How to Operate a Manual Transmission 101

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GermanCommentGamer : Honda doing it's part to save the manual transmission. Thank you Honda!

Va Vo : Two thumbs up here! Manuals are best!!! If they offer the 2.0T Accord with AWD and a stick then I will buy it.

Andrew Lenhardt : Props to Honda for keeping the manual transmissions alive!

Eric Ngai : Wow a car manufacturer advertising how to drive a manual, my god what a day. This is great

Fallschirmjager : Manual for life. Proud owner of a 2018 Type R!

swr Nismo : Honda please keep the manual in the accord. The Accord and only a select few sedans still offer it. Please don’t drop the manual. I will never own an automatic transmission again. I went from a manual truck, to an auto sedan, and the auto was so boring I couldn’t stand it. Went back to owning a manual after that car. Autos are boring. Manuals make the drive from A to B fun. #savethemanuals

Mr Mouse88 : now bring back the s2000 hahaha

CRXK20R : ThanK You HONDA!!! SAVE the Manuals!!!

Jxdrift97 : You know Honda's keeping manual transmission when they make videos about it SAVE THE STICKS

novzki : Thank u for the manual! And u said it best "Owners buy a manual not because they need it, but because they WANT it. "

Johnny Waffles : Wow I just watched a 5 minute and 14 second long advertisement and didn't notice. Well played, Honda.

TECHNICAL GAURAV : Thank you Honda

Solar Flare : Long live the manual transmission. Yessss.

zack hassam : Everyone who’s watching this video are just people who know manual and are surprised Honda made this video 😂

bryan : As soon as i heard Zach's voice, i thought i was watching Kelly Blue Book lol

RealTechAviation : Nice. This is actually the easiest Manual clutch video i have ever seen!

Elvis Car Reviews : Great video Btw is the guy from Kelley Blue Book?

thecarexpert21 : The animation at the top left at around 2:00 was super helpful.

Marc William Castle : Thank you honda for making a manual transmission in the accord. The only midsize besides mazda that's still doing it. You guys are really appealing to the enthusiasts. Please don't let them die out. Keep up the great work!

Answer The Call : I have 2 cars. 1994 Honda Del Sol. 2006 Porsche Cayman S. both have manuals. will never buy an automatic again. plus in this day and age, having a manual is like having a security system against theft.

Squidward's House : I drive a manual because I enjoy it. Simple as that.

swr Nismo : #savethemanuals

Cookizai : Wait. I thought you are supposed to shift after vtech kicks in yo.

Dusan Zec : Living in Europe I haven't seen an automatic transmission in 28 years and then I visited North America and I broke my awesome streak. Hence correction of this videos name to "Dear majority of North America this is how a manual transmission works". Thumbs up for rev matching though!

Charles Hu : So bring back the S2000? and bring back the Best shifter in the world?

larphraulen : While I drive a VW, I applaud Honda on this video! We're all in it together... SAVE THE MANUALS!

notsosubaruwrxfan : Honda, respect! Hope they keep the manuals for as long as possible

Indoril Nerevar : I still drive my 1998 Honda Prelude R type. God bless Honda.

Phuque Youtube : This is why I love HONDA! Thank you for keeping Manual Transmissions alive! Since you killed Accord Coupe, please bring back S2000 successor, used car market is ridiculous for S2000 atm :/

Ye Wang : As much as I enjoy driving stick so much, I do believe stick is going to be less and less popular. And it's disappearing faster and faster. Stick shift is fun, robust, easier to maintain. Also in murica they say a stick shift is car thief's biggest enemy.

ballinvsxx : Now if only car makers would get rid of clutch delay valves and the weird rev hanging between shifts.

DucFanDan : Thumbs up to Honda for keeping manuals available. 👍 I’m one of the oddballs that ordered an SS sedan with the Tremec 6-speed stick. Always glad to see the manual option on new cars. I think it makes for better drivers. Keeps you engaged and attentive... encourages the driver to leave the bloody phone alone and actually pay attention to traffic. Plus it’s more fun and rewarding. As you get more skilled, there’s not much more rewarding that that perfectly executed heel-toe downshift into a bend on a winding mountain road. Making that downshift with a perfect rev match and no lurch feels fantastic. It’s really fun when you can do that smoother than a paddle-shifted automatic. For those watching who may not be familiar, Honda has some of the best manual gearboxes and clutches for smoothness and user-friendliness. Same goes for their motorcycles. The embodiment of refinement. I may love the Tremec in my sport sedan, and the V8 power, but I’ll be honest: buttery smooth it is not. More like a slightly stiff bolt-action, and 2nd requires some patience. In contrast, Honda gearboxes tend to be very refined and smooth shifting. Superb for learning and daily driving. Now if we could just talk to the styling dept about that Accord’s front fascia... 🤢 In contrast, Mazda’s styling on the 6 has been knocking it out of the park lately. Please, Honda, make a decent looking car again. The Civic R is overdone rice, and I don’t know who was thinking what on the front of the Accord.

Patrick94GSR : Manual gearbox for life! Still driving my 1994 Acura Integra GSR that I bought in 2001, 363,000 miles, still on the original gearbox! But 3rd clutch.

Mr R : Watched several videos on how to drive manual and then bought a manual car. Now im a happy driver.

Dude Lmao : This is how you do an ad.


Collin Klitz : This makes the Chevy Malibu as immersive as a brick.

ReyXtractor : You know a car brand is extremely passionate about manuals when they make one on how to drive them! Props for Honda for still keeping the manual! #savethemanuals

Kang Vincent : I'm gonna learn how to drive manual with my Honda Fit

Dalmain J : Lol you'll look really cool! That's so true.

Nick Null : A lot of people might laugh that Honda put out this video, but you have to realize that there are so many people (at least in the US) that can't drive standard. I'm super grateful that they're making an effort to keep manuals on the road, especially considering I won't buy anything that isn't standard. Honda manual transmissions also rock.

Swimming Pools : I hope this means they will keep the manual alive forever

27Zangle : I remember my father teaching me to drive a standard transmission. We just bought a place in the country and it was the day before my 13th birthday. The year was 1996, and the vehicle was a 1989 Chevrolet S10 with 2.8 V6 and 5 speed. First thing he had me do was back out of our 100' drive way - which nearly ended in a disaster with a ditch on each side of the driveway entry and our only neighbor in the area being directly across the street. The neighbor's mailbox narrowly escaped the S10's tailgate mounted spare tires wrath of doom. We proceeded to drive around the block a few times and called it day. The next day he bought me a go-kart and once and a while my father would let me drive the S10 to take the neighbor girl home when it was dark out. Sure do miss my dad and have driven manuals on / off over the last couple decades. Honda keep spreading the manual love and you might gain a new fan :-)

falcon64z8 : When I started this video I thought I was watching Kelly Blue Book video at first :)

ComeBackKid : Thank you Honda for continuing to keep the driving enthusiast in mind!

vincent beauman : No better way to connect with a car and the whole driving experience than with a manual transmission.

Ahmed360 : Long live the Manual!

V.Vega : It's really sad that this video needed to be made

jose contreras : Good job honda 🔰

Ivan Doe : just add disclaimer at the beginning (0:50) when you shift gears while standing still to press the clutch, otherwise it takes force to get stick into gear without clutch and can cause transmission damage. Some people may watch this on their phones and as video goes try it without knowing that they have to press the clutch. In most European countries, manual is a normal thing, especially because most of the cars use small engines with less than 150hp, usually around 100hp.