : This was really dark and messed up.

The Amazing Spidey : This scene is so beautifully heartbreaking. It perfectly captures the Comedian's words. "what happened to the American dream? It came true, you're looking at it.