Watch Lisa (18) pull off tricks on soccer stars
Watch Lisa 18 pull off tricks on soccer stars

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How long would it take her to nutmeg you? 😅 Let's cheer for women in soccer - share with a friend she would trick ⚽


Kevin Escobar : Shes better then Manchester United and Real Madrid lol

erkan erdin : She fascinates me every time I watch this.

football lovers ronaldo and messi : You can play in woman real Madrid lisaaaaa

Sercan Söylemez : Çok etkileyici . Kadının gücü :)

Ann Ahl : Stars??? Never heard of these guys lol

Stealthawk : I wish I could relate lol

Pilar lopez casquete de prado : Top!!! Thanks a lot!

Melchi Zedeq : guys....I wanted to see the Simpsons.....but i´mnot dissapointed with this :)

Pablo Tavarez : Wemon should be in male soccer ⚽️

Nick Livingston : Awesome video! What is the name of the song?!

Laura Pesjak : 1:15 Wow for her! Awkward for him...

Sara Kia : nice work , good job and amazing skills .. can you plz add the music name or the soundtrack used in the making of this vid thanks.

Oliver Kloseoff : Being from the country I'm from, naturally I don't follow the game and don't know any of these people. Is Lisa already famous? Is she on some professional or Olympic Team somewhere?

henrik h : Funny...however, she can't use this in a reall match.

عالم المعرفة : name song 1:16

Fresh Jones : 🔥

MrChuuk Micronesia : Damn! She’s fire

Jaretzy ibarra : I’m gonna finally be in a soccer team after years of playing in a school I haven’t played a game in 1 year 😭 help idk if I’m good still

Soumojit Guha Majumder : This is really nice but it's not about the gender of the person, any free-styler would get knocked off pretty quick in real match. Secondly, if you actually put a good defender against her (because she seems a really good free-styler) she wouldn't get to be half as good . Also, I'm not sure these guys were even trying that much.

Blue afton : I Wana see her up against Ronaldo

Deepak Gupta : What’s the name of background song pls share

Sergio Gonzalez :

Luís Miguel : Soccer stars?? I respect these guys but... Ps: She should try this with pepe heheh

isaac chua : song of 1:16 please

MineCraft Ruined : whats the (18) in the title mean lmao sounds sketch

Gabby S : She showed them !

Ameer Sohail : Wooww... that was amazing... could you please tell me where did you get that music...that u have added in ur vedio..pls..tell me .thx

MrFedorivanov : Wow

Nabilla Putri : Its football not soccer

XZFreestyle CJ7 : nesesito esa música está perfecta...

Gabriel Boscatti : Song of 1:16 please?

Georgi Starkov : Sooooo..... Some little attention-seeking THOT wanted some "ooohhhs" and "aaahhhhhhs" and set out to get some. Bravo. Now, make yourself useful and get back to the kitchen.