Mediocre Madness: Extreme bottle flipping

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mvgical : When u realise this was made in 2009......

iTheSecondNinja : lol I'm watching this in 2016

OPDJ : This was before bottle flipping was thing

scapegoat25 : It's all about having fun

Post Grad Parties : Legend

Garrett Grimm : Yes!

K Puck : Now i can litter in a neat way :)

Jacob Barnes : This is pretty neat.

Ann M : dude water bottle flipping is the shittt.

SodaPrincessa : wow i can do this so much better...

Tommy Driver : Check out my bottle flipping video.

Nolan Creason : thumbs up if you got all your friends over and tried this for about 10 seconds and relized you failed at it

JustSkateNoHate : I'm not being mean or anything, but these were fairly easy, with the exception of the back board one.

Cruton : sweet flips, check out my "epic bottle flipping" video

Tyler Scheck : Think this was cool? Check out 'Bottle Beasts' its 20 times better.

carter leeson : u guys are fucking gay

Its Andrew Thompson : MGMT :D

Dylan Hamblett : haha i found that out ten minutes after i posted this but thank you

Tim Plunkett : harder than you think by public enemy

Dylan Hamblett : who sings this?

Daniel Conley : this thing changed my life

steve papachristos : i just watched that, DUMBEST THING EVER..... just saying

Joey Plunkett : You need to get a few more moves in there but overall it was pretty good. I'm mpressed with how much time you must have wasted making that movie.

Mcfxx3 : this is true brilliance at work here.